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Z Electric: 75L of Free Fuel via Referral 2 Weeks after Sign up. No Contract


Z Electric: 75L of Free Fuel via Referral 2 Weeks after Sign up. No Contract. After sign up free 5L of fuel from every $100 power use.

One of the better no contract power/ electric deals available on sign up. Can choose fuel of your choice. 91, 95 patrol or diesel.
Free fuel will load on Z app (via the sharetank). (so can be easily share between family and friends if required.

update 08/08/2023. I can confirm from latest invoice (on 08/08/2023), the referral code (from an active account member) is still valid.

very easy to redeem free fuel. can redeem any amount you like at one time (can use the free fuel in several transactions if needed). can use z app at pump, or at counter. (unlike free fuel from flybuys, one has to take 50L in one go to maximise discount). Unlike Waitomo, have to do $20 lots to maximise free fuel).

  1. free fuel does not expire while in sharetank (unlike flybuys and Waitomo),

  2. free fuel is based on litres not on price, if the price of fuel increase, you still get the same amount of fuel under share tank (unlike flybuys, you pay the current fuel price).

  3. 75L of free fuel is worth about ($ x75) = $225 at least, on 2 weeks after sign up. in addition the 5L per $100 spent means around 15% off discount in fuel (if taking premium 95 fuel). Fuel prices are increasing so the discount will become greater over time.

  4. no contract, free to leave any time.

  5. Same electricity rate for all times of the day. No need to change power use behaviour (e.g. to maximise discount, in some alternative options such as free power hour or peak and off peak rate).

  6. easy to sign up via referral link gets 75L free fuel instead of 50L standard sign up without referral.


  1. power prices overall may be higher than some of the contracted rates (including after free fuel as discount), however, no recent price increase by Z means that prices with the free fuel as discount is worth comparing.

  2. credit card surcharge of 1%. (but does not appear to charge extra if one uses load the credit card as regular payment/ direct debit on signup).

PS use referral link below to get 75L of free fuel on sign up.

Referral Links

Z App: random (4)

Referrer gets 1 free coffee (up to 3 max). Referrer requires referee's phone number.

Z Electric: random (10)

Referee gets 50L+ extra 25L. Referrer gets 50L.

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  • -3

    Misleading title. 75l is not after 2 weeks. You need to spend at least $1500 to receive free 75L.

    • The 75L is with referral I believe, the 5L with $100 spend is on top of that?

    • Not misleading, you get 75L after 2 weeks as part of referral bonus. After 2 weeks technically you can leave as no contracts

  • Waitomos doesn't expire

  • +1

    You get 75 litres, after 2 weeks as part of referral, use it then you can leave no contracts 😁

    • My understanding is that the 75l and any additional fuel from electricity spent is for you to keep in share tank in z app regardless whether you leave or not. However you have to wait till they arrive first.

  • +1

    Quite interesting that Z has chosen to get into electricity.

    Took a look at the pricing and it seems to be quite a lot more expensive that others, $40 more per month by the look of it.

    I think the only way this can be a deal is if you sign up to get the free fuel and cancel immediately after around 14 days once you get it. Otherwise the longer you stay the more money they will recoup back, still seems worthwhile, a nice little bonus just for typing some things on a keyboard. Therefore it's probably not going to be efficacious for someone locked in a contract unless they were intending to leave anyways. The real winners are going to be the referrers getting hundreds of litres of free fuel.

    • +1

      Shows there is profits to be made. Everyone seems to want to sell power and internet. Internet mostly. If you go to most of the power companies they advertise internet on there main page not power.

  • Great if your contract with your current provider is ending. Jump onto this for 2 weeks, cancel immediately when you get your free fuel, and join another provider. At minimum you will get 75L x $2.55 (95) = $191 worth of saving! Thanks OP

    • On separate note, whats the best deal for electricity and fuel (long term)?

      • The best long term deal may depend on your locations and patterns of use. There are a number of power comparison websites and also each power company changes prices. Fair to say no power company offers the best deal consistently. But trustpower consistently offers the worse prices though.

        If you can shift your power use then contact free hours free plan for a year may be a good deal

  • Best power company to move to 2 weeks later?

    • Im thinking contact energy - free electricity 9pm - 12pm deal

    • +1

      For no contract options. Contact offers $100 off via referral after a month or so. Frank energy offers $50 off referral on sign up. Powershop offers $150 discount distributed over 12 months but only $25 on first month.. All referral links available on cheapies! They may be other offers I missed.

  • Good deal but the android app is constantly trying to gain root, not sure why their app would ever need root permissions so this seems a bit dodgy.

    • It's their root check, haha. Pretty basic..

  • Why do i only see 50L offer not 75L

    You'll score 50L of fuel after you join Z Electric - that's pretty much a full tank!

    • You need to click on the referrer link above for the 75L

  • Love it. Thx OP

  • Not sure if anyone will see this but I was wondering if anyone has received their 75L of free fuel yet?

    • I can confirm I got my "joining" bonus just after 2 weeks (of joining up to Z electric), not 2 weeks when signing up, as it takes a few days to transfer your account to Z electric. In fact, got the free fuel before the first power invoice. Make sure you have signed up with the Z app with the same details as per Z electric and make sure they are both linked up. You may also need to open up a shared tank within Z app to receive the fuels. You should also get the additional free fuel after each payment.

      • Glad to hear you got the free fuel. Today is exactly 2 weeks since my electricity supply transferred to Z Electric so I'm hoping to see the 75L in my share tank any day now.

        • May be within in a week or so from now.

          • @gooddeals: Just received the 75L in my sharetank this morning. Looks like it's now time to switch electricity providers again haha, looking at going for the Electric Kiwi MoveMaster Anytime Residential (Low User).

            • @littletoolate: what did you end up with? i looked at frank energy and their rates seem to be cheapest, but with the new price increase on 1st april who knows

              • +1

                @justaddwater: Hey, sorry I just saw this now. I did end up moving to Electric Kiwi on their MoveMaster Anytime Residential (Low User) plan, so far it's been good and I've been saving quite a bit compared to my last couple of providers.

            • @littletoolate: Hey was wondering if you still had your fuel rewards after you have switched providers?

              • +1

                @Matthew F: Hey, yes I do, I've been with Electric Kiwi for a month now and I still have my fuel rewards from Z in my Sharetank in the Z App. It's something I check regularly just to make sure haha

                • @littletoolate: Haha cool thanks!!!! :D
                  Does Electric Kiwi have one of the better rates? Is that why you went with them?

                  • +1

                    @Matthew F: I think it depends on your usage, I'm able to shift enough of my more expensive usage to their free hour of pour. I've been tracking my electricity usage in a spreadsheet for years to calculate how much I'm paying per kWh so that I can always compare apples with apples over time, so far with Electric Kiwi it's costing me about 27 cents per kWh in the month I've been with them after everything is taken into account, which is better than the other providers I've been with in the several years that I've been at my current address

  • I managed to get 175l of free fuel. Not sure how I managed that!

    • Nice!

    • +1

      I think 2 persons have used your referral code from above? you will see that in the notification from your z app

  • its been 3 weeks and they still haven't loaded any fuel for me, even though i ve started share tank straight away. customer service is really slow too, i contacted them 1 week ago and they still haven't done anything about it

    • may be worth checking everything is linked up on your end. (e.g. same details and email address etc) on your z app. you should get a notification on your z app saying your sharetank is connected to z electric. I think it may take a variable time from your old power company to let go of you, some takes a couple of days, and some take weeks. Have you got the last invoice from your old power company and a first invoice from Z yet? (if not you may not have switched over for more than 2 weeks yet). I think you can give them a call as well, they have a 0800 number? https://zelectric.z.co.nz/contact-us
      I have not contacted customer service team, as it has been quite a straight forward process in regard to signing and getting the bonus free fuel etc.

  • Where can you login to your account? I don't see any link on https://zelectric.z.co.nz/ to login. I registered around 10 days back. I understand it might take a week or 2 to switch. But just wondering where actually I need to go after the switch is done. I got an email regarding prices changes starting 1st april with my account number and ICP details, so I presume account is already setup.

    • I don't think you can log in online, you should have an email indicating that you have joined. you will get an invoice for the first bill after 2 weeks of joining. and you may get the bonus litres before that

  • update: 14/03/2022: I can confirm that the referral code is still valid from my last invoice from z electric. (at present there is no expiry date so far. updated the discount rate,

  • I know it's been said that your fuel rewards do stay even if you leave Z electric.
    But just wondering can anyone who have actually done this confirm?

    • +1

      see above: littletoolate

      I just signed up, hopefully get the 75L in 2 weeks

      • Just wondering if you got your 75L?

        I have just signed up but start date will be 1st May, so I'm expecting to get my 75L two weeks after that.

        • +1

          Hi this was from last year. Yes i got the 75l. I am no longer with Z electric

    • +2

      Looks like a few people are changing often which is fair enough. If you are planning to join Z electric. Worth double checking on the sign up page that you will be getting the 75L free fuel (in case the referrer has left Z), you miss out on the bonus.

  • Has anyone signed up and left, and then re-signed again (but with a different residential address) and gotten another 75L of fuel?

    • If you sign up with different family members and different email and residential address that would work..

      But caution using the same flybuys or other loyalty card across many z app unmatched would result in account being locked

  • +1

    Can confirm this is still working in May 2023.

    I used a referral link above, and signed up with Z starting 02/05/2023. Just got my bonus 75L in my sharetank today (17/05/2023).

    Hopefully that gave someone a nice 50L bonus to theirs.

    At the end of the month i'll start the process of switching to Frank energy, being sure to use their referral scheme for $50 account credit.

  • +1

    cheers, it is working. got my bonus 75L as well.

  • Tried to sign up and I got this so you must have a smart meter at the property.

    Unfortunately, it looks like you don’t have a smart meter at this address, so we can’t connect. You’ll need to find a retailer that is able to do manual meter reads.

  • referral link not working, looks like website has changed

    • the referral link may get updated in the next invoice, hopefully, (for the existing customers). just have to wait and see for a few days.

    • 4 weeks ago a friend joined up using my link and I still received bonus litres as the referrer today (about 2 weeks after they connected).

      Hopefully that means they’ll get it up and running again.

    • Sounds like it’s been paused, here’s the reply I received from Z:

      “With the new Z launch we have put a stop on all referrals and we'll be reviewing this again at the end of the year”

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