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Canon Selphy Square QX10 in Pink at $19.95 @ Ascent


Found this deal on Ascent website, initially I thought it was too good to be true, as this printer is at around $200 from other retailers, so I tried to order it through their website early this morning and I've just received a shipping notice from them.

The price is for valid for Pink though.

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  • Seems like open box one, i mean still full warranty
    - in description states - Printers cannot be returned if not faulty and the box has been opened.

    • Does it say the item is open box though? Doesn't it just say you can't return the item if you have opened the box?

      • Probs mis-read it.

  • Great deal, but bear in mind that the paper for this seems to be about $30 per box of 20 sheets.

    • I think thats similar as instax?

      • Yep think razor blades or printer cartridge style sales model

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    Bought one, thanks OP!

  • Bought one thanks OP!

  • Bought. Cheers

  • Have reported it is now: Out of stock apparently!

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    Price updated on this end - Total $220.27

  • missed out

    • we will find out if we missed out when the delivery updates come in for the lucky ones!

  • Mine was just notified of refund

    • Same

    • Same, with an offer to place a new order at cost price

      • How much is cost? lol

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    Am I the only lucky one with two shipped?

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      Looks like it. As OP you deserve it though

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    Refunded looks like we all given our hard earn cash to their bank account for 10 days to "accumulate some interest" - you deserve it OP if it's shipped, let us know if you really got one :)

    We do not hold stock. When you place an order with us, we get it dispatched from our New Zealand suppliers direct to your nominated shipping address. Unfortunately, the supplier whom your order is through made an error in their pricing and is not able to provide this product at the advertised price. We have an alternative supplier, and we are able to offer this to you at our cost price, which is $213.98 incl GST. If you would like to proceed, please let me know and we will process a new order for you – the current order has been cancelled and refunded fully in the meantime. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this will cause you. If you have not paid by credit card please send us your bank account number for the refund to be processed.

    Our alternate supplier for this product has also advised that they do not hold stock of the product, and will only order it in once an order has been confirmed and cannot be cancelled. Once an order has been confirmed the ETA would be a minimum of 10 days.

    • So these guys are just drop shippers?

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      FYI. I’ve just received two printers.

  • LOL check this out, what they responded back with my refund.

    "In my haste to refund the amount back to you, I actually typed in the wrong amount and refunded $195.95 rather than $19.95 in error :/

    I’d be grateful if you could pay back the $176 but happy to call it $170"

    • Randdoommm. "I'll give you the $176 if you send me the printer".

    • LOL, their system is crap, there's no check for amount refunding greater than amount paid