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[25% Off Hot Drinks - Market Club] Nescafe Dolce Gusto Pods - 2 for $12 (Usually $21.50) @ The Warehouse


One of the new Market Club (formerly Giveit) coupons is for 25% off hot drinks and the coupon stacks on top of the current promotion for Nescafe Dolce Gusto 16/8 packs that are 2 for $16 bringing them down to $6 each instead of the $10 you'd usually pay (or $10.75 which is the price The Warehouse increased them to just before Xmas).

Flat White, Cappuccino, Cafe Au Lait, Americano & Chocoletto are the ones available online, Mocha is sold out online, check your local store as they might have a larger range instore like the different Espresso's, Light Cappuccino & Macchiato that are also part of the Dolce Gusto range.

Just take note that the Starbuck branded pods aren't included in the 2 for $16 deal and never got the price increase the standard pods did so they're still $10/box so work out at $7.50 each with the 25% off.

A new $5 off $50 coupon dropped on the app at the same time as the 25% off deal did, so don't forget to use that on your order to make things even cheaper, and of course don't forget to add the free shipping code if you haven't used it already.

Also 900gm tin of Milo comes down to $7.50 with the 25% off which seems like a good deal I grabbed one of those, probably other good instant/plunger coffee deals as well but seeing as I don't use them I'm not up with what prices are good or not.

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  • Tried twice on their website, can't find '25% off hot drinks'. Then i read The Market and it clicked that it must work from the app only.

    I'm having bad morning hangover from xmas dinner party overnight…

    • Sounds like you need some caffeine

  • The Starbucks Nespresso capsules are $14 for 2 sleeves and this brings then down to $10.50. not a bad price but I've still got 98 of my box from the dick Smith deal to get through first 🤣.

  • Code doesn't appear to be working for me.

    • You need to do this via the app and have signed up to Market Club to access this price.
      I've just checked now and definitely comes to the price the OP stated ($12 for two).

      • Thanks for that - realised I installed the wrong app (The Warehouse rather than The Market)

        • No you've got the right app. MarketClub is the name of the membership program

          • @Plug: Hah, thanks again - now signed up for Market Club and it's all good to go.

  • +1

    the avalanche flat white is pretty decent for an instant mix. way better than the nescafe ones.

    • Nescafe Dolce Gusto just makes it prettier lol

      • The Dolce Gusto pods are for a coffee machine that builds pressure and creates a proper crema on your coffee, not just some sachet that you pour in a cup and add boiling water that tastes like muck.

        • I have it , switching to Nespresso now, more pod options, , readily available everywhere and cheaper

      • I meant , it feels like you bought one

  • New to these pod machines. Which ones to buy? Any recommendations please?

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