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Eufy Floodlight Camera, 1080p, 2500 Lumen, 100db Siren, Local Storage, No Monthly Fee ~ A$206 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Black/White both going in/out of stock.

Black is $10 more.

Lowest price I have found. Normally around NZ $350. Around 38% discount.

  • Time to Upgrade Your Floodlights: Enhance your lighting with smart control, surveillance, instant notification and recording, real-time communication via 2-way audio, and more.
  • Turn Night Into Day: 2,500-lumen super-bright motion-activated floodlights deter intruders and ensure detailed, full-color recordings even at night.
  • Drop-in Anytime in 1080p: Live-stream and record in full 1080p HD so you can see exactly who’s there in crisp clarity.
  • No Hidden Costs: Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufy Security products are one-time purchases that combine security with convenience.
  • Detect, Record, and Alert: Customize the area in which you want detection to take place. When an event is identified, the footage will be recorded and an instant alert will be sent.
  • Smart Siren: A harsh warning for any intruders. A loud 100dB alarm can be triggered to scare off any unwanted visitors.

The Eufy Security Floodlight Camera, 1080p, 2-Way Audio No Monthly Fees
2500-Lumen Brightness
Existing Outdoor Wiring and Weatherproof Junction Box Required
Package Dimensions: 29.6 L X 22.6 H X 20.0 W (centimeters)

Compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant for easy interaction and convenient control.

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  • It is a good price, I wonder how good it is?

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      Reviews are pretty decent and compatible with Google and Amazon assistant.

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      I have three of them and they are very good, they have 4GB internal storage of storage which is plenty. You can download the videos as they are captured. I've already done two police reports sending the videos and captures from these cameras. The video quality at night infrared black-and-white if you have the flood light off is not that great but two of these silly fools were attracted by the red LEDs and I ended up with quite good portraits. Daytime videos are pretty good and will identify a face. I had the floodlight off because light tends to scare these toerags away and I wanted a picture. The floodlights are not that bright as you would expect with LED being more of a clear blue but give good contrast to the coloured videos.

      • Thanks for this! I had look at some youtube review, the quality is decent!

      • If you have Eufy home base running - can it record the footage instead to the local integrated eMMC storage? My quick google-fu results so far saying no, but not conclusive.

        • No they have no contact or anything to do with the home base.But you must remember all these battery wireless videocameras have highly compressed videos and take up very little space on the card or cloud. In my experience It takes months for the 4gb to actually full.

          • @pdevonporf: Should've said, "battery based wireless video cameras" as I know the floodlight model is mains powered but uses the same camera and compression as the battery powered models.

            • @pdevonporf: Got a question for you.

              Let's say a motion was detected and camera started recording. Does it keep recording until the motion is detected or it only records it as an event like a min or so and stops.

              I can't find this anywhere. I want it to keep recording until the motion/person is there. Don't mind if the video is in parts.

              Also does it loop back and removes old videos if the storage is full?

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                @ace310: Up to 120 seconds continuous then it can trigger immediately or can be up to 30 seconds. I haven't calculated but probably got 1 hour+ of recording so buy then you'd probably have the police around and Goldilocks would be asleep in mama beers bed. I wouldn't expect an intruder would spend more than a few minutes let alone an hour unless he or she fell asleep. And yes it does record over but I've never had it happen as any important videos I download onto my phone at that time and then just delete the rest which has only been about 2 GB after about eight or nine months. Most of my recordings are from two or three cameras as the intruder does not stand in front of the camera that long especially when he finds out he's been recorded, and they seem to run off pretty quickly, it's quite funny watching their face it's like a candid camera moment.

                • @pdevonporf: Thanks. That's good enough for me to pull the trigger on this.

                  Now waiting for the new solo solar model to see the reviews and when it will be available here. Other option is 2c Pro.

        • https://us.eufylife.com/products/t8420

          Storage details :
          According to US website, it says 20 days(45 activation / day). I believe each activation is of 1 min or 2 max.

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            @ace310: I would be lucky to get 10 activations a week and usually bird, cat or my neighbour walking across my back lawn. The trick is setting the camera up properly and the active zone. For example, don't have it facing the road with people walk past or cars this is what the active zone is for. I have 5 cameras at my beach house which has an alarm but that's completely useless firstly I would have no idea the alarm went off and by then the intruder has already entered the house and police would probably turn up the next day. After I captured an intruder on video a week ago the local police have told me now if I see an intruder trying doorhandles or windows phone 111 immediately and they will block the road off.

            • @pdevonporf: Thanks. But I think I didn't explain it properly. I am aware of Active zone and all and not to point it towards roads so that getting false positives.

              I wanted to know if someone breaks in my car parked on my driveway and let's say he is doing something for 10 minutes. Does the camera record for 10 minutes or only frist min or so when the alert is send?

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                @ace310: In recording settings a clip length can be set between 30s and 120s. It also includes a selection to end clip when motion stops or not. There is also a retrigger interval setting between 0 and 30s. The app setting states camera will not record during retrigger interval.

                From the help function:
                “You can manually set the timing of the end of the motion, end immediately after the motion detection ends, or end at a fixed length.
                You can also set the maximum recording duration. If the actual trigger duration exceeds the set maximum duration, the recording will be saved according to the actual trigger duration.
                You can also set the trigger/record interval. The default retrigger interval is 0s, the system will record every alert for you. If you think you need a longer interval between each trigger or recording, you can increase the setting a bit.”

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                @ace310: As long as there is movement after the first trigger(120 seconds) the camera keep recording in 120 Second blocks because you can set the camera to trigger immediately or trigger after 30 seconds but if the person gets into the car it will not record as it will not see movement. If you are awake and get a notifications you can actually start recording live onto your phone. The camera also has an alarm on it which you can manually activate live or have it automatic and also the floodlight can be a activated manually.

      • Easy Install and setup ?
        I also had a look at new security cameras arlo pro 4 , Resolution is very good , thoughts ?

        • +1

          Very easy to setup as long as you read the instructions ha ha. The pro might be slightly better but the problem is with most of these cameras the bit rate. They are all very low because of cloud storage and battery-powered cameras. Companies try to sell hi definition as a means of change rather than better quality video. Arlo is all about cloud storage and the potential to make hundreds of millions of dollars in subscriptions which potentially makes their company very valuable.

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      I have one - definately recommend. Great day/night quality.

  • Says out of stock. But these appear to require wiring up to mains. Also what IP rating are they?

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      For outdoor use in an unsheltered area is okay. 240 v. If you already have an outside light, you can use that wiring or an old security light you could replace it with this.

  • Back in stock @ $189 +delivery (AUD)

    • Thanks.It is going in/out of stock both black & white. Just installed mine over the weekend.