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Countdown Online 7.5% Cashback, Instead of 1.5%, Via Kiwiwallet


Countdown - Earn 5X Cashback

Kiwiwallet will be offering a 5X cashback of 7.5% (not 1.5%) when you spend min $100.

This offer ends on 20/12/2021

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Referrer gets $5 after $20 of purchases from referee.

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  • Is anyone else missing all their Countdown cashbacks? I've had zero success with Kiwiwallet so far.

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      My partner didn't get any of the Countdown cashbacks for a good six months. She finally got through to them and in the end they just sent her money for the largest order. Hasn't used it since. YMMV.

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      They literally ignore your emails. The only way to contact them is by their form. Their form to claim back missing points is broken. Borderline scam this is.

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        Report them to com com.

      • Saint, we have streamlined Zendesk sometime ago to improve efficiency, please raise a query over here https://kiwiwallet.zendesk.com/hc/en-nz/requests/new and we will be able to resolve it quickly. Regarding the missing cashback form logic, a member can raise a missing cashback ticket between 7 - 31 days after the click. Let's say you have clicked a retailer today 17 December, you will be able to create a missing cashback ticket from 24 December till 17 January 2022.

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          No crap, filled out the form multiple times with no reply whatsoever.

          Yes junk email is always checked.

    • Aerol, Do you have a tracking issue with just Countdown or every retailer?

      • I've replied to the (form) follow-up email I finally received today. Hoping to hear some news about resolution soon.

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    Spent $102 this afternoon and KW is now showing $1.53 pending which is 1.5%? Does anyone have the same issue?

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      Yeah, Don't expect to ever get your money either, Kiwi wallet is basically a scam.

    • xsolider, can you please raise a ticket over https://kiwiwallet.zendesk.com/hc/en-nz/requests/new? There might be miscommunication between our API call to the retailer.

    • As per terms "Cashback is payable on the net value excluding delivery, GST and other taxes."

      So I guess you need to spend $100+GST+DELIVERY ?

      • Sorted by Zendesk in an hour.

        'There was an issue between our and retailer API, we have updated your transaction with the correct amount.'

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          Bit sad that their business statement is:

          Kiwiwallet has a mission to revolutionise the online shopping experience of Kiwi consumers, helping them shop smart and saving on their online shopping.

          Yet so many individuals struggle to get cashback from them. Just makes me wish that CashRewards had a larger footprint here. Tracking within 24hrs, plenty of bonuses, and easy cash withdrawal.

          • @Wakrak: I second that.

            I always try to use cashrewards if available even though cashback is less.

  • good if you can actually get money out

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    All my missing cashback submitted six months ago are still shown as pending…what a joke :)

    • Some dont show up at all, even after filling out their form multiple times you simply get ignored.

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    I have had no missing payments from KiwiWallet except from a purchase from TheMarket a few days before the cashback was removed for them.

    Made an online Countdown order last night at 8.50pm for $210, and 3 hours later I received an email from KiwiWallet saying they had received my order, and a cashback of $15.68 is now Pending.

    • Just as a test, at 6am today I requested a payout of my "Reward Wallet", and by midday I had received the money into my account.
      My personal experience has been completely positive with KiwiWallet. Sorry others have not had success.

  • KW has been relatively good — it tracked most of my transactions; the few missing ones that I remembered and raised a ticket about were resolved rather quickly.

    Shoprewards is terrible. Steer clear!

    Sad to say, once cashrewards has a stronger presence in NZ all these local businesses will be toast.

    • Think it comes down to consistency eh. I must note that I’ve never used these local cashback organisations. I’ve left that to my partner to do. But considering how many people have struggled to successfully register cashback, I can understand why members are looking at CashRewards and their decent system as the go to moving forward.

      • Some of my KW transactions are still "pending" after 7 months! How much longer do you need really?? But on shoprewards I have still have pending transactions after 13 months, that's why KW is "relatively good"!!

  • I use kiwi wallet regularly, no problem at all. The only time it didn't track was when I used duckduckgo instead of Google chrome.

  • My one and only experience with them was not positive. So I stopped using them.

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