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[App Only] Get $12 Credit for $1 @ Onceit



Description states it is $10 for $20 credit when you click on the link but it is definitely only $1.
Looks like they left an old description in.
I have just done it and it is $1 for $12 credit.
States that it is app only - link will work on computer but wouldn't process the sale for me although this has worked for others - YMMV

Please note this voucher is valid for 3 months from the time of the code emailed to you and added to your account.
This item is for final sale and not eligible for change of mind return. See our returns policy for details.

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  • Nice find Oh Fragrant Fromage!

    I tried it from the website, and it was fine there for me, so not sure on that part. I received the order conformation email, so it definitely appears to be working.



    • It wouldn't work on the website for me - just kept spinning.
      Pleased it worked for you.

      • +1

        Actually I got that too, but I refreshed the browser, and it then went straight to the checkout screen.

        Definitely something not quite right on their website. Maybe your posting here has slammed them :-)

  • Thanks grabbed one from the website

  • Cheers. Website worked for me.

  • Nice one @bigcheese, grabbed one via the app easy as!

  • website worked for me with no issues

  • Good deal. Cheers

  • No issue using the link provided on Android Chrome

  • Got one via website Thanks OP :)

  • Can we stack these on one account?

    • +1

      Yes you can (but you can only buy discounted credited once each time a credit is offered).
      It is account credit (as opposed to a promo code) so you can stack it on top of exisiting credit you may have obtained from previous deals.
      Remember that once you load the credit onto your account it is only valid for 3 months - used to be 6 months.
      If you keep track of the credit code that is emailed to you but don't apply it then you have up to 2 years. Just don't lose the email!

      Good to stack the credit and then use it when they do one of the $1 shipping deals.

      • Being able to store it by not loading it seems like a big loophole. Since it is tied to the account it is strange it has to be loaded

        • Yes it is.
          Wouldn't surprise me if they closed it at some stage but for the moment it works.
          So far they have only decreased the validity of account credit applied to your account. Used to last 6 months but now only 3 months.

    • One per account I believe, but see The BigCheese comment above about combining with other credit on your account.

  • thanks for sharing, it worked for me via website

  • Just placed an order before i saw this!

  • How long does it take for credit to appear under the account?

    • +3

      You need to apply the credit to your account from the code that is emailed to you. It doesn't apply automatically.
      It takes a few days to arrive in your inbox usually but does turn up (eventually).

      • Thanks - I didn't read the email clearly enough.

        Vouchers will be emailed to you once your payment has cleared. Please allow 1-2 business days for any vouchers to be sent.

  • +1

    Thanks order 1 thru app, never pull a trigger on these deal decided to give it a try. If you use app just search "voucher" and you can find the deal

  • What do you guys buy there? Are they cheaper than Kmart? Flat rate shipping fees?

    • +1

      Probably different products to what Kmart has. I usually buy bedding, home decor, men’s clothes, alcohol, and/or kitchen items.

    • +1

      Flat rate shipping is $6.99 but occasionally they do $1 shipping deals.
      Full shipping rates here

  • +2

    Showing as ‘all allocated’ but this is not sold out until it actually shows ‘sold out’.
    If you are trying to buy one and it shows ‘all allocated’ try again in a few minutes as there will be people that put them in their cart and didn’t purchase which returns it to the pool.

    Edit: Now it's sold out.

    • That was a lot more than what's usually allocated!

      • The amount available varies each time.
        Hard to know exactly how many - the wording states "584 people have added this to their cart in the last 7 days"
        Notice it doesn't say purchased - just added to cart.

  • I saw this and found it odd as I never received an email about this (they usually do) and when I saw it at around lunchtime, it was sold out.

    I just had another look about 10 minutes ago on the website and to my surprise, there it was. I got one now! I'm wondering if they're doing batch releases during the day? Anyway, thank you so much - I've got one, finally!

    7:27pm - stands as all allocated.

    • That is weird. Pleased you got one in the end.
      I waited until it was all sold out yesterday before expiring the deal when it indicated 584 people had added it to the cart in the past 7 days.
      Showing as available now with 608 people adding to the cart in the last 7 days.

      • I really think they release them slowly through the day so others can have a chance. I thought it was a very long shot (especially when it's the $1 deal and not the $10 for $20 deal) but to my surprise, there was some more. Which now adds $52 to my total credit.

        However, it'd be great to have the option to not use all your credits on checkout. Have them saved for a bigger purchase in the future. It just forces you to use it outright. Oh well!

        Thank you for the heads up 👍

        • If you don't apply the credit (just don't lose the code in the email!) then you can do that.
          Code is valid for 2 years so plenty of time to apply it.
          That's what I'm doing now by just storing up the codes and then only applying what I need.
          Waiting for $1 shipping to come up again!

  • It is back online again

  • +1

    Voucher just arrived in me inbox.

    • Mine too.
      Another code to store up for use at a later date.

      • Yip got mine.

      • Just don't let it sit for more than 6 months… I had to learn that one the hard way

        • +1

          It’s now 3 months from when you apply it to your account not 6 months like it used to be.

          Best thing to do is not apply it until you are ready to use it.
          The voucher can sit unused for up to 2 years (and even then can be extended if you contact them).
          Just keep a copy of the email/ voucher code.

          • @bigcheese: Thanks, I had no idea the period had been shortened. It never even occured to me that I could just not apply the vouchers as soon as I received them

            • @Plug: Yes it never occurred to me initially either.
              When I first got the credit I used to apply it straight away and always ended up buying something I didn’t really need just to make sure it didn’t expire.
              Now I keep a record of the voucher codes and only apply it when I need it.

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