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Free Coffee Pack ($5 Shipping) @ Vibe [Auckland Only]


What's included:
* Bag of 200g Dark N Twisted
* Bag of DIY Drip Coffee Bag
* VIBE Take Away Cup (which you can bring to their cafe at 15 Porana Road, Auckland for a free cuppa)

Great local coffee.

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    This is for Auckland addresses only.
    Might want to put that in the title.


      Thanks - have updated!

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    Thanks - anyone got issues placing an order? It keeps adding additional coffee packs to my cart that I don't want.

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      you need to select Grind, and you can add to cart, and showing $5 for shipping


        Yes I do that, and magically when I enter my details on the order screen (already prefilled with a random person address) - items get added (i.e another pack with plunger coffee) when I've selected beans.

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    Shopping cart going wild, seems like the site is not properly developed, you can see content of the cart updating as people adding and removing items.
    Not sure how you can really place your order 😅

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    Their shopping cart is doing very weird things, like adding multiple items and the wrong grind.
    Double-check the email you receive after you place your order, as in my case it directly contradicted what the payment screen showed.
    I've emailed them and hopefully they see it before my order gets sent out.

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    Keep seeing so many peoples name, email, address and phone numbers.
    Heads up, Id hold off ordering until they sort their site out.

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      Didn't notice while I ordered one (But when I checked now, my confirmation email got the order wrong). As you pointed, this is a big deal (address, name and phone leaked for every new order). I have emailed them back and hoping this gets fixed ASAP (Least I could do for them who are trying to be nice to Aucklanders ).

      If any associates here, it will be good to stop this soon.

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    I just saw someone else’s personal info filled up including the name, email address, physical address and the mobile number when I went to check out. The site is going wild.

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    Aucklanders Only. Kia Kaha guys, you guys definitely deserve this deal.

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    Just put an order through via mobile and didn't have any issues.

    Excited for this. Vibe beans are some of my favourite!


    Also ordered on mobile, no problems


    sold out I'm guessing?

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    Well, I guess it's been Cheapies'ed…

    Life without coffee is scary.
    So is not finding the page you were looking for…"

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    Our “FREE COFFEE PACK” has officially sold out!
    We would like to express our deepest regret for closing our current “FREE COFFEE PACK” has been completely sold out within half day of period of 5000 packs. 🥲
    For anyone who was unable to obtain a “FREE COFFEE PACK”, do not worry, as soon as when we send out all first 5000 packs away to all our valuable customers, we look forward to bringing you more fun.
    Once again, thank you all !

    still#sendinglove 💜

    we love you.

    (on FB)


    Second round of free coffee just started!

    Here we are going back to back 5000 “FREE COFFEE PACK”.
    Just pay shipping, that is all you have to do!

    For anyone who missed out our first 5000, no need to worry because as we promised another 5000 is waiting for you.
    This is unconditional love from VIBE.

    ✦YOU’VE GOT A VIBE Take Away Cup, Why? Bring it in @15 Porana Road AKL
    Fill it up FREE CUPPA on us.

    🏃🏻‍♀️Woops… we gotta run, online order starts peaking up and needs to print out labels.

    T’s & C’s apply
    *1 x per household and shipping address
    *Auckland Postcode only
    *Until we give away last free pack
    *VIBE Return Policy applied


    It's back again boys, was gonna upload it and found this post.
    Lucky for me my wife ordered it when they were offering $0 for both coffee and delivery