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50% off Emma Sleep Mattresses


A great discount of 50% off the Emma Sleep mattresses in their end of financial year sale, beating the usual 45%.

An extra $50 off the discounted price is also available with a referral code.

I just ordered a Queen mattress for $510.00!

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$50 coupon for referred member ($290 Min Spend). $50 rebate for referrer paid to bank account (once 100 day trial is complete). Referrer must contact Emma to claim rebate, you will need to ask the referred member for their order number to claim (AFTER the 100 day trial is complete).

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  • I was attempted to it last time but I hold. This time I'm giving a chance. $510 - %5 cash back. Seems fair deal

  • Anyone have experience with their matresses?

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      I bought a double mattress for 467. I generally prefer firm mattresses, and I usually go for the second most firm bed in stores.
      In general, for a low price, they are surprisingly comfortable and "firm". However, be aware that when you're sitting on the edges, there's a lot of "sinking". This is what people have complained of in the past, because it's a foam bed.
      Overall, at that price, and being delivered to your door, I'm pretty happy. 10/10 would do it again. Probably suits those on a budget, such as a student, or when you're renting and don't want to shell out a >$1.5k for a quality bed. Do be aware that you can't call Emma Mattress employees - everything is done online. My delivery was scheduled for a Saturday, and nothing/nobody showed up. I had to message them for a reply, and they sorted it from their end. So communication can be poor from the company to the delivery people (it's a third party).

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    I bought a $1640 Winkl mattress and returned. They are not comparable with Tempur.

    • Is Winkl the same company of Emma?

      • No.

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    I use ecosa, never tried anything else, no more backpain, I also bought the pillow and topper, it feels like sleeping on the cloud.
    Not to mention 15 years warranty.

    Above all, if I haven't bought Ecosa, I would but this Emma watson lol

    • Thanks, our mattress is almost 10 years old and we've been looking to replace it. Is the topper worthwhile? I have a lot of back problems and I like that I can return the mattress and the pillows if the ecosa stuff causes me more pain, but it looks like the topper can't be returned.

      • All can be returned, even I have returned the pillow once because my wife doesn't like it.
        The good thing is you can do trial for 100 days (3 months) and return if you don't like it.

        I bought the topper to aid my old mattress, it does helps. But if the old Mattress condition is too bad, like uneven surface, I recommend to buy the mattress instead.
        I bought the mattress and it's been more than half a year without sign of degradation.

        The return is very easy and no question asked, and it will be donated :).

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    Returned emma and got ecosa. Best decision. Love ecosa. They are bit firm compared to emma and winkl. Also you can adjust 3 level of firmness, pretty cool.

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    Personal preference but I can't sleep on memory foam mattresses, have an amazing sleep but wake up feeling like I've been hit by a bus, sore back and shoulders. I need a pocket spring mattress.

  • Haven't tried these but IMO ecosa is firmer than a Winkle if that's your preference (and can adjust layers too). But all these mattress in a box are not good for sitting on the edges as they sink.

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    No King size :(

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    I bought a Koala a bit before they pulled out of the New Zealand market. Within the 100 or 120 day return window it developed a distinct sag in the middle (long distance relationship and I slept in the middle). I luckily managed to get it refunded on the final day.

    I replaced it with an Ecosa, at which time my partner had moved in so I slept on one side. It again developed a very distinct slope on that edge, it definitely felt like rolling up hill if I rolled over. Didn't return that in time and ended up selling for about 1/3 the price.

    As someone else has mentioned too, I would always wake up with sore/aching back too. I've been on normal spring mattresses since July last year and haven't had trouble since.

    If you do end up getting a foam mattress, do take advantage of the free trial period and don't be afraid to return it. They aren't for everyone that's for sure.

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