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Singles Day 11% off Storewide (Online Only) @ The Warehouse


Looks like discount automatically applied in cart.

Terms & Conditions:
Online only. Excludes: Clearance, Schooltex, Computers & Tablets, Apple iPhones, all gaming consoles, accessories and games, Lego, Health & Beauty, Grocery (Confectionery, Food & Beverages, Pet Food, Baby Consumables, & Cleaning Consumables), Gift cards, Charity Bags, Prepaid Cards and Mobile Top Ups. Not in conjunction with any other offer.

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2021.

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  • +3

    Someone at The Warehouse mustn't know how days work….

    • +3

      They're meaningless now, it's Black Friday month at PB Tech….

    • Maybe it's Singles Week now?

      I'm waiting for the actual day so I can pick up stuff from AliExpress.

      • Same here. Going to grab some car cleaning gear from MJJC.

        • Might wanna consider this crypto deal https://www.cheapies.nz/node/30040, if you are buying from aliexpress. I have already accumulated few hundred sg as had to get some stuff anyways.

          PM for referral lol

          • +1

            @ace310: Cheers for the offer. I'll take a look. Funny timing though. Read your message just as I purchased the foam cannon directly from MJJC 😅

    • That's okay as long as there's a reason for "specials", they need one to avoid ComCom…haha

  • Clever that the discount is applied in cart - means you can't order through TheMarket and stack vouchers there as item prices are still the same

    • The Market has a Singles Day sale coming up too. No idea if it will include some sort of 11% off coupon.

    • Deal is going to be on themarket.

  • +5

    This is great thanks, i was looking to buy some gardening stuff yesterday, glad i didnt buy it because now i can get:
    20% off gardening
    Buy 1 get one half price
    $5 off $50
    11% singles

    • +3

      This is the way ;)

    • +1

      and free delivery?

      • +1

        and surely a cheeky price match

    • I cant seem to get 11% singles to stack with Buy 1 get one half price garden items, how did you do that?

      • Did it via app, it didnt work at the start but i refreshed my cart and then it showed up

      • Btw, i am buying hanging baskets and the brackets for my fence

      • sorry my bad, i had some other items in my cart (Gascraft BBQ cleaner and Zuru balloons) due to which it shows me 11% singles discount

    • How are you getting 20% off gardening?

      • Thats the offer in the app

  • The Market is also running the warehouse 11% off sale.

  • How long this last

    • Until 23.59 on 11th

  • Is it just me or is anyone else only getting 10% off in their cart? I added $20 of items to my cart and it's only showing a saving of $2. It's only 20c but still

  • Damn no game consoles, was hoping the series s would fall under $500 with hmthis at last. Let's see what the market has to offer, fingers crossed it coincides with a Noel Leeming discount in the S or restock if the X.

  • FYI for those who want to purchase Grocery (Confectionery, Food & Beverages, Pet Food, Baby Consumables, & Cleaning Consumables) - but excluded in this deal, check it at Warehouse Stationery.

    High chance you'll find it in Warehouse Stationery with 11% sitewide + extra 10%

    • Thanks but how do you get the extra 10% mentioned?

      • +1

        The extra 10% at Warehouse Stationery comes from using the code WELCOME10 (the 11% is automatically included just like The Warehouse deal).
        This only applies to Warehouse Stationery, not The Warehouse.

        • +1

          Thanks @bigcheese !

        • Thank you

  • Managed to get TWH price beat on Seagate 4tb portable drive to JBHifi's $159 then reduced by 11% and $5 off and free ship - all in all down to $123 (not sure how the math works), so similar to the Toshiba 4tb deal a few weeks back… Could not get Warehouse Stationary to do the same.

    • I got told cant price match as its different product 🤦‍♂️

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