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River Mill Wheatmeal Bread 600g and White Bread 600g $1.00 Per Loaf (in-Store Only) @ The Warehouse


River Mill Wheatmeal Bread 600g and White Bread 600g $1.00 Per Loaf (in-Store Only) at The Warehouse.

Mad Butcher charge $1.75 per loaf:

FreshChoice charge $2.79 per loaf:

I've found with some grocery items at The Warehouse in-store only, the product may not necessarily show as in stock online but is in stock in-store. Best call your local store before going in.

As mentioned in the past I'm all for promoting these products available at The Warehouse although I haven't personally tasted this bread.
This kind of pricing could lead to bigger and better things in the future for NZ grocery options.

This deal goes well with he $3.00 2 litre milk and the $4.00 packs of butter.

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    The bread is much better quality then PNS budget brand and countdown home brand..quite soft.
    And Goodman Fielder produced this rivermill bread, so it's reliable.

  • Is this generally available at TWH across the country? Never seen it in Christchurch, and it's only showing in stock at one store in the North Island

    • I've bought it from South City and Barrington a few times. They don't have many loaves at a time

    • I haven't seen it out of stock in any of the TWLs I've looked in recently at any time of day, although I don't doubt they will sell out periodically.

  • My local Warehouse is always sold out of butter and milk. They stock very little. Probably the same with this

    • Same here. I think you have to go in the morning to buy fresh milk. They are obviously losing money on these items so there is no incentive to keep them stocked up all the time.

      • I think it very much depends on the TWL store. I have been in at 9am, and there was nothing (they had not received their delivery at that point), but I've also been in at 10:30am and they've sold out.

        That doesn't preclude the possibility that they received stock at 9:15am and sold out by 10:15am, though it seems a little unlikely.

    • My local has a full-size fridge for the milk now, in addition to a tiny one by the checkouts, yet is also frequently sold out. The odd time I've managed to get some is early afternoon.

  • +1

    Not sure how long this has been available, but certainly for some time, at least in Auckland - it is not a 'deal' or a 'special' as far as I know, rather a regular price?

    • Same in Hamilton

  • The deals making me so mad about warehouse killing free shipping codes

    • +1

      This is likely exactly why we lost access to the free shipping codes though. All of the small purchases that they fufilled under $20 was too much abuse for them to allow to continue. Hopefully in the future they bring it back with minimum $20/$50 spend or something so it can be sustainable and we can keep forever

    • +1

      Mad? Come on, the free shipping was always an exploit rather than a proper offer, so it should always have been assumed to have an unknown time limit attached. Bread isn't even something that they would ship anyway, which will be part of the reason why it's in-store only.

      • -4

        I'm sure that, if it was you paying for it, you would have left the free shipping codes in place for people to abuse.

        We should all be thankful that there are people like you around, willing to think only of others.

  • I have to say, that I am now more likely to be going in to TWL more frequently.

    As an example, I need some batteries, and normally I would have looked for something like that in NW, CD, or PNS - whichever I happened to be in first. Tomorrow I will stop in at TWL to pick up milk, bread, and butter (or whichever ones I can get), and I will get the batteries there too.

    They may not be making much, if anything, on the groceries, but they will be on the batteries I'm sure.

  • No stock at all at 2 of my local Auckland stores and app is showing zero stock nationwide wtf

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