This was posted 7 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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UP&GO Chocolate Ice / Vanilla Ice 250ml 6 Pack - 2 for $8 @ The Warehouse


Seems like a price error, one 6 Pack is for $9.39 and two for $8. Seems pretty cheap if compared with Pak n Save and other supermarkets.

Drink UP&GO™ for the right type of energy! With a low GI^, protein and fibre, you'll have the right type of energy to make the most of every moment that comes your way.

Features & Benefits

Has a low GI.
Contains protein and fibre.
6 x 250ml.

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  • Another no stock annoyance? can't seem to add more than one unit to cart.

    • Working fine for me, both flavors.

      • +1

        Was working, go to checkout, and then it said it can't order as some items in my cart are no longer available.
        edit: got it. Took 3 attempts but eventually was fast enough.

  • yall too fast on the chocolate ones

    • It'll come back. Took me 3 goes to get a click and collect in for a store that shows it as in stock.

  • This is certainly a price error, no doubt. I used to buy these and the lowest they will go is $1 each. I would stock up upwards of 100 when it went to that price.

  • Snagged a couple of vanilla (all that was Available) Thanks OP

  • Awesome thanks. Got 4 vanilla then five mins later the chocolate was back in stock so got some of those too.

    • damm i had like choc in my cart and then its gone.. it was you! 🤣

  • Thanks. Back in stock now!

  • Natures Fresh Bread $2, Tararua Butter $4 (with MCLUB).

  • +1

    Thanks. have sent the teen to town early before school to grab some in-store for me 🤞and some bread. I'm banned by the hubs for buying butter. Have 10 blocks in my fridge 😂

    • Yeah grabbed 2 packs in store. Great deal, only 4 bucks per pack, and will go well with that indomie deal for breakfast lol. Also had that $1 bread in stock, but yeah everything in short supply so did not hoard.

  • +5

    Went to grab some in store at my local and a staff member was pulling them all off the shelf for click and collects. They said that was all the stock they had. I bought some milk/butter and left, but forgot to check the bread, so went back in. No bread, but saw them refilling the up & go, so managed to get some.

    Anyway that's my cheapies rollercoaster story for the morning.

  • Thanks for the tip - the other day PnS had the 3-pack for under $4 and I thought that was ok, so a 6-pack for $4 is super cheap. Couldn't buy online however they had plenty in store.

    • You're lucky. I went to 5 stores in Auckland (checked stock before leaving) and all of them were cleaned out.

  • Anyone know if Botany Downs has any stock?

    • i was there 2 hours ago and there is some chocolate ice left, not sure about now though

    • +1

      I was probably the first or second person to jump on this deal last night orders 6x choc and 2x vanilla for botany collection

      Got a call from them 10 minutes ago that they were packing my order and there was no vanilla left, only lots of chocolate

      • Cheers Mate

  • I managed to pick up two from new lynn, drove to another warehouse that said it had stock but had nudda

  • there were only 6 left at lunn ave at midday.
    can only add one to the cart now.

  • +2

    Looks as if they're restocked. Just added two packs into my cart :). Great deal, thanks.

  • +2

    173 are in stock as of this moment

    • How do you check how many are in stock online?

      • +1

        enter an amount much greater than available eg: 10000

        • Clever thinking, didn't think of that.

          Thank you

          • @KJKNZ: Just checked an it seems to have changed, but similar premise of just adjusting to above stated value - currently 81 packs of vanilla

  • Thanks also had the spend $50 get 5 off so worked out even better :D

  • +2

    They've figured it out and changed the price. Now 2 for $16! Not such a great deal. I did manage to pick some up in store yesterday though. One store gave me the last pack for $4, as they didn't have a second.

    • lol they didn't even bother to change the image.

    • damn so they'll probably cancel the order i made :(

      • Hopefully they will throw in a free shipping code for you if they do!

        • yeah but that's not the same considering that they let a whole day 24hrs+ go at that price and then if they say its pricing error that would be kinda BS

          but we'll see what happens first.

          • @Huntakillaz: ooo they fulfilled it YUS!!!

            Its being couriered.

            • @Huntakillaz: They will fulfil the order as long as one don't overdo it, if you ordered 100 packs, then maybe you'll get refunded…haha

              • @akrotohur: I ordered 14 x vanilla and 14 x chocolate - fingers crossed! (I wanted to cross the $50 threshold!)

    • I thought the price was 100% legit since they also printed those yellow specials sticker in store too

      • I thought the same too

      • Probably got it wrong at the highest level, wrong pricing entered into the system (was thinking 1 for $8 and keyed in 2 for $8…haha), notifications went out to stores with wrong pricing

        Their IT department should implement a check for when the price of bundle of 2 items is cheaper than a single item, and prompts for a second verification and override.

        • +8

          hey quit it stop doing their job for them I for one would like them to continue on with the status quo

        • +1

          Biting the hand that feeds you

  • Anyone.still.waiting.for communication

    • My click and collect was ready by Wednesday evening ( they needed to swap the vanilla for chocolate due to stock issues)

      • My online order (late Wednesday night when it came back in stock) has been shipped

        • how many packs was in your order?

          • +1

            @NZ Buc: I just contacted the warehouse they seem to think mines getting sent to the store round tuesdays I ordered 4 vanilla

          • @NZ Buc: 14.. to get the $5 off $50 spend

            • @La: sweet - I just picked up 14 x Chocolate ones

              Wife had 14 choc cancelled

              our vanilla ones are still processing - so a maybe there!

              • @NZ Buc: Update - picked up both of our 14 packs of vanilla today.

                So 42 packs in total :)

    • Refund + free delivery coupon code

  • Tough. Mine was refunded with free del code 🥲

  • Picked up mine today

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