Netflix Premium v Standard Plans

Just wanted to get a feel from this group around whether I should downgrade from Premium to Standard plans with the new pricing plans coming into effect from 3/1/2022 (the difference in price between the plans seems to warrant the question for me). I have only ever been on the Premium plan since joining a couple of years ago.

Currently on a 65 inch 4k TV set up but have noticed lately that there really isnt that much 4k content showing on Netflix so perhaps I should downgrade and be content with HD only. I don't need the extra viewing connections which the Premium plan offers.

So what are you folk currently on and are you happy with the Standard plan? What is the potential saving through the Turkey VPN approach mentioned in some threads to keep on the Premium plan?

Keen to hear your thoughts. Cheers

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  • I am not on Turkish Netflix plan but I am on the Indian plan

    I pay around$13-15 depending on exchange rate for 4 devices plan
    The same plan here is $24.99

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    I’m now on Netflix via Turkey.
    Definitely the cheapest.

    Plan prices are as follows;
    Basic - 26.99 Lira
    Standard - 40.99 Lira
    Premium - 54.99 Lira

    The standard plan is costing me around NZ $6 per month.
    To give you an idea a 100 Lira gift card cost about $15.50.
    By my calculations that’s about $8.50 per month for Premium so cheaper than India and way better than NZ.

  • How do you pay for a Turkish gift card or Turkish netflix without being picked up for having a Kiwi credit card/billing address?

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      I had no problems buying the gift card with a Westpac Credit Card.
      Went to:

      The code arrived by email within a few minutes.

      • wow interesting, so do i hve to make a new netflix account and say my region is turkey upon signing up? Or do i just top this up to my existing netflix account? also do you have to use any VPN or such to make this work?

        • +1

          No not at all.
          Use your existing account but you need to let the current subscription expire first.
          In other words, cancel Netflix on your account.
          Make sure you have your details updated first - phone number, credit card etc.
          You will still be able to watch until the end of the monthly subscription but you can't go via Turkey until this happens first.

          The VPN is only needed the first time you want to apply the Turkey gift card. After that it is not required.

          • @bigcheese: Cheers thanks so much I'll be sure to give this a shot when mine expires

      • Thats interesting… I use to buy Netflix Gift cards on eBay about 10 years ago (way before the region locks came in). Then Netflix stopped doing gift cards( I think because there were Netflix generators around). Good to see there is a way to use them again.

  • I get it included with my spark isp plan and it is just standard and haven't thought the picture looks soft at all.

    • Oh yeah forgot about this option - comes with Neon as well now? I did think about this back in the day, but the maths ended up being more expensive than just getting Stuff Fibre and Netflix separately.

      • I'm with Spark, they released new plans recently. One of them is 85$ pm for the second fastest fibre speed, with the Netflix standard plan completely for free. Netflix used to just be subsidised in the old plans. It also comes with 20-25% discounts on Neon and Spark Sport, if you happen to want those.

        If you are already paying for standard Netflix anyway, with NZ prices, then this effectively makes the internet $66.50 per month.

        If you use the Turkey/Argentina prices for Netflix instead (~$6 per month I think), then this effectively makes the internet $79 per month. Which is just a dollar more than Skinny, and kind of makes it not worth it for me to bother with the VPN approach. I get Spark Sport for a couple months a year too, depending on what's on, so with that 20% discount there it works out the same anyway.

  • @bigcheese - with regard to your details in Netflix, are these your usual NZ details and NZ credit card? Will the subscription going forward be deducted from your NZ credit card once you have used the Turkish giftcard?

    • Yes they are my usual NZ details and NZ credit card.
      I'm not sure about the credit card working going forward. My thoughts are that it will either decline (as it did when I attempted to use it the first time) or if it does work it will debit the NZ price of $18.99 per month.
      I now giftcards until April 2022 so I'm not too worried and will just load more gift cards closer to the time as long as it still works

      • Not sure if they still work, but Wise Debit cards use to work fine for Argentina Netflix to get the cheaper price as well.

      • So have you effectively prepaid Netflix through to April next year using the one Turkish gift card code purchase?

        • +1

          Two giftcards.
          Each one was for 100 Lira, bought one week apart.

          The first was just a test to see if it would work.
          The second was bought a few days ago to make sure I could answer the questions in this post as to what I did 😆

          • @bigcheese: Taking one for the team ;) thanks for the assist.

            • @Letstaxthis: At least I know it works .
              Otherwise I would have been down 100 Lira ($15.78 according to the credit card!)

      • Is it possible to add multiple turkish gift cards to Netflix ??

        • Yes.
          Just go to the 'Redeem gift card or promo card' section under your account.
          It will add to your balance and extend the expiry accordingly.

  • Thanks all for your comments ;)

  • Use Netflix on my argentine account. slightly expensive than turkish plan, but has plenty more content.

    • I thought your location determined what content you saw? Isn't that why a VPN or smart dns to the USA shows different items?

      • just used VPN to sign up to argentine account first time. then it started charging me the eq nzd from my ANZ card.

        Check this post.

        • Did you have issues with needing a local phone number to verify or just use NZ contact details with Argentine VPN worked? And subsequently you are now charged NZD converted amount (being cheaper than NZ prices) each month on ur NZ CC?

          • @Letstaxthis: Just did as per the link above. Dont remember using mobile number anywhere.
            even if it asks, there are plenty of online SMS services

        • Argentine is super expensive not worth it

    • +2

      Yes @Kiwi is correct.
      Your location is what determines the content.
      You can use Turkey for billing and then change to any other country via VPN.

      I don't bother with the VPN for watching Netflix - just watch NZ Netflix but use Turkey for billing only, although I can change the country if I wish.

      • Which VPN provider for a reliable Turkish VPN? I'm on Mullvad so no Turkish or Indian VPNs offered. Cheers

  • One question I have, if you cancel your account - im going to the beach from Mid Dec till Feb so wont use it - when you reinstate your account - does it keep all your preferences, and what episodes etc you have watched or is it all reset - does anyone know?

    • That will be fine.
      Netflix keeps your viewing history for 10 months

      See here under 'Rejoining Netflix'

    • Why not keep your account open and download to binge watch offline? I intend to do that when we're off to the beach over the break ⛱️

      • You from Auckland? The last thing I think the last thing me and my kids need is more time on the devices. Had 5 months solid of that. I'm happy to get to the beach house and detox a bit. If that doesn't work there is always the old utorrent.

        • Nope not an Aucklander ;)

  • Netflix India - heard they reduced prices big time now.. How does that work in nz.. Details plz if anyone has got it.
    How to sign up? Payments? Process etc please

    • If you want to watch in 480p, sure, it's cheaper than Turkey, If not, it's not.

      • it's 650 INR for the 4k plan which is roughly NZD 12.50 per month

        • Ok? Compared to 54.99 TRY which is about $5.75 at the moment.

          • @Kiwi: yes. but there are plans over 480p in India and that's my point. The 4K plan is still cheaper in India compared to NZ and you can pay from your NZ debit/credit cards instead of using gift cards. Turkey plans may not work forever given the freefall of Turkish Lira over the last one year.

            • @Encounter Ekambaram: Just tried signing up via vpn to India and got errors with both Amex and visa credit cards

              • @Madao: Have you tried turkey? Payment worked ok when signing up to turkey, but i used a bnz visa.

                • @Ytrewq: Using a free TunnelBear vpn trial and they don’t offer a Turkey connection.

                  Just tried Argentina and that looks like it may work, with the 4K plan coming in at 13.47 nzd

                  • @Madao: Actually, no, Amex and ANZ visa came up with payment errors too

                  • @Madao: Give vpn unlimited by keepsolid a try as that's the vpn that worked for me, they offer a 7 day trial

  • This is where I buy Netflix Turkey Gift Card, it works out to be at around NZ$6 for 4K Plan.

    • doesnt seem to work with nz debit cards

      • It worked with my Kiwibank debit visa card.

        • What address did you use? Random?

          • @boovohh: Use a random address through Google Map, even a dairy shop in Turkey will work.

  • Anyone know if a similar scheme works for other things like Spotify?

    • +1

      I just use the apkmody version of spotify. it's similar to spotify dogfood and free

      • I use it on to many different things like alexa's and PC's and Apple devices for this to be possible sadly. Thanks

    • Does for Youtube Music (India) if that works instead.

    • There's a way to get Spotify Family for the year for $98 NZD (roughly). Works out to $8.33 a month if it's $100.

  • Had two questions if anyone can help
    1. If I connect VPN to turkey and subscribe and then turn off vpn, will my Netflix library be of turkey or NZ?
    2. I have been using Netflix India until now but recently it hasn’t been accepting my transferwise card or ASB card. It says error processing payment. The transferwuse card worked for couple of months . Anyone faced the same issue? Found a work around?

    • I've replied to your PM

      1. It will be nz library without vpn.
      2. Try turkey gift cards. Wise n westpac master card didn't work for me. Kept telling me processing error.
    • I’ve just tried signing up via vpn to India but payment errors when trying Amex and visa CC’s. any way around this you’ve found?

      • Got turkey gift card from here. It worked like a charm. Used wise card to buy it.

        • They also take NZ Amex cards.

        • That’s what I use.
          Purchase with Westpac NZ Credit card.

          • @bigcheese: I used wise digital card so that I can close it after use just to be safe.

            • @ace310: I've only just got a Wise card now - I like the idea of the digital card.
              I'll use it going forward.

  • +2

    Just got this all set up - huge thanks everyone for all of the advice in this thread! My process was as follows:

    • Cancel Netflix and let membership expire
    • Purchase Netflix Turkey gift card from
    • I loaded some money into my wise account and used a digital credit card for this
    • It took over an hour for my code to be emailed to me, during which I did panic and raised a support request
    • Downloaded Windscribe to my android phone, created a free account, activated VPN in Istanbul
    • Navigated to netflix website, entered gift code, and followed prompts to restart membership
    • Turn off VPN, check Netflix NZ is all working, and viola.

    Left my NZ card details on Netflix but have set up a reminder in my phone to repeat process in ~2 months time. It was a hassle but this will save me around $150 a year for the standard plan. Love it.

    • +1

      In regards to Turgame, once your order is complete you go into your account and look at 'Orders' and then click 'View' next to the transaction you have just made.
      There you can see the Gift Card code without needing to wait for the email.

      Also, now that you have done the setup process it is a lot faster to 'top up' going forward - you don't need the VPN at all!
      Simply buy another giftcard, then login to your netflix account and add it to your membership.

      • Reckon I could use my Airpoints MC debit card for the Turkish gift card Turgame purchase? So I only need to use the Turkish VPN when loading on the Netflix account (first time around)?

        • +1

          Yes you could.
          You don't need a VPN to purchase the gift cards from Turgame and don't need it to add the giftcard to your account.
          Once your Netflix account is set to bill from Turkey you can just go straight in and add the giftcard.

          • @bigcheese: Ok, I've cancelled my Netflix account - do I need to wait until after end of billing period or can I do this process now? I've just loaded $ into the debit card which will take a day anyway…

            • @Letstaxthis: You need to wait until the end of the billing period otherwise it will just continue your current subscription.

              • @bigcheese: Noted - just getting around to doing this now since I'm on break and the new pricing plan kicks in soon had I not cancelled.

      • Just doing this now - so when I create a Turgame account - do I have to provide a NZ phone number to verify and it detects a VPN which has to be switched off to proceed to payment?

        • Yes I provided my NZ phone number which is used for OTP verification.
          I didn’t use the vpn for Turgame so had no need to switch it off when paying with credit card.

        • In case you have wise digital card use that if worried about using actual credit card.

      • +1

        Thanks bigcheese for ur help on this - all sorted for the next 2 months on premium plan. Cheers

        • +1

          No problem.
          Glad it worked
          It’s always the most awkward the first time - after that it’s easy.

    • Brilliant explanation Rubenite - thanks!


    • Did the same :) I have topped up my account until November 2022 with turkish gift cards

    • +2

      OK, what a ball ache but I finally got there….

      ANZ Visa a couple days ago didnt work
      NZ Amex card today didn't work
      ANZ Visa again this time did work. Payment process appeared different to what I saw a couple days ago from what I can recall
      Took 3 hours to get a gift card number through

      Connected with VPN Unlimited on IPAD - wouldn't accept gift card number
      Signed up using Mrs email - wouldn't accept gift card number

      Connected with VPN Unlimited on Iphone but with wifi off so just using mobile data connection - wouldn't accept gift card number
      Tried same using Mrs email - wouldn't accept gift card number

      Downloaded Windscribe VPN as described above to my phone and signed in to Netflix with my email address and its accepted the gift card number

      Have disconnected VPN and seems it's now working


  • I use my Visa Card to pay for Spotify and Netflix - I get 100% cashback in $CRO up to 13.99USD for Netflix and 12.99USD for Spotify.

    I pair this with a Turkish Netflix account, and that gives me basically free Netflix and Spotify family plans.

    Not the best method, as the CDC cards do require a stake in order to acquire them, however they have other benefits that are worth it for me

  • Finally got my Turkey Netflix running fine. The key point is to have a legit/working credit card(I using my NZ issued Amex card) already loaded in your Netflix account. Then you have to buy at least one 75 Turkish Lira gift card from sketchy website. This gift card will make your Turkish account starting active, your legit credit card will become "backup" payment method. After 1 month(or so), your TL credits(from gift card) runs out, it'll naturally fall back to your legit credit card to continue payment. That's it.
    VPN is required at sign up/gift card loading step.

  • Any way to load backup payment method after you have activated the account using turkey gift card? Currently, it keeps me asking for turkey phone number to verify the payment method or keeps failing.

    • Did you have your NZ number loaded on your profile prior to ending the NZ subscription?
      If you did and it is still asking you for the phone number try opening up another incognito tab (without closing down the tab asking you to verify) and see if you can just ignore it.
      This worked for me.

      • I never had a subscription before. So basically it was a new account with turkey gift card as initial payment.

        • That might be the problem.
          The method I used required an NZ account that had all the personal details loaded including verified mobile but was then let to lapse.
          From that point I used the Turkish gift card method to reactivate.

          You might need to pay for a month with an NZ account, let it lapse and then try with your Turkish gift card.

          • @bigcheese: Ok. Thanks. I have 3 months worth of gift card loaded. so will wait out till then or maybe just keep buying gift cards.

            • +1

              @ace310: The gift cards don’t expire so at least you have time.
              I still haven’t been able to get my NZ credit card to work as the backup payment though so for me I’m going to have to keep loading gift cards.

              • @bigcheese: Have you tried the "live chat" trick? according to many people in talked about this might be working if customer service guy willingly send you a secure form where you type in your NZ credit card

                • @TDing: No I haven't, but may be an option.
                  I haven't found the giftcard method difficult so don't have a problem continuing with that if nothing else works.

              • @bigcheese: Do you mean that after the gift card runs out, it won't take 55 lira from ur NZ credit card monthly and wants to take the full NZ$24.99 instead?

                • +1

                  @Letstaxthis: That part I'm not sure of yet.
                  As I couldn't get the credit card to accept I just went down the Turkish giftcard method and that has worked.
                  It does say my credit card is the backup payment method but as it didn;t work the first time I am unsure if this will work and if it does whether it will debit the NZD subscription price.
                  At the moment I have a subscription until July so I have a few months to decide.

                  The other option might be to do as @TDing mentioned above and try the 'live chat' option to see if they will send a secure payment form so as to authorise your NZ credit card.

                  I do have a Wise debit card and note that you can have a Turkish account so potentially that might be another option but really don't know.

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