TP link Tapo C425 Outdoor Wirefree Security Camera, 2K, Battery, Magnetic Mount US$68.99 (~NZ$112.79) Delivered @ Amazon US

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Great Camera, atleast $200+ for a single one of these. Need to add coupon to get price in title.

【Feature-Rich Security. Wire-Free Versatility】Although no camera is perfect, the C425 seeks to solve some of the biggest pain points for security cameras. From installation, maintenance to features, this camera is packed with meaningful features to help you monitor just about anything with ease.
【Wire-Free, Installs Almost Anywhere】This IP66 rated weatherproof camera allows you mount the camera without the hassle of wires. Its magnetic base allows you to attach the camera to metal surfaces for even more versatility whether indoors or out.
【Power That Lasts】With its extra-large capacity 10000mAh battery, the camera provides up to 300 days of uninterrupted usage between charges. For uninterrupted service - The optional Tapo A200 SOLAR PANNEL add on provides non-stop power eliminating the need to charge the battery altogether.
【2K QHD with 150° Super-Wide FOV】Crystal clear 2K QHD resolution provides clear picture to capture details such as license plates and small objects delivering 1.7x more pixels compared to 1080p. Monitor a larger area with an industry-leading 150° field of view.
【Full Color Night Vision】See images in color even at night with its integrated Starlight sensor and built-in spotlights.
【Secure Local or Cloud Storage】Save footage continuously on up to a 512 GB microSD card (not included) or subscribe to Tapo Care for cloud storage which saves 30-day video history and provides additional benefits such as motion tracking, baby crying detection, and more. [Before purchasing a microSD card, please check the TP-Link website FAQ to ensure compatibility with your device.]

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  • Their basic cloud plan seems to be free and looks good enough to use too:

    • +2

      When I log in, the basic plan is not available (for NZ). And looking at the pricing list, for countries where it is available it is not free.

      • I don't have an account yet but did you get this fiixed to get the free Basic subs?

      • Same - in my tapo app the basic plan is paid and not cheap either. For a single camera it's $4.79 a month. My cameras are c110.

        Either their website is out of date or only certain products are eligible for a free plan.

  • I've had the Tapo C120 for a few months - IMO this is a good option if you prefer hardwired over battery (like the C425).

  • Will this work without the hub ? I see the C420s with a hub .. do they work differently ?

    • Correct, you don't need a hub for these ones.

  • Any idea why its coming to $132 NZD/ 80USD including shipping?

    • On the product page there's an apply $10 (USD) coupon you need to select then it'll apply the discount at checkout and it'll come down to $112

      • Thanks, could I please ask if you know the warranty will be the same buying from Amazon vs Noel Leeming? I see the double pack is for $332 at NL

  • I have this exact model along with the c110 for indoor. The whole Tapo range is extremely under-appreciated, especially for its price tag.
    The c425 battery is as good they state. Last charged mine at the end of March so have gone 3 months with around 5-10 triggers per day and currently down to 58%. Great image quality too. One of the few camera lines with offline SD card storage options too.
    Their lightbulbs are also significantly cheaper than philips as well and use the same app

    • Without buying an sd card will it work ? i.e does it come with any inbuilt memory?

      • You'll still need a micro SD card as there's no built in memory, but they're cheap as chips now

  • +1

    I'm so interested.. Does anyone know if these can integrate with Apple Homekit/iCloud storage?

    TP-Link's page here only shows badges for Google Home, Alexa & TapoCare:…

    Yet on this separate article they claim Tapo cameras work with Homekit:


    • Homebridge will make it work. Got it working for me

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    Without buying an sd card will it work ? i.e does it come with any inbuilt memory?

    • Will work but won't record, you can pay for cloud storage instead of using SD (and you get first month free) but why would you do that?

  • +1

    Great find, such an awesome deal! I've got 3 of these already and will be getting some more!

  • I’ve never had a security cam but thinking I’ll get this one. Am I correct in assuming if I’m only recording to the sd card and not using the cloud that if an intruder steals the cam I’ll have no record of it?

    • yes, hence $5.99 a month is a good value

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