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45% off Emma Sleep Mattresses (Single $484, Double $572, Queen $616, King $704)


Not the cheapest, but thought might be useful for someone.

This are in the middle in terms of firmness compared to Ecosa(Firm) & Winkl(Soft)

100 Night Trial
10 Year Warranty
Free Returns & Delivery

An extra $50 off the discounted price is also available with a referral code.

Also don't forget cashbacks like Kiwiwallet is 5%.

Reference old thread for Comments regarding firmness

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$50 coupon for referred member ($290 Min Spend). $50 rebate for referrer paid to bank account (once 100 day trial is complete). Referrer must contact Emma to claim rebate, you will need to ask the referred member for their order number to claim (AFTER the 100 day trial is complete).

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  • Just added this to my cart. Is there only one option ? Hoping/wanting for quite a firm mattress.

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      Emma only has 1 firmness. It is on the softer side.

      If you want something more on firm side go for Ecosa.

      • Wow really. I ended up returning our Emma mattress as we found it uncomfortably hard. Also had weird feel to it (wasn't even, sort of lumpy in places). I found it weird that the mattress we got arrived in a box barely holding itself together and the mattress wrapped in pallet wrap (plastic) and then another wrap - wondered if it was a returned one :\
        Returned it for a Winkl; which is much much better. Nothing compared to our old Tempur, but the price point can't be argued with. But the ordering/returning process was easy enough, so no harm in trying.

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          Definitely it's a matter of preference and how you measure the level of firmness. Everyone is different. I was OK with Emma, but my wife didn't like it. Bought Ecosa later and we both like it.

          I believe all foam mattresses come in a box with shrink wrap. So no, it won't be a returned one. It does take couple of days after opening for the mattress to get the original shape. It would smell different as well.

          We kept it unwrapped in other room for a day or so before using it. But as you mentioned ordering/returning is not a hassle and easy so no harm trying.

          • @ace310: Yeah indeed. That whole thing of personal preference is key. We went from a Tempur (certainly on the softer side) to the Emma - so it was like going from a pillow to sleeping on the floor haha I eventually got used to it, but my wife just couldn't, so back it went…but yeah it really highlights the value of the return process; and it is just as easy as letting them know and then someone turns up to take it back. Totally suggest just giving it a go - literally nothing to loose! :)
            The weirdness of our Emma one was that it was wrapped twice - the plastic one around the mattress and then literally pallet wrapping (a harder, self stickier wrap) around that…we left ours out for a couple of weeks before using it as we had to wait for the frame to arrive, so it certainly had the time to inflate - it was just weird, as though the foam had been damaged from being stored or something for too long etc, and it never really recovered.

            • @AleBeerenhoff: Both Emma & Ecosa I got was wrapped twice. One is the shrink wrap to keep the mattress flat. Other is to roll it up so that it can be fit in the box. Nothing weird i feel.

              Yes, it's possible you might have received a damage one.

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    bought one, thanks!

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    Bought 2x King Singles for the kids, let’s see.

    We have been on a Winkl for about a year now, it’s good, but you are right, it’s not for everyone.

  • There doesn't seem to be NZ king size, just 183x203 cm which is Super King in NZ sizing

  • I have an emma mattress and enjoy it, it took a bit of getting used to after having a rather soft mattress! but my back definitely feels better for it.
    Good for the price, and at least if you don't like it you have 100 nights trial, so nothing to lose!

  • Thanks, just ordered a queen.

  • I have difficulty to sign up the new account, anyone knows why?

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