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$1.50 off Fuel with Every $60 Spent on BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum Card (Flybuys Rewards)


Posted as an affiliate as I work at BNZ, but not related to this post - let me know if I need to change anything.

Using BNZ's Platinum card and choosing Flybuys rewards, and converting the Flybuys to Fuel discounts for Z/Caltex, you can get $1 off petrol at Z/Caltex for every $40 you spend on the card (works for a minimum of $60 spend = $1.50), which I believe is the best credit card reward earn rate in the market. Especially topical now with the price of petrol.

Earn rate = 1 Flybuys point for every $15 spent
Receive 4 Flybuys points by spending $60 (4 * $15)
Flybuys Fuel Rewards Conversion rate = 3 cents per litre discount for every 4 Flybuys points
Spending on fuel = using max 50L fill, 3 cents per litre is worth $1.50 ($0.03 * 50)

In above example, spending $60 gets you $1.50 fuel discount (or equivalent to $1 fuel discount for $40 spend). Works best by filling up 50L at a time to maximise fuel discount.

Account fee is $90 per year (charged half yearly), so you would need to spend $3,600 per year to cover that in fuel discounts, and make the most of the other features (the included travel insurance looks like it includes cover for COVID-19 which is a massive bonus if travelling).

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    It is good but u need a large enough car with 50L+ capacity to utilise it fully, or get 2 cars to fill each time, which I tried for a while but too much hassle.

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      I purchased a 10L petrol container - can comfortably get 45L in my car without pushing it too close to empty and put the remaining 5L or so in the container - has paid itself off very quickly.

    • I have been using 20L jerry can to maximise these fuel discounts. My small Toyota would take 30L when it's down to 1/4 tank, I'll take the jerry can with me to fill up 50L then pour the content into our other car. The jerry can paid for itself loooooong ago…haha

  • Do we still have to open a bnz cheque account and wait for 6 months before applying? Seems too much hassle trying to go into the bank to open an account.

    • Credit card? Yeah you normally need a cheque account but im fairly sure they will open a credit one so long your credit is fine and provide statements from your other accounts. CCCFA makes things shitty for everyone

      • No the rules were changed recently. Now BNZ requires a transaction account before you can get their credit card. Lucky I got the card long time ago without any other accounts with them. But I think they now have an account with $0 monthly fees but it takes time to get the new account opened.

  • 2.5% cashback is very good. The 1% cashback on my anz cashback is long overdue for a change.

  • Between using this (BNZ visa platinum conversion to flybuys) and sharetank Z electric free 75L and 50L for each referral. I havent paid for fuel for the last 3 months!

    • z electric offer link here. see for details.

      definitely good short term offer, but do also note Z electric may increase power prices in April, (so may consider joining before)

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    The fuel price difference at Z and Caltex compared to Gull, Waitomo and NPD would largely negate this in my situation.

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    Not as good as the ASB is offering currently. no fee for 12 months and $300 bonus true rewards much easier to use for everyday expenses than fuel discount via BNZ/ flybuys.

    I probably won't consider this considering BNZ offers bonus offers (like 1000 flybuys?) with this card on joining from time to time but not eligible for existing card holders, and once you joined without the bonus you won't be eligible. (also BNZ used to offer no fee as DHB work perks but no longer available).

    For existing cardholders, it may be worth negotiating for a fee waiver for a year and if they don't match, say you would consider taking ASB card instead. I am aware BNZ has offered fee waiver in the past on negotiation but be interested to hear how people go with this.

    Finally, worth mentioning the fuel discounts converted from flybuys will expire in (less than) 2 months (which can be an issue for some people).

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    I still prefer the cashback from the BNZ Visa Platinum $90 for $1 cash back. As I got supercard, thanks for cheapies, 16 cents off for Mobil always, the price in Mobil is always better than Z anyway. The extra saving for at least 6c cents is worth more than $1.50 for a 50L tank of petrol.

    • Do you have a link to the Supercard thread if it’s still running?

      • Please see below. Because of the big jump of the petrol price, there are huge demands of this supercard. Fonterra is very slow in processing the new application at the moment. You may need to call them up to chase them after you fill out the form online.

        • Can any person who is not a farmer/fonterra employee apply for this Supercard?

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            @techytechno: Yep. I've got one and not a farmer or Fonterra employee.

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    OP can you feedback to your BNZ credit card team if they can offer a better deal, please? having at least fee waiver and 1,000 bonus flybuy points in the past would make it competitive.

    e.g. at present this offer is not really competitive at all.

    from $3000 spent, you "save" maximum $75 in fuel (assuming that you can fuel up 50L every time but a half yearly fee $45 means the saving is really $30 only. (fuel discount expire in 2 months).

    Compared to ASB with true rewards which can be spent at BP for $1 for $1 (and can be converted to gift cards with at least 2 year expiry) from $3000 spent would get $300 (bonus true rewards) + $30 (standard true rewards), with no yearly fee. at this spent point, without any BNZ bonus offer. it is clearly ASB is a better card first (for all scenarios).

    • +1

      Your comparison is not exactly fair. Firstly your $3000 example is heavily favoured towards the asb account as it is including the joining benefits. The asb deal is more of a joining offer, so using the first $3000 spent is a statistical fallacy. Unless you are looking at which card is better to use for $3000 where your comparison is applicable, but after that, the result you have ended up with is not representative of what is actually the rate of return.

      For example, if you were to look at it during the second year with a $30,000 annual spend,

      BNZ would be $750 - $90 fee = $660 (assuming 50L each fill)
      ASB would be $300 - $80 fee = $220
      $440 difference

      This is due simply to the BNZ rate being 2.4% and the ASB being 1%

      While I heavily agree that the ASB is a great offer, it gets worse if you stay with them longer since they are using a joining bonus to lure people in and then recouping the costs by less great rates.
      Although you did mention "at this spend point" most people aren't spending $3000 per annum which again is the fallacy.

      Even though the asb offer is great, your argument is flawed in logic and therefore is not a better card for all scenarios.

      I think a potential 2.4% return is very competitive currently.

      • +1

        Thank you seeking clarification.
        All scenarios assume you can change cards after 3000 spent. Indeed, it illustrated it is not a good time to join bnz given bonus on offer from time to time. If applying for a new card why not take the asb on offer first. I agree over the long term asb is not that great though.

        For existing bnz card holder may be a good idea to ask for fee waiver if bnz decline then join asb for the short term.

        Special offer available from westpac, kiwibank and Amex as well from time to time. Chasing offers can save around 1000 over a year extra above regular rewards

        Heavy spenter may also have difficulty getting all the discount from fuel from bnz because of 50l and 1 to 2 months expiry. For many people it is a level of inconvenience.


        • You need to make at least 3 credit card applications to get $1000 bonus, but the next year you won't be able to do the same because banks don't give bonuses to people who have recently had a card with them.

          And not a lot of people will want to make so many credit card applications, given how ridiculously cumbersome the process is currently.

          • @sunshinenz: fair comment. Probably at least 2 to 3, if you provide constructive feedback on how "cumbersome" the application process is then you may also get good will bonus on top of other bonus (that may speed to your $1000 more quickly).. In many ways almost all banks (or power company) treat loyal customers poorly because most deals are not available to new customers. Hence caution on joining in the first place without the bonus.

            Some applications are easily than others but some of the bonuses probably is higher than most people post tax hourly rate. (and bonus is not taxable). yes do save the dates of your cancellations as some cards have a yearly grace period of bonus offers.

            On the other hand, trying to fill up 50L to maximise the BNZ discount can also be very cumbersome as well (every month or two) esp if one get extra bonus from Disney deal, flybuys celebration bonus or surveys on top, keeping an eye on expiry can be very time consuming. One has to be very organised in that regard get max discount over a year, (vs one off effort in application).

            All good points, there are always pros and cons on any deals, just try to highlight them for an informed decision.

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