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Persil Laundry Powder Front & Top Loader Sensitive 4kg $14.99 @ PAK'n SAVE, Silverdale ($13.49 via Pricematch at The Warehouse)


Use The Warehouse link below for price match. Need to select the Silverdale store ($14.99), otherwise will show $23.85.

I've just bought 4 and got an extra $5 off via the app. The price has come down to $12.24 per box.


How to pricematch

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    People that post pricematching deals, remember:

    price match itself is not a deal, but rather a method to make a merchant to sell you the same product at a lower price

    Therefore, instead of posting the price match as a bargain, the real deal should be from the merchant who is offering the lowest price. Price matching is a bonus, and other members of ChoiceCheapies need to arrange their own price match.

    In this instance, PNS is the deal, The Warehouse pricematch the bonus.

    • Noted, thanks.

  • The non-sensitive variant is the same price at PnS Silverdale, but not available online at TWH

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    Man, I'm starting to get worried that Warehouse is going to exclude grocery items from their Price Promise, or perhaps limit it to in-store purchases only. They must be having lines cleaned out by this site on the regular now

    • haha they wanted in on the game, they must be having fun :)

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    I would personally recommend the 4kg Ultimate over the Sensitive, gets rid of stains much better.

    https://www.paknsave.co.nz/shop/product/5086473_ea_000pns?na... (also available at TWH)

    Consumer report below:


    Everyday grime 85
    Collar & cuff grime 71
    Grass 99
    Olive oil 76
    Make-up 65

    Average 82


    Everyday grime 63
    Collar & cuff grime 68
    Grass 91
    Olive oil 61
    Make-up 68

    Average 68

    • Thanks, I probably will change to Ultimate upon collection.

    • Yeah, 100% agree. Got the ultimate myself for $13.49

    • Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Thanks, just bought some based off your recommendation!

    • Ultimate: Make-up 65
      Sensitive: Make-up 68

      So sensitive is for cheaters. How sensitive!

  • Thanks I got one

  • Thewarehouse at Porirua refused to do price match with some of the other items from Pack n Save last week.

    • +2

      Could just do it online instead and choose Porirua as the click & collect location?

  • Thanks OP, getting some delivered :)

  • Thanks, OP. Got a couple. Never used this brand before. Was using Shotz which is ok. Keen to see how this one does.

    • I have used both, and I reckon Persil is better. In my experience Shotz doesn't work as well in cold, so any price difference is offset by having to use warm. It also has a tendency to leave white streaks on my clothes.

  • Thanks! Perfect timing as we're running out of laundry soap.

  • Did anyone having problem signing up to Market Club with new account?

    • I had multiple problems. I downloaded the app but it kept giving me an error message when I tried to sign up for market club. It resolved itself in a day and I was able to sign up.
      After that the $5 joint voucher wasn’t present. A day later I got an email saying I’ve received a $5 voucher and it’s in the app… but it didn’t show up in the app until a few days later.

      • Yes I keep getting different errors and still haven't resolve after days

  • Thanks Cheapies team. grabbed one ultimate.

  • For price matching can you provide a screenshot by changing sure to Silverdale as the above link takes me to my preferred store

    • It's the same link for everyone. It's your login / browser that is taking you to your preferred store.
      Just click the link and then on 'Change Store" and type in Silverdale.
      It will then update with the pricing for that store.

    • Just tell The Warehouse live agent to change the store to Silverdale when they take a look at the PnS link.

      • Thanks it worked

  • Thanks OP. Got 4 ultimate, going to last for a very long time

    • same here, One has lasted over 2 years so far, i got a couple when bunnings were selling them for $10.

      • I bought 10 boxes about 6 weeks ago when pak n save had them on sale (not quite this cheap) my wife goes through the stuff like there’s no tomorrow

        • 10 x 4kg? Seriously?

          • @xsolider: Sure, why not? It's a great deal on something that you will definitely use. I tend to buy them in fours when a sale comes up.

      • +1

        It was Mitre10 I believe. That sale is what converted me to Persil, I've stuck with it ever since.

        • +1

          Same for me, it's just so much better than the cheap stuff. I used Surf for years and it's garbage compared to Persil.

  • Do washing powders ‘expire’ as such? Just wondering if its worth stocking up

    • it doesnt expire, just keep it out of the sun or moisture.

    • humidity can be a challenge over long periods, especially nz humidity

  • How do you get the extra $5 off at the warehouse?

    • Sign up to MarketClub within The Warehouse app.
      First time you sign up you get a $5 off $5.01+ spend valid for a month from signup.

      There is also a $5 off $50 spend you can use.
      Currently the $5 off $50 is valid until Tues 24th May as part of the weekly offers but it comes up most weeks.

      If you order online you can stack the two offers together to get $10 off a $50 spend.
      In store you can only use one offer - $5 off.

  • Awesome. Thanks for this ! It’s all types of Persil so am stoaked I can stock up on ultimate which is perfect timing for me :D What a deal!

  • Ultimate is OOS at Warehouse

    • Yes, will probably be restocked soon once a new shipment arrives.

      Quite a large effect this deal has had.

    • In stock online again. But just went to the local store and noticed that the shelf was still empty.

      • I think their stock refers to their distribution centre and has nothing to do with their stores which is why when it says out of stock it says online out of stock yet you can still check in-store availability.

        • For some reason, I can't check the in-store availability anymore? Does it still work for you?

          • @xsolider: Bit different when it's in stock, you press select store under click and collect and any that show not available are out of stock. You can also see it when you're selecting pickup location since in the cart is says "Choose a store to see availability"

            It's weird they don't allow you to select it for click and collect at oos stores because I remember mostly all the click and collect orders are shipped from their distribution center rather than pulled off the shelf anyway.

  • The detergent smell from the persil boxes is pretty strong. Had to put the boxes in a plastic bag.

    • +1

      The new scent is pretty awful huh. I emailed them and there’s hope it might be changed back! Somethings happened when they changed the formula and the scent was adjusted too , and it is not gooood :( I’m so gutted about this amazing deal but receiving terrible smelling powder now. Lol.

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