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1x Free 500ml Borges Olive Oil with Purchase of 1L Borges Olive Oil (Extra Virgin or Classic) @ Countdown


May have figured out how to share with the rest of you.

Do not click 'Go to Deal'. Cheapies keeps changing around the URL.

Copy and paste:

  • change the word THIS to:
  • first name, last name, email
  • not changing will cause voucher code to be exhausted.

Each change should hopefully generate a new UNIQUE ID. As reference, my click is 392002

This voucher is non-assignable and is only valid upon purchase of the product(s) Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Lire, Borges Classic Olive Oil 1 Litre. This voucher is single use only. Only one Voucher can be used per product purchased. This voucher cannot be used or exchanged for any other products, nor redeemed for cash.

This voucher must be redeemed by 31/07/21

Copies are not valid; originals will be accepted. This voucher can be used only once. This is an internet voucher; a good quality print is required. ALL words and details must be readable. Single use only. Only one voucher is permitted per shopping transaction.

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  • Do I need to print the PDF? Or can I show my mobile at the checkouts

    • "This is an internet voucher; a good quality print is required" countdown will have to claim back the money.

  • Do I have to enter real info and real info needed to redeem in-store or a nick name or 2nd email is fine?

    • Also i should take the 500ml one with me when I check out is that right?

      • Valid for Extra Virgin, Extra Light & Classic?

    • +1

      Don't think so. I doubt Countdown will be checking your details anyway. Yes take the 1L and 500ml to checkout with you. Extra virgin or Classic.

      • Cheers Wakrak

  • +3

    I actually received this by email myself, so no need for me to use the above workaround, but giving a vote up for pure tenacity in working it out!

    Well done Wakrak :-)


  • Anyone know does Borges ever do sale? Maybe I should wait a lil might get a sale price next week plus this BOGHF

  • Make it same price as this deal

    • That was a good deal. Wish I brought more. Good oil.

  • Awesome, I buy this oil all the time too, It's my main go to :D Thanks!!

  • Oops, something went wrong.
    Sorry our supply of coupons is now exhausted.

    Anyone get an extra one they could send me?

    • Got it working. Thanks!
      Also they don't email it to you, it's just a download. So you could use a fake email address.

  • Am i missing something/... cant get it to work…any ideas?

    • "Sorry our supply of coupons is now exhausted". Must have been a limit on the number of coupons available.

      • bugger thanks mate

        • try now

  • Working again. Just got unique ID: 392533

    • does it? Just tried it and it constantly says "One or more validation rules failed."

      • They must've changed something. Not working for me either.

  • +1

    Good time to buy the olive oil now, countdown have it for $11 this week. I bought mine last week :(

  • Good time to buy the olive oil now, countdown have it for $11 this week. I bought mine last week tho

    • Yep used two vouchers today. 3L for $22 overall! Pretty happy.

      • Oops, something went wrong.
        One or more validation rules failed.


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