This was posted 1 year 6 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dell 34" S3422DWG $579.76; Dell 34" USB-C S3423DWC $641.23 (with Student Discount) + Other Deals @ Dell


Dell 34" Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor – S3422DWG 3440x1440p 144Hz monitor $623.40 or $579.76 with Student Discount
Dell 34 Curved USB-C Monitor – S3423DWC 34" 1440p USB C monitor $689.49 or $641.23 with Student Discount

Other monitors also 40% off (or more with Student discount)

S2722DC 27" 1440p USB C monitor $383.40 or $356.56 with Student Discount
S3221QS 32" 4k curved monitor $575.39 or $535.11 with Student Discount

Instructions for Student discount for the additional 7% off

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    7% off worked on laptop deals. thank you OP.

    • Thanks for confirming!

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    Hey guys just be aware it is a VA panel

    • I have one. It’s not too bad for a 34” ultrawide on a budget. You probably won’t find an IPS equivalent for sub $1200

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        Not saying it's bad or anything, just simply letting people know. Definitely very good for the price.

        I recently downsized from a 34 UW VA panel to a 16:9 27 IPS, and there is just a day and night difference between the IPS and VA panels… I don't think i could go back to VA haha

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          Yea i get what you mean. I moved from a 27" IPS to a 34" VA and definitely noticed the difference lol, but i found having more screen real estate a game changer for multi tasking. Definitely would move to a 34" IPS if the prices dropped thats for sure

          • @Martz5: This. I use ultra wide for video editing where a long wide timeline layout is required. With native windows drag and snap to form half windows or quarters etc it’s a game changer for work from home use if you are limited for space. Once you’ve gone ultra wide it hard to go back.

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          so stupid to put va as the first 2 characters of the model on an ips monitor.

          What are the comparisons between one uw vs 2 16:9 panels
          Can get 2 for less than the price of one uw

    • Looks like the trend is: curved ones are VA and flat ones are IPS?

  • The rtings review looks pretty good but they say it has black smearing in dark scenes

  • Just came across this one at 50% off. Have added it into OP. Possibly cheapest USB C 34" ultrawide?

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    Try applying promo code VIVID5 for a further 5% off.

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      Cannot use both 7% student discount and your 5% discount

  • Bear in mind that some Dell items take up to three months to get delivered.

    If you want feedback about a certain monitor, recommend searching for it on both Cheapies and OzBargain. S3221QS for example has been posted on here many times.

    • Yeah some real Dell waiting time horror stories out there. I got lucky with my Alienware AW3423DW monitor, order last Monday, arrived this Wenesday.

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        When you're paying $2k for a monitor it's in their best interest to get it to you fast. Less time to get cold feet. ;)

      • How are you finding the monitor? I heard nothing in this world compares to it really. Been waiting for QD-OLED from other manufacturers and Samsung directly but nothing so far i think.

      • very lucky, I tried to place the order and at the end it show Get it by Mon, Oct 31. So I just don't' bother do it anymore haha

  • I use a 25inch IPS Dell monitor for WFH and have been looking to upgrade for the past 6 months. Haven't seen a decent deal on a 34 or 32 inch IPS monitor yet.

  • I'm in such a conundrum! Have a 34 LG UW and been wanting to get a smaller 22-24 secondary IPS monitor to mount vertically. As its just a secondary monitor I didn't really want to spend much if any on it.. cheapest Dell option at the mo is around $200 - if anyone's upgrading theirs and want to flick it off for a good price I might be interested.

    • In Christchurch by chance?

      • Unfortunately not, AKL based

        • No worries. If anyone else here is interested then DM me. I have a dell U2515H. Had it for 5 years. Still in good condition.

  • S2722DC & S3221QS have gone back up to RRP.

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