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Earn 1 Sticker for Every $20 Spent (Redeemable for KitchenAid Collectables) @ New World

KitchenAid Collectable —-Stickers Only—- Stickers + Cash Top Up Clubcard exclusive RRP
Mini Cocotte 10cm 20 stickers 10 stickers and $20.00 N/A $44.90
Pie Dish 29cm 30 stickers 15 stickers and $20.00 N/A $69.90
Medium Baker with Lid 31 x 18.5 x 6cm 40 stickers 20 stickers and $20.00 N/A $89.90
Cast Iron Grill Pan 26cm* N/A 40 stickers and $60.00 N/A $179.90
Cast Iron Round Casserole 22cm** N/A 40 stickers and $70.00 Must swipe or scan your Clubcard. $239.90

Promotion Period – while stocks last

  1. The Promotion runs from 15 November 2021 – 23 January 2022 or until stock of any or all KitchenAid Collectables run out (Promotion Period).

  2. For the avoidance of doubt, this Promotion will run while stocks last which means that if stock of any of the KitchenAid Collectables run out, the Promotion may end prior to 23 January 2022. Some Participating Stores may run out of stock of one or more KitchenAid Collectables earlier than other Participating Stores.
    How to get a Sticker

  3. To collect a sticker, you must spend $20 or more (excluding spend on Christmas Club deposits, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, travel card top ups, phone card top ups, tobacco products, New Zealand Lotteries tickets and purchases paid for through charge accounts or purchases intended for wholesale or resale) in a single transaction at any Participating Store during the Promotion Period (Qualifying Spend).

  4. Subject to clauses 16, 17 and 18, one sticker will be given per Qualifying Spend. For example, $20 = 1 sticker, $40 = 2 stickers, $60 = 3 stickers and so on.

  5. Stickers must be collected on ONE pre-printed official ‘New World KITCHENAID Collector’s Card’ and cannot be collected on multiple ‘New World KITCHENAID Collectors Cards’.

  6. You can collect a sticker:
    a) at checkouts at the time of a Qualifying Spend;
    b) from the customer service station when using the self-checkout after a Qualifying Spend; or
    c) for online shopping customers who have made a Qualifying Spend, in the envelope containing the stickers earnt and delivered with your groceries.

Double stickers

  1. Foodstuffs may, at its discretion, select certain time periods during the Promotion Period to be a double sticker period (Double Sticker Period). When customers make a Qualifying Spend during the Double Sticker Period, the customer will receive two stickers for every Qualifying Spend. For example, $20 = 2 stickers, $40 = 4 stickers, $60 = 6 stickers and so on.

Extra sticker for North Island online shopping

  1. Foodstuffs will also provide one sticker with every online shopping order with a Qualifying Spend of $20 or more made via with a Participating Store in the North Island.

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  • Wait, so you have to pay anyway for those cast irons?

    • +2

      yup updated with their RRP values
      Be interesting to see what cheapies prices we can find

      • +2

        Wow on some of those RRPs.

        I wonder if they are really that price, or is it like a Briscoes Normal Price.

        • They are legit. All KitchenAid stuff is priced high

          • @Plug: They are priced high in here. Had a look at some of the items abroad. Priced roughly 30 to 40 % less than NZ RRP, in equivalent dollar value.

            • @Banto: Oh it looks like you are correct, the items I found were not KitchenAid at all

  • +4

    Apparently "900,000 KitchenAid pieces" available around the country

    Also lol @ 69 days for the promo 🤣

    • +1


  • +8

    Not a kitchen aid one. One could buy a Lodge cast iron equivalent from Amazon AU for ~NZD112 shipped. Being a Lodge user, their quality is just too good.

    • +2

      Another vote to forget the stickers and buy Lodge. I have a bunch of Lodge cooking gear and it's all excellent quality.

      • +3

        When half of the New Zealand was going crazy over the Smeg knives last time, I went and bought a Wusthoff Classic set. Much much better decision.
        Wusthoff (or any other forged steel decent knife brands like Henckel, Global, Shun) are way better than the stamped metal knifes from Smeg.

        • To be fair, those smeg knifes are FARRRRR better than 99.9 % of New Zealanders own and use.

          • @moxpearl: This $18 set from Dicksmith goes hard. Got em for $30 delivered near the end of 2020. Very happy with them. (I know nothing when it comes to knives).

            • @Wakrak:

              Go the Victorinox Swiss Classic Utility Block 6 Piece Set about 5 years ago, damn good knives use them daily, even got a set for the family and they stopped using the other small knives lol (even gave some of the old ones away to a community center)

              Been looking for a big knife set to replace the big ones, probably will stick with the same brand

      • +1

        I will be getting stickers anyway so free stuff is always welcome when I am paying overpriced grocery items.

    • +1

      While true, if you're already shopping at new world, especially with the free delivery and the flybuys swaps promos going atm
      Getting a free Mini Cocotte 10cm or Pie Dish 29cm is a bonus.
      I wouldn't go out of my way to switch buying habits

      Also as with anything "DO YOUR RESEARCH" when buying cookware

    • I was going to say this, I have 3 Lodge skillets in various depth and width and love them to death while my wife keep changing the teflons every couple years. IF these KitchenAids' dont over something significant extras, they won't really worth that much of price. My oldest bought in 1999 for a mere $50 and first import from Amazon back in mid 2000s i think for $70.

    • Nice, was torn between a Lodge cast iron and Le Creuset..ended up going with Le Creuset as i'm already in their ecosystem

  • +2

    Next minute there'll be complaints that people didn't realise cast iron cookware was that heavy and the glass on their ceramic cooktop has shattered.

    • Hoping people don't complain burning themselves while holding the handle made out of cast iron grill pan

      • Good luck getting them to season the things

  • The closest supermarket to me is New World, so let's see how many stickers I can accumulate within this promo period lol

  • +1

    We use Lodge at home too, pretty much non stick after a while. I wouldn't pay for the NW cast iron but probably a pie dish would be nice. PS. Redeem Lodge through Flybuys is pretty good value, even better than NW dollars.

    • +1

      If you are looking to buy Lodge cookware, have a look at Amazon AU. Sometimes they do huge discounts on some of them. Shipping costs to NZ is reasonable.

      • Don't even need a sale. $60 shipped for a 26cm grill pan right now, which is a bargain

  • +4

    40 stickers and a $60 contribution is insane for the grill pan. The prices for groceries in NZ is ridiculous and the promotions are an even bigger joke.

    I really want to neg the post but don't think that's fair on OP.

    • I paid around 40 dollars for a lodge grill pan- delivered! ( from Amazon US around 3 years ago)

      • I paid $500 for Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet!

        • 29 Feb 12 Le Creuset - 23cm Skillet - Blue 670 pts

  • +7

    Has anyone actually seen any retailers selling this exact same product…. anywhere in the world?

    It'll be just like the Smeg knives where a manufacturer has paid for the branding rights to Smeg/Kitchenaid to manufacture some second-rated products carrying the brands.

    Kitchen Aid are not known for their cast iron products, same goes to Smeg and their Chinese made knives.

    • +1

      I think so. I can't find any trace of this product line on their websites, and the styling doesn't even resemble what you'd usually expect from the brand.

      • That's because most brands these days are CAD with a sticker on it. Send your design to the right Chinese company and wallah 10,000 or 100,000 they will start manufacturing next month.

  • +9

    Ok reading the comments on here I don't get why a lot of ya'll caring about paying the extra $60/$70 for the cast iron stuff??
    Why are ya'll fixed on those two?🤷‍♂️
    Yes its ridiculous but that's only for idiots who don't know how to shop. Like the silly people that paid money for stickers to get the Smeg knives or those Expensive glass bowls

    Don't be like those silly people 🤦‍♂️
    And if you want to downvote the deal go ahead, but I will not get logic in why your down voting based on the cast iron things when there 3 other free things you can claim within 69 days

    As cheapies ya'll should only be caring about the getting the easy to get and 'free' to claim with stickers only (no additional money needed)

    Mini Cocotte 10cm
    Pie Dish 29cm
    Medium Baker with Lid 31 x 18.5 x 6cm.

    • +4

      I love it. Very well said! We are cheapies and should only aid for the free stuff 👏👏👏

      • Thanks, sometimes I don't get cheapies fixations 🤷‍♂️ lol

    • As cheapies ya'll should only be caring about the getting the easy to get and 'free' to claim with stickers only (no additional money needed)

      Nah, Cheapies don't let other Cheapies shop at New World (unless it's with free Fly Buys points converted into NW credit).

      I get you though. If NW is your store then there's a definite bonus there for you.

      • I prefer the quality of everything in New World Wellington compared to Countdown.

        Also the pricing differences in duopoly are barely noticeable and you also get flybuys points from shopping at New World.

        Also Kitchenware > Lego

        • "Kitchenware > Lego"

          Lego is "free" from CD. For Kitchenware you have to pay for it. Free is the best, hence; Lego > Kitchenware.

          • +2

            @Banto: Literally 3 or the 5 items are free with stickers only trade in.

            Pie Dish / Bake Tray / Mini cocotte > plastic brick junk

    • +2

      Completely agree - free is free, however you must spend a minimum $400 for the 10cm pot, $600 for pie dish, and $800 for baker.
      Fair Go reckons the price difference between New World and Pak N Slave is ~20%, so the cost is negated at about half the minimum spend anyway.

      Why get paid in pots when you can have money instead? You can invest into good cookware based on your needs, not at Foodstuff's behest. Sell the stickers.

      New World actually avoids the above point in their FAQ section

      Wouldn't it be cheaper to just go and buy the ovenware?

      These KitchenAid Ovenware dishes are exclusive to New World in New Zealand!

      Are they simply stating they dictate the price due to exclusivity? Great supermarket.

    • My pretend Smeg knives, the five that I got were free and surprisingly decent quality. The cost was in the obsession of getting the complete set including the block. As for kitchenAid it doesn't really exist anymore it's just branding, it's really the whirlpool corporation. All kitchen Aids kitchen accessories or the ones I've owned are all your standard Briscoe's quality Chinese junk but with slightly higher quality than most but having said that the handles are starting to fall apart on my pots after five years.

    • Indeed… At one point I was wondering if all these people owned shares in Lodge?

      The promotion offers free things and like majority of the people in New Zealand, shopping at New World isn't exactly avoidable in a duopoly.

      Also If I am going to shop at one of the duopoly chains, I would rather my money go into the New Zealand owned one.

      • +1

        Not with Lodge, I have Amazon shares. Will that be a problem? Should I disclose my share holdings before posting in Cheapies? :D
        i was hoping these recommendations will turnout as sales and inturn increase AMZN share price and I can buy that new Audi RS6 in Nardo Grey for christmas.

  • +2

    Last time we've been had by New World - never again. Collected the stickers for the glassware (what was the name? Spirugami or something?) but in the end we were told that they ran out of stock. Simply saying that 'the promotion was so successful we didn't expect the demand would be so high' is not good enough for a reason.

    • Spiegelau. Didn't they offer you New World Gift Card ex gratia?

    • Had this happen, put my name on a list and picked up a few boxes in Jan when they came back in stock.

      • Yep we put our name in the list too but unfortunately we were out of the country when the stock became available.

        I should have asked for the gift card though! Oh well…

    • +6

      Ironclad != Kitchen Aid.

      Made in New Zealand != Made in China

    • +4

      For 240NZD, it better be forged in the fires of Mordor ;)

  • Just going to point out, if you are keen on this, use the bonus stickers. Can easily get the set if you buy smart and buy the bonus items

  • +2

    If you spend a lot at new world then it's good.
    If you don't. Don't spend more just to get the stickers, just buy the good one

  • +1

    Yeah nah.

  • Jesus, their cash top up prices on their cast iron pans are more than I paid for mine RRP almost a decade ago.

    It's literally there in the name, pour iron into mould. The primary advantage stem from the material they're made from rather than any wild technology.

    Is there anything that makes theirs particularly special?

    • +2

      The Kitchenaid logo makes the food taste more fashionable and therefore makes you a better person than the logo-less peasants out there

  • If you shop New World then it's a nice freebie. Funny how people get so up tight about it. It you shop Countdown you get lego.

    • To be fair, most people can shop at any of the supermarkets (or indeed other similar shops) so the value comparison is a valid discussion.

      However, I agree - not enough cold hard rationality.

      For me, I shop at PNS, CD, and NW - whichever has the best deals for me that week, and I collect points and freebies from any of them that offer it, but its all just a bonus if I get something, and often whatever it is gets given away anyway.


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