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Panasonic 3-in-1 Hand Blender for $39 @ Harvey Norman


This is my first post. :)

I found this deal on Harway Norman and Noel Leeming can price match.

Original price $149 (Noel Leeming)

PBTech $74.75

Deal Price $39 (Harway Norman) - only 1 per customer

Deal ends 15 Nov 2021.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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    Matt from Noel Leeming declined to price match saying 'This item is not eligible for a price match due to that they are different from each other.' though the model numbers are identical - MX-SS1BST. Guess I'll buy straight from Harvey Norman. Still a good deal. Thank you for the post!

    • They're using different images, but contents are the same.
      So if they're declining based on different images maybe need to go into store and get images of the box?

      Got mine price matched @ NL 👌
      with 1 Flybuys pt lol

    • I bought one from Noel Leeming using the chat option. Within couple of min, I was provided with a promotion code (valid for 1 hour and can use only once).

      I used the promotion code and got it for $39 and 2 flybuys.

    • I got "Matt" from Noel Leeming too, but managed to convince him it was the same product and he gave me the price match 👌

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    Tip: You can get free delivery on your whole order if you purchase a $10 gift card.

    Then use the gift card next time you buy something from HN or give it to someone as a Christmas present….

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      Can i use that gift card to purchase this blender?

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        Only in person. You can't use gift cards online unfortunately.

  • Thanks for the deal.

  • Good price but checkout pricespy price history as this product normally sits around $60-70, def not anywhere near $149.

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      Could be in that range. Noel Leeming is selling for $149 and Harvey Norman stores sells for $99.

      It is not a great blender anyway.

      Stick Blenders moved to cordless these days.

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