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VPN Cashback Deals - Nord VPN 96%, Surfshark 96%, Pure VPN 97%, Ivacy 90% @ Cashrewards.com.au


Cash rewards are at it again with various cash back amounts on a number of vpns.

The usual suspects are all at 96% and you'll have to withdraw the cashback when it eventually comes through via PayPal as discussed in previous deals.

Interesting one this time is ivacy offering 5 years of VPN, password manager and 2Tb of cloud storage for $60usd before cashback which could come in at $6usd for the entire plan.

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  • +1

    Just got my cashback from one of the previous NordVPN x CashRewards deals. Very happy.

    • Mines still pending, $125aud just say looking at me. One day I'll get my hands on it, one day.

    • +1

      Were you able to withdraw or has the transaction been approved? Mine has been approved but have trouble linking to my Paypal account. It's been a over a week and currently with their Tech team (they have added $20 goodwill bonus for not being to sort it sooner) but just wanted to check that you have actually received the cashback into your bank account?

      • yep was able to withdraw to Paypal once cashback had been approved and then from Paypal to my Bank a couple days later (once it arrived in my Paypal account).

        I've withdrawn money from Cahback x Paypal in the past so my accounts were already hooked up to one another.

      • Yes. I have withdrawn to paypal multiple times from both Cashrewards & Kiwiwallet couple of times without any issues.

      • Exact same problem of mine Linking my paypal account and trying to withdraw the amount for the surfshark.

      • I've just had a major fight trying to link PayPal ready for the cash to clear. Ended up using my old UK PayPal and it worked first time. Not sure why my NZ one just won't link, it gives a red error window with absolutely no feedback as to why it's failed.

        • Same problem!

      • I have the same issue over a week as well!

      • Any progress? Having the same issue…

      • so apparently the PayPal account has to be verified and there was no obvious link on PayPal's site to do so. Helpdesk provided this link to verify: https://www.paypal.com/policy/hub/cip
        fingers crossed will get to withdraw soon.

        • Did my verification still waiting for my confirmation that it is verified. Did yours get done already?

    • @wakrak thanks for the update. Also your VPN trial + NBA League pass worked like a charm !

      • Good to hear and I'm glad I took advantage of that deal too. Loving the quality of the streams.

  • Which one is better for torrenting? I have surfshark which is expiring next year, but looking to try others before it does.

    NordVPN or Ivacy or PureVPN.

    • Just one comment from me using NordVPN for few months, generally it is good but it doesn't work with Disney+

    • What is your comment on Surfshark? Do you recommoned it?

  • @everettpsycho Does Cashback work with regular credit card or do i HAVE to use Paypal?
    I'm looking at 2TB with ivacy -seems like a good deal. Wonder if its for 5 years the storage 2TB as well?

    • payment method doesn't matter for cashback.

      • Thank you, does anyone know if the 2TB storage has a 'file size' limit? Last time I bought a storage of 5TB, it had a file size limit of something stupid. I wanted to upload a 10gb file and send the download link to someone but it won;'t let me upload it!

        • +1

          Don't recall a size limit however, the upload and download speed of that storage is incredibly slow as it's all hosted on different nodes.

          • @Latex Fist: Dang, that sucks! Recommend any good online storage solutions?

            • @brownie1: I'm keen for cheap / not glacial cloud storage too

    • Just a clarifiaction as I may interpret your query differently. You can pay with whatever method you want but I believe the cashback has to be withdrawn through paypal or possiblely an aussie bank acc if I am correct. You can't get the cashback put on your credit card. if someone knows more please enlighten us.

      • They have a very low file size limit, I tried their service a while ago and wasn't too impressed tbh. I used to have decent storage space on GDrive and the upload/download speeds were wayy better.

  • +2

    Just an FYI, for those getting Surfshark - It's $3.23 * 27 months, not $3.23 * 24 months + 3 free.

    The website is very deceptive in trying to charge you more..

  • So I would end up getting nord VPN for 2 years for around $3? Under the $79 for 2 years plan.

    • Well it's $79 USD which is more like $115 nzd. Can't remember the exact way the cashback works but it's usually about $10-15 for 2 years after conversions and stuff, this one might come in under $10. The cashback can take a few months to clear though.

    • If you really want to go far and beyond, on ShopBack (another Australian cashback site) PureVPN is at 120% cashback while Private Internet Access is at 115%.

      Be warned as VPNs such as PIA, ExpressVPN, Cyberghost etc they're now owned by a company that was previously known for malware and adware distribution, even in their own products. So when they say they 'keep no logs it isn't really reassuring.

      • ShopBack is renowned for giving less back than they advertise - I personally wouldn't risk it.

    • minus australian gst then multiply

  • It do not send me the text for registration, not sure why.

  • Bonus $5 cashback on $15 spend. Have to activate first.

  • Waiting for a deal on windscribe :(

  • Which VPN is the best?

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