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$100 for Referrer and $100 for Referee (New Signups) @ Flick Electric


Flick are doing a $100 referral program. If your looking to swap might as well get some free power out of it. They are great I run lots on our off peak rates manage approx 85% off peak.

Here's the email details below. I think you'll need to get in touch with an existing customer to get their referral link and email address.

Wanna stack up some credit for winter? We know times are tough right now, so to help you through, we’re upping our Friend Get Friend offer to $100 credit. Bring your whānau along to join our Flick whānau before 30 April and we'll treat you both to a $100 credit each!

To make it easy for you, forward this email onto your friends and whānau - they can click the button below to join. They’ll just need to pop your email address (provided from referral section below) in the promo code to secure $100 credit for them and $100 credit for you!

Referral Links

Referral: random (15)

$100 credit for both referrer and referee.

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    No fixed term contracts or exit fees

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    I’ve used flick for 2-3 years. I like their business model, so even stayed when the spot prices went up a fair bit (still saved a lot over that whole year too though!)

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      Would appeal to people who like potential cheaper hours, but would also scare/worry others when spot pricing goes high!
      Me personally I like the set and forget option :)

  • Their off peak rates are very expensive for me (Wellington)
    17c off peak and 25c on. Contact will give me 18c all day. Or electric kiwi 11c off peak plus free hour..
    Unfortunately flick wholesale plan is still unavailable. But by looking at the prices it makes sense why, used to be less than $20/mWh most nights and now just sits at $100+/mWh 24/7.

    this deal could be worth it if you can just get the credit and change after your second bill or so.

    • Its very dependant on where you live I've found. In Christchurch they are one of the cheaper providers, but if you go to North Canterbury, Contact work out cheaper than Flick and ElectricKiwi (especially when you add the 3 hours of free power).

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    The problem is that they have raised the low user daily fixed fee up to 69 cents a day. This is double what it used to be. Several other providers haven't raised it, so others are still charging 34.5 cents a day. eg Frank energy and electric kiwi still currently charge 34.5 cents a day fixed fee. This increase in the fixed charge means paying an extra $125 a year if on the low user rate, which is a big increase for many. So people need to check this when they compare prices.

    • I thought they were not allowed to charge more than. 60c per day. It's showing 60c for me with flick.

      • 60 cents is the GST exclusive price. Consumers pay 69 cents. Business can usually claim back the GST so would pay 60 cents. It annoys me how power companies often show the GST exclusive amount by default, when they are largely selling to residential consumers, and consumers pay the higher GST inclusive price. But it makes the prices look cheaper

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