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L&P Bottles 1.5L $1.00 each @ Countdown (Pricebeat with The Warehouse for $0.90c)


Good old L&P bottles for $1 at Countdown.
Link to page on catalogue here
Try your luck at pricebeat with The Warehouse with this link

I don't drink the stuff but looked like a good deal.
Remember - doesn't start until Mon 17th Jan.

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    That’s a ChoiceCheapies God-level price-beat right there… order a case with free shipping to really take the gold medal #buy9get1free

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      With that price beat you could get yourself this notebook and still have 1c left over.

      Every cent counts when you're a Cheapie!

      • Yeah, every cent counts, luckily I stocked up hundreds last year when they were 5c each, saving at least 3c each…haha!

    • pushing that free shipping code to its limits huh

    • Could someone please share a working free shipping code? :) I’ve tried a couple different ones but they didn’t work

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        Here's the link to the current free shipping codes with The Warehouse.
        They all work.

        Make sure that you have clicked on 'Delivery' not the defaul click & collect.
        Also, it is one use per account or checkout as guest.
        If you have already used the code then you can't use it on that account again.

  • Great during the summer heatwave. Will go well with the frozen lemon I kept in the freezer since spring.

    • Does L&P pop if frozen? It's normally less carbonated isn't it?

      • I haven't tried it, but I reckon will still pop and make a mess.

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    This and PLU12. Name more iconic duo of CC.

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      Printer cashback

      • T7 and warehouse free shipping

  • Fruju is also half price at $4.35, I haven't seen those below $5 for a while now. It will sell out fast.

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    Those stainless Sistema bottles are always good value, too. Get Mitre 10 to price beat them

  • Am I the only one eyeing the half price bacon?;

    • Nope, always keep an eye on bacon. paknsave has it for $14 currently, will be worth a stop in to see what price they do as well next week.
      Normally aim for $10 a kilo for a good stock up, but worth getting one or two packs at $12 a kilo

      • Is Pak n save one Heller's as well;?

        • Yeah, grandpa's bacon isn't bad and sometimes gets to a good price.
          Christmas saw Pam's steaky bacon 1kg for $10 and covid saw behive catering streaky $10 per kg

  • Do you guys buy all groceries at one supermarket?
    Or hunt for multiple deals like this.
    could be pretty hectic to trawl through all the stuff and compare prices etc

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      We generally do the shopping on the weekend at Pak n Save.
      I usually have a look at the current & next week's catalogue for Countdown (if it's available) beforehand and make a note of anything worth getting there.
      I generally find Pak n Save cheaper but it does have a smaller range and more out of stocks, but I put up with it being a Cheapie.

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      Partner and I have a weekly food budget so we like to shop around to try save a few dollars. Our shopping is pretty basic: meat, vegetables, blueberries, yoghurt, milk, nuts, coffee, household essentials, and a bonus item or three.

      We do a dinner list on Sundays and then a list of what we need to buy for those dinners. Then we do a quick online price comparison mainly for meat.
      Countdown and PNS are across the road from one another here in Hamilton + New World is on the way home, so it's easy to go from one store to another.

    • Between countdown and paknsave.
      Somethings we prefer budget countdown brands and A2 milk is cheaper at countdown.
      Fortunately they are 2 minute drive between them.
      Wouldn't worry if only saving $2 or for 1 or 2 items

    • Thanks Team
      I love this site and kinda hooked but my grocery bill ( someone else does the shopping) is going through the roof.
      How do you teach someone to be vigilinant in making a list before shopping.

      Also any tips/tricks such as buy bulk, buy fresh vs frozen etc ?

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        Online helps

      • Asian supermarkets are a good option too (fruit / vegetables). Better variety.

        • If you're looking to go to a Chinese supermarket, go there either on a Friday or on the weekend. That's when they do their weekly specials.

          If you're feeling adventurous then give WeChat a try. Many stores have WeChat QR codes at the checkout, with which you can join their groups for announcements on any specials.

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        Grocery bill going through the roof is the main reason for shopping around and comparing prices, that even more obvious since the pandemic hit, although the supermarkets are denying price gouging…haha, for anyone who keeps track of grocery prices, they know what's going on. For example, canned soup has gone up from $2.99 to $4.49, Cooking oil has gone from $2.50 a litre to close to $4 a litre now.

        I love freezing, we have a upright freezer that's been kept filled, I stocked up on a few kgs of pork belly this week when they were $10.99 a kg at Mad Butcher (re your original question about where to shop). Shop mainly at PnS, even compare prices between different PnS stores, Countdown mainly for clearance, haven't stepped into NW for ages. Follow the FB pages of individual PnS supermarkets, Asian grocery stores (they are great, especially the Indian owned ones), Reduced to Clear stores, etc, they frequently post specials on their FB pages.

        • It's sad, $80 to fill 3 supermarket bags when not being super frugal.

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      I just travelled from Mt Eden to Manurewa (PaknSave Clendon) for some 30pk size 5 eggs ($4 each). I drive an EV and since I'm on Contact Energy with the 3 free hours of power, I get to travel for free. There are also a few free fast chargers around Auckland.

      I monitor the Facebook pages of all the PaknSave stores in Auckland, and they usually publish their specials on Monday. I can also search for any specific products I need on the PaknSave online order site, and then cycle through all the stores in Auckland to find the cheapest deal. I then use this info to create an optimum route to get all the groceries in one go. It's not feasible if I had a petrol-driven car, but with an EV I can.

      I noticed that Countdown has upped their prices recently, so I pretty much stopped shopping there.

      • Very nice. what's the highest number of Pak n saves you've visited in one outing?

        • +3

          Max is 7, So Mt Albert > Henderson > Lincoln Road > Westgate > Albany > Wairau > Royal Oak.

          But usually just 2 or 3 in a day because saving 20c on a product generally isn't enough incentive for my time, and a lot of stores do one-day or weekend-only deals. I also walk fast with the trolley and I aim to be out in 20 minutes at each store. With this route there are free fast chargers at the Maccas @ Constellation Drive, Newmarket and The Warehouse Royal Oak.

      • Genuine qeustion - not taking the piss,
        How would you compaire the amount saved against the time it takes to do the circuit?

        • That would depend on how much those time spent are perceived to be worth in $$ value? Like how much do you think the time spent swiping tiktok are worth.

          • @akrotohur: Sometimes I needed a drive (it's free remember) just to clear the mind, as I struggled with Auckland's lockdown and work-from-home stress.

            Also it's pretty quiet in terms of specials right now, compared to pre-Christmas with the Christmas club deals. So I wouldn't bother travelling much right now.

          • @akrotohur: I still shop at Pak n Save only because they are overall cheaper and fresher too. The meat and fish at countdown… they rank.

            • @The Hound: My local Pak n Save meat and produce are the opposite, a lot of people in my community posting photos about finding mould growing or insides of fruit being rotten however, our local Countdown meat and produce are a lot better than our PaknSlave

      • Point Chev Fresh is selling them for $4 each today:

  • This is going way off topic

  • OP I just changed the link. Now takes you to the 1/2 price page on the Countdown website.

  • +5

    While we're on the topic of Countdown, I've been building a bookmark list of websites where I can see all stock (for the most part) organised by low to high price, Countdown being one of them.

    Link below. This version is for specials / great prices only.*&so...

    • Awesome, thanks! Any other ones worth sharing?

  • L&P Bottles 1.5L is $1 at New World next week.

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