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$5 off Products $5.01 & Over (Exclusions Apply) @ The Warehouse


Happy New Year Everyone!

To kick this year off I have a deal that was originally planned to be kept a secret, in the hopes that it will never end. But taking a look at the terms and conditions1 it is clear that it is not a possibility as all good things must inevitably end. As much as I would like to quietly keep this to myself for the rest of its life, it would be a misdeed to the hardworking boys and girls of this site not to share this omnipotent power. Don't worry, before you hastily try to use this, fearing an imminent rectification, I have reason to believe that won't be necessary.

Similar to the post by Wakrak I have a feeling of which it was some kind of test prior to publishing this. The difference being there are pretty much no restrictions, you can combine any items you want. Though I have found this unuseable for gift cards.

As this explains "The voucher is valid for one month after signing up" this means it will be useable until January since the last signup date is 31/12/21.

This deal is from signing up to The Market and you get a one-time coupon to use in the app to get $5 off. Previously since you had to sign up to The Market, this required a verified number2, which meant you were limited to the number of mobile numbers you had available. No more! Your only limit now is your own imagination. I have managed to extract the coupon in the form of a promo code!

Old Tutorial:
1. Register for a new The Warehouse account
2. Fill your cart with items to a total of >=$5.01
3. Use the promo code to receive $5 off your order
4. Jump up in glee!

New And Improved Tutorial
1. Fill your cart with items to a total of >=$5.01
2. Use guest checkout
3. Use the promo code to receive $5 off your order

The reason I had not figured this out earlier was at the time of posting I had only made one purchase using the code.
Also to top up your total by a dollar you can buy the sim which I have found useful
First of all to use a unique email address for each account, use the "+" feature, then for organisation, once you receive your first email, select filter messages like these and set a filter to add a label. All your emails will be organised for when you need to collect.

Secondly, to assist in your searches, of the 34,455 different products available to you, I have a few links to make this easier.

All products: https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/search?pmin=0.00&pmax=99999.0...
All products under $5: https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/search?pmin=0.00&pmax=5.00&sr... With this just change the "max" to whatever you want your max to be. Also, you can use the sort by options to sort by highest price to lowest etcetera while being in the price range you have set.
Food products in order of lowest price to highest price: https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/c/food-pets-household/food-dr...

Thirdly, in the event you are short by a couple of cents, eg the item you are wanting to purchase is $5 the cheapest item you can add to your cart is this notebook for 9 cents. Credit to bigcheese for this tip
Alternatively, your other options are here

Now you can go all crazy like last time making 160 orders and all, no one can stop you, but I can't see how that can last. Since this is a genuine coupon The Warehouse is offering, it would probably not be possible for them to just stop it, as it doesn't expire for more than a month for the many people who did sign up to The Market like me. To track if people did receive this in coupon form in the app, would be near impossible I would say as I bet the coupon shows up as the promo code anyways. The only solution to patch this would then be comparing whether the account has a linked The Market account or to exclude new registrations.

The promo code is only able to be used once per account.
It is not able to be used in conjunction with any other promo code.
Feel free to try and if you succeed share how you did it

  1. $5 welcome voucher applies to new members who sign up to MarketClub between 20 October 2021 to 31 December 2021. The $5 welcome voucher can only be redeemed for purchases made in The Warehouse app or in-store with a minimum spend of $5.01. The voucher is valid for one month after signing up and cannot be used with any other basket level offer in-store. 

  2. Original plan was
    Use my current number to sign up for the warehouse on the app and make a The Market account on the app.
    I get a $5 off $5.01 spend. I buy 6 sim cards for $1
    Use those new sims to repeat.
    Infinite sims for $0.17 each
    This has since been greatly improved 

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    • none yet. got some to be delivered and a few more waiting. picked 2 up so far.

      • See I didn't do the delivery thing good luck hope u get yours

  • We already have a dramatic thread of the year contender

    • +2

      Not bad for the very first deal of the year. The bar has been set high.

  • Got an update email on my order just now:

    "We’re sorry, the following items are not ready to collect today. Your order is now on our priority list. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours."

    • Got the same email. Although tbh, not too fussed if I don't get my 3 cans of tuna haha! Better gimme my $1 back if that's the case though!

    • +4

      LOL good luck with that 🤣

    • +3

      Breathe mate - just breathe

    • +2

      I hope that the police have better things to do than deal with this sort of complaint…

      • +1

        Hilarious, once an individual uses the code more than once they are in breach of the very clear conditions of the code. That fact someone would put so much energy into this is some sort of weird parody.

        • The sense of entitlement of a few I suppose (noting I didn't partake in this one nor the previous one).

        • I was wonder how much energy. How many orders per hour could/did people make. I also wonder how it works when you go pick up mutiple orders under mutiple accounts surely they would ask questions.

          • @Robbert: no, they can't see different accounts/email addresses, all they see is the name of the person collecting and the items

            • @Bill: Yeah that's why i tried my luck at creating about 5 or 6 delivery orders and spreading collect orders amongst a few stores.

            • @Bill: This is incorrect btw yes they can see the email I've seen there screen when one of my items was coming from a different warehouse.Also if they start to believe something could be up for example lots of individual orders for the same person they can hold them back.I hope some people get there orders that were being delivered.However if they are prossessing 20plus orders to the same house under different emails each with $5 off I have a feeling they will all get canceled

  • +10

    The entertainment value of this deal far exceeded the $$ saved…haha

  • +1

    Hahahahaha oh man cheapman don't even get started with that.Im just going to sit here with my popcorn cause you know everything.Good for you.Now that u have a plan go put that into action.Just remember how many emails and numbers you created well trying to get your $5 teddy back from them in Court

  • their shop implementation has always been a bit sloppy IME. porting over internal promo codes without restricting it to app only or guest checkouts is just asking for trouble.

  • Belfast doesn't appear to be cancelling any orders, picked up my 4 tonight.

    • Yup, same as last time - don't go nuts, and don't order the same item over and over again, and you'll probably be fine

  • Ive just got a few txts now from the warehouse saying your order #150**** is ready for pickup so will wait another hr or 2 and possibly go pick them up after lunch

    • Same here. Another 3 orders ready for pickup

  • What i find a bit wierd is they've split some orders up, even the delivery orders. I just checked one order and one item has been shipped and the other is still in-progress. Almost feel bad now..

  • Picked up 3 of 4 orders at Riccarton. Although it was a bit of hassle for the kind lady at the counter. All 4 orders were delayed but then again they were put thru just yesterday!

  • Something funny happend with me , had 3 orders with 3 different accounts , decided to pick one at once so provided one order number while collection , the lady brought all the 3 orders and said , did u know u had 3 orders in ur name , oh really’ i said picked my all orders, we both smiled and i left , i decided not again ,

    • They sort by name and phone number not by order number. So unless your order is not ready they will give you all.

      • Can they see your email address with all the same phone number? Lol

        • Not sure. As I didnt order this time around, but pretty sure if you get that look than they might know ll.

  • I went in and collected all of my orders (10) apart from 3 today all were in a storage container and the lady behind counter seemed happy enough with me handing over all my order numbers at once. she said the other 3 are still in transit.

  • Picked up all 6 collect orders ok. 5 texts for delivery today still to arrive. Nothing canceled thankfully

  • Just received 6 out of 10 parcels today (delivered), the rest are on their way.

  • Collect all 2 orders today no problem

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