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$20 off When You Spend $150 Online @ New World


Got this in email, possibly targeted.

Thank you for your support during Alert Level 4. We were doing our very best to keep NZ fed, but as you may have noticed our online service may not have been up to our usual standard!

To make it up to you we'd like to offer you a discount off your next online shop with New World Metro Queen Street. Get $20 off when you spend $150 or more*.

Simply enter the code below when you checkout online.

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  • Thank you. It worked for me 🙏

  • Here I was wondering what an Aklon line was for a few moments… doh.

  • Anyone try any other Auckland New Worlds?

  • Countdown gave $15.00 off for a $80.00 spend though New World wants you to spend nearly twice as much for a measly $5.00 more . Wonder why PaknSave never offer money off deals like this as well , oh must be saving money for their lawyers to fight the government once the Commerce Commission recommendations on their final report are finally released ( now postponed to Mar 2022 ) . Makes me laugh when New World says " Thank you for your support during Alert Level 4 " or translated " Thanks for paying our inflated prices during Alert Level 4 . We promise to keep healthy food prices high while we reduce our prices on junk food ."

    • Hi jdsurfer,

      Is that ($15 off of $80) a current offer, or are you referring to one from some time ago?

      If current, please could you post the voucher / code?



  • Already saving at least $20 when I spend $150 at PaknSave instead. No codes necessary.

    • And no minimum spend!

    • All the items I added to my order ($152 - $20 = $132) were actually cheaper than currently available at PNS and Countdown, so savings all round!

  • didnt worked for me. which store are you guys using. i m in auckland

    • +1

      Worked for Howick New World

  • Worked for me too.



  • I've just ordered from Howick New World too and it worked fine

  • My default New World is Botany Town Centre (the email I got with the same code as above was from them - at least nominally - I'd imagine they are all just sent out by FoodStuffs head office).

    I also know someone else that was sent an email with the same code, and they are setup for click at collect from New World Papakura.

    I'd guess it is all New World's in Auckland at least.


    • Most NWs in the South Island don't offer online shopping yet. They just started with a half-dozen or so stores down here recently