This was posted 1 year 9 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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100 Nespresso Coffee Pods for $10 Shipped @ Dick Smith


Updated now the SNOWMAN code is working

Usual price is $28 - $31 plus delivery. The price is now $10 inc free delivery

All the different intensities are available, including the mixed pack.





Mixed pack…

Original Coupon Deal

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Anyone tried these - are they any good? My expectations are low for the price but if it's drinkable…

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    • i use them all the time, usually get Roma (stronger) & Chocolate.

    • I don't drink coffee but the Mrs does. We've ordered a few boxes before now - mixed pack to try them out, chocolate and several of the Italiano as that was her preferred. Ordered another two today.

      The deal usually posted on here is full price for the coffee but with free delivery so this works out a fair bit cheaper.

      • Cancelled the two boxes I ordered this morning and purchased 3 again with the discount code applied

    • They are fine for the price, as mentioned above Roma was the best one. They are drinkable by Nespresso standards, used to use these all the time when Nespresso first came out.

  • Might get free delivery soon if the festive code on the other deal works

  • Working for me with the free shipping code SNOWMAN. $10 per box delivered. I almost wish I had a pod coffee maker! 😂

  • Anyone know which machines these are compatible with? Or maybe more importantly, which they’re NOT compatible with? Cheapies post says Nespresso but DS listing says Caffitaly. Total coffee pod virgin here!!!

    • Search DS for coffee pods to see the range. They do both Nespresso and Caffitaly. The links ive included are for the Nespresso boxes.

      • Ah I see! I think my brother in law has a Dolce Gusto machine, which google seems to indicate won’t be compatible with Caffitaly at least. I’ll have another look on DS. Thanks!

  • Ordered 3 packs with SNOWMAN free shipping code. thanks

  • Went for a mixed box once I saw the snowman code. I have very low expectations that we will even get through 1 box so didn't order multiples 🤣

  • first time order this coffee capsule. 2 boxes in and finger crossed.

  • My wife uses these and needs 2 of the Roma to make a decent strength coffee. At this price its an absolute bargain - had just ordered a years worth last free shipping deal so looks like shes getting another yr. Expiry seems to be about a yr but they seem to last no problem.

  • Great deal thanks! I used to get them at $25/$26 shipped and thought it was a bargain then… the per capsule/per coffee rate is great. And I find it quite drinkable too. In it for 3 x Romas. Thanks OP!

  • Awesome price, getting a years supply!
    These are the same as the Avalance Pods that you can get at the supermarket.
    Been drinking these for years (although its more about the caffine and breakfast on the go for me)

  • I can't see the prices for $10? They are back to original price?

  • $27.95 when I add it to my cart?

  • I think the deal is dead

  • too bad, ordered 2 boxes earlier but the free shipping code doesn't work.

  • Yeah, the $10 pricing is gone. Might be a pricing error? Or maybe they are just clearing a batch of short dated stock? Don't know.

    • Might be a mistake with the free postage going live a little earlier than planned and the prices weren't upped before that went live like they tend to do. Still between this and the usb chargers we've got a nice little hauk this morning 😁

      • Yeah, judging from the upping of usb charger's price in the other posting, this seems to be the case, free shipping went live before upping the prices…haha, hopefully they don't cancel the orders

        • Here's hoping. I'm also tempted by the Kogan coffee machine. Would make my 100 pods a pointless purchase, but an $80 coffee machine that has a fairly good reputation for a budget machine is very tempting.

  • -2

    Title is a bit misleading. It’s 27.95$ for the Snowman code.

    • Deals expired, they were $10 this morning with the code.

  • Received mine today, thanks OP for the great deal.

    ps. They combined this with the charger from the other deal, they arrived in the same parcel.

    • Nice. My 3 boxes also came this week, 2 in one package and one separately

    • Mine just turned up, guess we'll find out how good these are tomorrow morning 🤣

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