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Eufy Security by Anker Floodlight Camera 2K A$270.77 (~NZ$300) Delivered @ Amazon AU


I bought HD version last year from https://www.cheapies.nz/node/29209 and I love it.

I found the 2k version from Amazon AU is doing special, I thought that's a good deal to share, also in black and pro

Black: https://www.amazon.com.au/Eufy-Floodlight-Resolution-Weather...
Pro: https://www.amazon.com.au/Eufy-Floodlight-360-Degree-Weather...

A quick run down on the cost (in AUD)

Item(s) Subtotal:$235.45
Total Before GST:$246.21
Estimated GST:$36.93
Promotion(s) Applied:-$12.37
Grand Total:$270.77

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I've been tracking the price on the new Pro model for awhile now, seems to go down to $359AUD every month or so. Only thing holding me off purchasing+ is that they still haven't integrated this into Homebase, meaning all recording is only stored locally on the device (8GB) and motion detection at night seems to be a bit hit and miss.

    • I've been out of the loop for a while but am very interested in Floodlight Cameras. Who's the best non-cloud offering in this space nowadays? Also have we got to a point where there are 'local network only' versions, that don't rely or use the cloud to send the motion events + camera streams to something like Home Assistant? I get that they all base their business models on some type of cloud-connection, but surely there is someone out there charging a premium for non-cloud, local only?

      • I have a Ubiquiti Unifi system, although they don't have a floodlight camera at the moment. Upfront cost is high but I can save all (my) 4k surveillance videos from my G4 Pro onto the Unifi NVR or my Synology and no subscription fees

        • I have all Unifi at home also apart from Security. They are now locking you into using their Cloudkey or Dream machine and you can no longer just spin up their NVR software on anything you want. Biggest benefit being 24/7 recording as opposed to motion detection only with Eufy etc. Currently I'm using Hikvision 4k cameras with BlueIris but want something a bit more in tune with alerts on mobile etc.

          • @moona: Yeah, I like their eco system. Waiting for them to release the G4 Doorbell Pro so I can also open my door with NFC or fingerprint. Otherwise I would've gone Hikvision but they only do cameras as far as I'm aware

      • All wireless cameras have highly compress video so storage is never a problem I have the 1080p model floodlight light camera and it has 4 GB of internal storage and after a year it is only used 2 GB and the home base which has three cameras and around 14 GB of storage has only used 11 GB. Any videos of interest can be download into your phone. I've had this set up for three years now and storage has never been a problem. You don't need to use their cloud storage to take advantage of any of the functions on these cameras unlike Arlo security cameras for instance. As for motion detection it's best to use zones to concentrate on one area of interest and turn the sensitivity up.

    • I believe the main reason people purchase Eufy is because they offer local storage with no subscription fee. Having said that, cloud storage is also available with a monthly cost (like the 1080p I had and I didn't bother paying the extra). Other brand like Ring, paying monthly is the only option which is not ideal. With the internal storage of my 4G 1080p, it's able to rotate for a couple of months on normal motion detection.

  • +1

    This isn't 2K, but the price is so much cheaper (even just comparing the 1080p Eufy with the 1080 Wyze floodlight):

    It's a better brand overall with support for IFTTT + automation. Their cameras are actually pretty good and you get local storage + free cloud storage.

    • Remember you need a subscription for AI features, meaning no human detection which Eufy provides with it's 2k floodlight.

      Wyze has limitations if you don't subscribe to their Cam plus monthly plan.

      Also, I believe quality of video and speed of notifications are better with Eufy as per some youtube reviews. YMMV.

      • Actually, that's not quite right. You don't need Wyze Cam Plus to get human detection, you just need to get Wyze Cam Lite:

        With Wyze Cam Lite, you get to name your own price and you can set it to $0 if you really want to and get it completely free. The reason they offer this is because when Wyze a couple of years ago, Wyze partnered with some software company and provided human detection completely for free. At some point later, the software company stopped their partnership with Wyze and so they had to come up with their own solution to replace the existing human detection feature. The human detection feature came with at least Wyze Cam v2, which came out many years ago and so it was a way for them to satisfy long-term customers. They didn't want to piss off the existing customers and so they offered a "name your own price" to everyone, hoping that people won't just abuse this.

        I was one of their oldest customers and I have the human detection completely for free. I also have no problems using both my Amazon Echo and Google Nest Mini to voice trigger my cameras to turn on/off, including my Wyze Lamp Socket as well.

        That being said, I have read good things about Eufy, so I don't think you'll go wrong with either choice. Personally, I think the price is a bit expensive for just one camera, even when it's already discounted.

    • +1

      The specs for the Wyze cam floodlight state its hardwired for a 110V AC power supply…

  • +1

    I have the 1080p Eufy floodlight since a year now, it has been very reliable in terms of picking up motion. Storage is not an issue as I have recordings for more than 6 months now. I get around 4-5 events a day. Only complain I can think of is sometimes it takes around 5-10 secs to load the live view, which is what other camera might as well have.

  • I'm thinking of trying this out, just to see how well it compares to the other brands that I use. It seems you need to have a junction box to hook this up though.

    I'm no electrician, does anyone know if a junction box can be installed easily? There's an outdoor light at my front door and I wonder if I can replace that with a junction box.

    • I am not an electrician, but installed this over my existing garage light with no issues. It does have a junction box, if you mean a round box with connectors. It is waterproof as well.

      • Yeah, that's it.

        Problem is, I don't have a junction box and I was hoping to use this to monitor my front door. I have outdoor cameras already, but would be nice to have a camera at the front door, especially if it's dark at night and I can get the auto-sensing light. I also have a Wyze Lamp Socket + Wyzecam V3, which are waterproof and work well. But that's only available for the dwelling behind my main house.

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