This was posted 1 year 10 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Indomie Mi Goreng Hot & Spicy 5 Pack - 2 for $3 Instore Only @ The Warehouse


Updated: sold out online but available instore

Indomie Mi Goreng Hot & Spicy 5 Pack x 2 for $3
Pricing at my local supermarkets on Grocer is between $3.89 - $4.50 per 5 pack or $7.99-$9.50 for a 10 pack.

Possible pricing error as the multibuy 2 for $3 deal is for 'Indomie Mi Goreng Cup Noodle 2 for $3 Offer ends 14/06/2022' but for some reason this 5 pack flavour is included.

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  • Can't even add them to my cart, who stocked up?

  • yup, 3min all gone..

  • Back in stock again. Just ordered 4.

  • Thanks back in stock and ordered 4

  • Saying 2 for $3 for the cup only

    • Looks like it keeps jumping between in and out of stock. Just tried again and it still worked for me.

  • Does anyone know the difference between these and the Fried Noodles? We're crap with spice so we just use the oil and soy sauce compartments with the fried noodle flavour. Can we do that with the spicy ones, just leave off the chili sauce but use the oil and soy?

  • Will it be 2 for $3 if I purchased it instore?

    • just buy online and click and collect at your local store for free

  • I was just able to purchase 4 packs after I refreshed the page.

  • Gosh these are addictive. Who uses these as 10pm snacks while bingeing Netflix?

    • +1

      When I was a uni student, yep!

    • +2

      Gotta watch these ones. They definitely are better tasting out of the packet than other brands. But more than other brands of noodles, none of which are healthy to start with, these have a good helping of (probably heavily refined) palm oil in every serve. Try replacing the oil pouch with a splash of extra virgin olive oil. And add a handful of frozen veggies in the pot while cooking to give extra flavour and nutrition :)

    • you can thank the MSG for that.

    • +1

      MSG is safe to eat though, in fact salt is 3x more deadly according to Wikipedia:
      An average 80kg person will have to eat over 1kg of the stuff to even get close to the median lethal dose.

  • Managed to grab 4 packs. Good buy!

  • +2

    Between this and the chocolate I'm really going to be adding some insulation to my body this winter

  • +1

    Seems like they refresh the stock a couple min before every quarter hour. eg 4:12 4:28 etc.

    If get your bank details ready on the last page and attempt to pay it should go through around those times. Enjoy :)

    • +1

      This seems to be the case, I managed to get to 2 packs a couple of minutes before 6 pm.

  • Does this work in store? I tried click and collect, but because it is out of stock online, I can't add them to my cart.

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      Popped into my local store and it works. Grabbed a couple…

      • Nice! Thanks for the reply :)

        • I notice other flavours are low in stock, so I wonder if they work too. I should have checked but too late now.

      • I just got back from one of the store in Hamilton, can confirm that it works! It didn't work with other flavours, just hot and spicy! There were plenty so I bought two boxes lol

        • Did the discount just applied automatic at checkout? Don't have to do anything else?

      • Did the discount just applied automatic at checkout? Don't have to do anything else?

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          Yeah after scanning the 2nd pack, price becomes $3. No coupon required.

  • In stock online at the moment.

  • Back in stock, ordered 4. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, bought 4. They restock quite often in very small quantities.

  • 'Unfortunately we've not been able to locate the following items just yet.

    We’ve got our best people looking through our stores around the country for you. This can sometimes add a few additional days to the delivery and we apologise for the delay. We'll get back to you with an update within 5 days.'

    • You will almost certainly get them, worst case if they can't deliver something you get a free shipping code for your next order

    • +2

      i got refunded for all orders i placed in the past when received this message

    • Was this a click and collect order or a delivery one?

      • Click and collect

    • Has anyone else received this email?

  • +1

    Good spotting. Just brought some instore

  • Sold out online but available instore as confirmed by a few members. Have updated the original post

  • Just got 4 packs instore and also $5 Moccona refill. Thanks OP

  • Picked a couple packets up in store. Thanks

  • I love indomie but i need 5 packs for 1 serving and its not so fun opening up all the sachets, wish the sachets came pre-mixed

  • Went in store but already all gone 😂

    • 5 online right now

      • Lol just check it's only 1 left

  • It's available to order online again but they have fixed the price now.

    • More than likely fixed instore too

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