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The Barefoot Investor 2020 A$11.98, Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 A$907.99, Oral-B Pro 2000 A$49 + Delivery @ Amazon Au

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first time in NZ we get access to Amazon Black Friday.
some examples of deals in $AU (add shipping).

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3, Intel Core i7-1165G7 $907.99
Asmodee TAK01 Board Game $45.99
Battleship Electronic $22.06
The Barefoot Investor 2020 $11.98
Oral-B Pro 2000 $49

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • any free shiping with amazon prime???

    • Not to NZ.

    • +1

      Only if you move to Aussie

    • Shipping with prime is pretty darn cheap, even cheaper than some local retailers here.

      • +1

        So you get cheaper shipping to NZ if you have AUS prime?

        • for regular-sized items, yes, obviously not the same price if you're getting a deskalator.

          • @monalmadmad: Thanks. Good to know. Once more reason to get prime.

            • +2

              @patwobbly: I can’t seem to be able to subscribe Amazon Prime, it shows error message saying the address issue, I think Amazon Prime is not open to NZ residents?

              • @txf: Try changing address to oz

                Try Vpn?

              • @txf: I don’t think it’s just you, same error message

        • +2

          shipping is already pretty cheap.

          I got 3.5 kg box shipped from Australia via amazon and was $3.

          My sister recently sent me a 3.5 kg box via Australia Post and cost her 70 bucks or something.

  • +7

    Plus decent cashback through CashRewards (depending on the category). Just took advantage of their $10 bonus cashback for $10 spend offer + 8% cashback for kitchen category.

    Kitchen 8%
    Amazon Devices 7%
    Apparel 6%
    Luggage 6%
    Personal Care Appliances 6%
    Premium Beauty 6%
    Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 6%
    Watches 6%
    Jewellery 6%
    Beauty 4%
    Home Entertainment 4%
    Lawn & Garden 4%
    Musical Instruments 4%
    Electronics 4%
    Mobile Phones 2%
    Automotive 2%
    Furniture 2%

    • you legend

    • Make sure to check the exclusions list before making an order through CashRewards.


      Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Head & Earphone, Stereo Components, Speakers, Other Electronics

      Exclusions: Amazon Devices, TVs & Accessories, Computers & Accessories, Printers, Projectors, Musical/Recording Equipment, Blu-ray Players, Projectors, Game Consoles, Mobile Phones & Accessories, Home Automation, Soundbars, Smart Watches

      Amazon Devices

      Echo, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Kindle E-readers, Ring Smart Security, Eero Mesh Wi-Fi

      Exclusions: Non Echo Devices with Alexa, Kindle Digital eBooks, Non Amazon-branded Accessories, Audible Audiobooks

    • +1

      How can you get Amazon devices delivered to NZ though? They don’t seem to be available if using a NZ address

      • -2

        Check your settings and make sure you're set to the Aus Store

      • Amazon devices are pretty limited in the Australian store compared to the US store.

    • +1

      shopback as well

  • How do i order this laptop, will they ship it to auckland.. sorry never tried Amazon before

    • got to amazon.com.au and just order. they ship most items to auckland. I got my daughters chromebook a few months ago from there.

  • Can I have the link to Oral-B Pro 2000?

      • Alright. Don’t know if they will restock

    • Isn't this and the base model the same clean? Just has slightly different modes

      • Which base model you talked about? I think the vibration frequency and intense is better in this one? Not too sure. There should be comparison on their offical site.

  • Heaps of stuff out of stock :( Wish I ordered in the morning!!!

  • I've been looking at the likes of Kindles but the AU store doesn't seem to carry any.

    A lot of the black friday deals in Amazon.com / US are not available to ship to NZ, or if they do are currently showing as out of stock.

    • cheapest ever been in NZ with free shipping code shippy21, not sure what model you are after..

    • +2

      The latest Paperwhite (11th gen) is at Noel Leeming for $189 if you use code MYNL16W10 (usually $269).

      • +2

        Thanks @TheDealMan picked one up for that price, appreciate it.

        • +1

          No problem, nice one! I had only days earlier picked one up for $269 at The Warehouse. Luckily I still had it sealed so quickly returned it and bought at NL - quite the saving! The kindle is awesome too; I'm probably most excited by the fact it's now USB-C. A very welcome upgrade.

    • +1

      Amazon does not ship their own kindles firesticks echo etc overseas. So it will always be shown as out of stock

  • Does Amazon AU give u the option to pay in NZD currency? It does for US region in my app, but not for AU region for me in app.

    • No

      • Good to know. Cheers

    • +1

      You're better off paying in AUD anyway.

      On Amazon US if you pay using NZD you are at the mercy of Amazon's USD/NZD FX rate. You're New Zealand bank will more often then not do a better USD/NZD FX rate if you were to make the purchase in USD instead.

      So you'd be less likely to save if Amazon AU offered NZD payment.

      • Amazon US used to be a fair amount worse than card rates but I don't think they are any more and IIRC it's been like that for 1-2 years at least. E.g. currently Amazon is giving 1.5016025999. My Visa will likely give ~1.4660618 (mid market rate) *1.021 (2.1% conversion fee) = 1.4968490978. So it's still worse, unlike AliExpress who are normally better, but not much worse.

        On a US$1000 order, you'll pay NZ$1501.60 vs NZ$1496.85 so about NZ$5 difference. Everything else being equal you'll choose the card rate although will depend on your card's precise fees. However if there's any chance Amazon will need to refund you, let them handle the conversion means you won't lose out when they refund unlike you will if they refund you in USD. You also generally get guarantee of rate/cost, if that matters to you. (I think it can still fail sometimes e.g. if they try to charge your card and it's rejected.)

  • +2

    Pretty good discount on this Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB SD card https://www.amazon.com.au/SanDisk-SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN-Persona… at $39 AUD + delivery (plus whatever GST Amazon add).

    • +1

      i believe the 256 was that price as well see history on ozb

    • +2

      These are the only cards I use now, very good - fast write and have been very reliable over the years.

  • Deathloop and Guardians of Galaxy next gen games - pretty good deal

  • Some good 4k movie sales going there as well. Prices there seem better than here even without the BF discounts….

  • +2

    To see all the Amazon Au deals that have already been posted on Ozb, you can visit https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/amazon.com.au

    You'll still have to manually add shipping as free delivery only applies to shipping addresses in Au. If you've never used Amazon Prime before, you can also trial their membership for a month..

    You can also link your Twitch.TV account to Amazon and claim all the free video games and downloadable DLCs that come out every month.

  • I can save you even more money on Barefoot investor, just buy index funds. It's good advice but don't need to read the book to do it.

    • +1

      true!, i lot of these books are common sense/nothing new, they are just really a motivational tool for you to want to succeed.

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