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Dell S2722DC 27" QHD USB-C Monitor $364.23 Delivered @ Dell


I have read about this model being recommended few times on Cheapies.

This seems like a good deal for a QHD USB-C monitor at 40%. No code required.

It's part of the Dell EoFY sale, Free shipping and good warranty.

Some other good monitors are 40% off as well

Maybe someone has some additional coupons that might work.

Thanks @Wakrak for the 5% coupon

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    $364.23 with VIVID5. Was this price 2 weeks ago so don't be too concerned if you forget and miss out.

  • Be aware this only provides 65W of power delivery, which is probably enough for most laptops, but maybe not high performance or gaming ones.

    I have a similar monitor that provides 60W, and on my 16" MacBook Pro with Intel CPU, I can drain the battery under heavy workloads, though mostly it is fine.

    Have a look at the wattage of the charger that came with your laptop and if it's 65W or less you should be good

    • Time to upgrade to that sweet M1/M2!

      • I would like to, but it's a work laptop and I'm not due for an upgrade for a couple years

  • Would be nice if the QS version was at this price

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    For a roughly $100 more and with the same coupon code, you get a 4k resolution monitor with everything else being the same (almost) or better

  • I'm looking to get a monitor for home set up for a few days a week and contemplating getting 2 screens like my office but does anyone recommend this or any 27" monitor to split screen their work? Maybe a larger one?

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      I prefer two 25" to 27" monitors because you get to open a full window on each. A much better experience than a single larger monitor.

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      For office work I won't recommend anything larger than 27"

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      Get two 27" ones, you may need to put one in Portrait mode to fit on your desk depending on your desk size!

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      I have one 27" and my 16" laptop on a stand next to it. I'm a big fan of USB-C monitors as they work as a dock, so it's one cable that gives you power/screen/keyboard/Ethernet/etc. obviously you could instead by an actual dock.

      Overall I'm happy with it, my desk would be a bit of a squeeze with two 27" monitors. The only minor gripe is that it's not big enough to have two browser windows side by side (i.e. taking half the monitor), for some sites it's fine, but for others they expect you to have more space. So I normally use a browser at 2/3 size and say slack in the other 1/3. Maybe with a 30" or 32" that problem would be solved, but maybe I'd just sit a bit further back and scale everything a bit more so 🤷‍♂️

    • I use to do dual monitor setups but since going with a 34" ultrawide I found it to be a nicer solution. I've since upgraded to a 38" ultrawide which has been good.

  • Get it by Mon, Aug 29 eeek

    • My experience with dell is that's just a suggested date and there is a good chance they don't even have stock.

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    What I did, was sign up, add the device with discount to my cart, then opened up a chat to ask about the eta time. Ended up getting another 10% off by the sales person. Was about a 3 week eta, but got them in a week

    • awesome. Any code?

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    Just ordered the Dell 27 4k Monitor - S2721QS for $415. Was $638 down to $447 then use Student discount mentioned earlier


    Thanks heaps OP

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    Wellington within a week delivery

    • May I know what's the ETA when you put the order? Just wondering whether the ETA on the website is accurate or not as it's now 1 Nov…

  • good

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    Mine arrived this morning. Ordered June 15, delivered June 22. Ordered the Dell SE2723DS for my partner (off Amazon AU), but then I decided to borrow it permanently (getting rid of my AOC Q27P1). Got her this instead. Will test it out in a week or two.

  • Just got this back for $23.25 delivered.

    BACKPACK58 + student code ($25 without).


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