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Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphones $299.95 Shipped from Bose NZ


Looks like a Good Deal on Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones
Directly from Bose NZ
Free Shipping
Colours Available: Silver, Black and Midnight Blue - all $299.95.


Hope this has helped someone :)

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  • Has anyone bought directly from Bose before? There is precisely one review on PriceSpy, and it is extremely negative. They appear to have an 0800 number but I don't think they have an official physical presence in New Zealand, and they announced last year the closure of all their Australian stores.

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      I have years ago dealt with Bose, was very good, my QC25 stop working but it was out of warranty, Bose asked me to drop off and sent me a new pair of QC25

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      I had a very tough time with their overseas support when returning a product. When I mentioned I wanted to return the product, they'd stop replying indefinitely. They don't have any stores in NZ that you can call if you have issues, only a frustrating online chat. The only positive from this experience was when I finally got through (via whatsapp…) the return went very smoothly including free return shipping.

  • Here’s the Ozzy version of this deal. Some of the comments might be helpful.

  • Even 700 are down to $429.95. Lowest ever.

  • Anyone got any experience with refurbished ones? Looks like they have same warranty.

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    Not worth it at this price, I have the midnight blue edition and it is meh comapred to xm3 and xm4. You can get xm4 at a slightly higher price and better value for money

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    For those looking to use it as a headset, you should know that its mic is not good (at all). Too sensitive, the whole town would be heard at the other end.

  • just dont buy these honestly, the noise cancellation is on point, but they are junk, the audio will often go out of sync if you are watching movies tv

    • Disagree mate. If the issue is “out of sync” when watching movies and etc it’s most likely your device or wifi.

  • nope, these headphones have a issue, its well documented on their forums for years, whenever there is a temp loss of bluetooth signal strengthen the audio will drift out of sync, until you press the noise cancellation button which will then realign the a v sync.

    it if something they could likely fix via firmware but have not.

    Bose is no longer the legendary brand it once was and has not been for many years - for all of their products,

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