This was posted 3 years 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Spin Wheel for Free Fuel @ Waitomo Fuel


Spin Wheel for Free Fuel at Waitomo Fuel.


On my first spin I received $20 credited to my app account.

FYI: you can also gift your winnings to a friend or family via "gift Waitomo moola" link in app

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  • +1

    Cheers OP. Just kept spinning until I won something decent. Got a $2 win six times and then $10 on the 7th 😄

    • Thanks OP. Took a while but eventually got the $20 win

  • I ended up with $10.

  • Spun quite a few times and ended up with $20 eventually, cheers OP!

  • Lol great promo got $20 after like 10 tries 🙄

  • +3

    I got $50 omg first time cant stop crying

    • That is absolutely wonderful!!! Congratulations 🥳

    • Heck. I should've kept spinning 😅. Ah well. Tomorrow. Congratulations.

      • I stupidly put my number in for $2 after the first spin. Should've checked the comments first, haha. Now used my wife's number to redeem another $20.

        • Thankfully I still have my Vodafone sim from the The Market deal so made another account and got my partner to create one too.

    • +3

      I also won $50 on my first try, only problem is I drive an EV 😂

      • EVs are the future

  • +1

    Got 50 after about 15 attempts

  • Thank you. $50 credit in my second spin.

    • You're welcome 🥳

  • Thanks OP. Got $20 after like 50 spins haha

    • You're welcome 🥳

  • +2

    Just opened up 8 tabs and cycled through them and one of them won $20, thanks!

  • Can't even signup for an account on the app, keeps saying invalid otp. Anyone else got same?

  • How long do you have to spend the credit?

    • +1

      According to the app:
      Waitomo Moolah will never expire, as long as you’ve used the app to make an in-app purchase at a Waitomo Fuel Stop within the last 12 months.

      • Thank you

  • got $50 too. Thanks OP

    • You're welcome 🥳

  • +1

    They are giving away 12k over the 20th/21st

  • Think they’re only giving out $2 & $5 now, does it refresh everyday or?

    • +1

      I just got $20 5 minutes ago. Took a while though. Keep going

    • +2

      I think it's probably first in first served but it may well be worth trying tomorrow..

      I did about 100 spins total, claimed a $20 after about 20 spins and didn't get higher than $5 after that so I assume the 10/20/50 are gone

    • Got 50 5 min ago

  • Spun about 100 times. Mostly $2 and $5s now though I did get a few $10 if anyone wants them

  • Oh wow, got $50 from the first spin!

    • Just now or?

  • I got $20. Thank you!

  • Crikey. 4000+ clicks in an hour.

  • Highest you can win is $500 btw

    • That would be unreal. Where did you see that?

      • +1

        Was looking around in the request, the spinner itself as a video and has a 3 digit number on the end of the URL. 500 seems to be the highest that works.

        • there was a promo in november that had $500 prizes(50k total), not sure about this one

  • +2

    I've just spun a $50 if someone wants it. First to PM with mobile number gets it

    • Sorry folks, gone.

    • There was a november promo that had that as a prize, could be from that instead?…

      • +5

        You're right, it appears that 500 is the max from last time. 50 is the max this time as per the T&C

        Information provided on Waitomo Group website app page describing how to enter
        the Waitomo “spin to win” $12,000 giveaway (via or by
        completing a transaction of $20 or more via the Waitomo app between 12:00am on
        20 May 2021 and 11.59pm on 21 May 2021) forms part of the conditions of entry.
        2. Entry into the competition is deemed as accepting the terms and conditions set out
        3. The giveaway closes at 11.59pm on Friday 21 May.
        4. Each valid entry using a random process will win one (1) prize.
        5. The prize will be notified on the day of the spin via
        6. Waitomo’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. The
        promoter, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to verify the validity of all
        entries and to disqualify any entrant who tampers with the competition.
        7. The prize for this giveaway consists of:
         A total prize pool of $12,000 Waitomo Moolah, to be awarded at random
        between 12:00am on 20 May 2021 and 11.59pm on 21 May 2021 (2 days).
         A maximum individual prize of $50 per spin.
         Valid for one (1) year.
        8. The prize will be sent to the winner on the day the spinning wheel is completed.
        Once received, the Waitomo Moolah will become the responsibility of the winner.
        9. Prizes won must be taken as offered, cannot be redeemed for cash and is neither
        transferable nor exchangeable, except at Waitomo’s discretion.
        10. The winner agrees to hold the promoter, its directors, officers, employees and
        assignees harmless against any and all claims and liability arising out of the use of
        their prize. The winner assumes all liability for any injury or damage caused or
        claimed to be caused, by the use or redemption of their prize.
        11. In these terms and conditions, Waitomo’s decision regarding any aspect of this
        competition will be final.

  • Sweet, just got $50

  • +1

    Sent over 2000 api requests, Got a bunch of $50's.
    Too bad I don't need the petrol..haha

  • +2

    Not getting anything higher than $2 or $5 now

  • +1

    My advice:

    • Bad advice, the browserFingerprint parameter sent with the page request does not change and eventually you only get $2 all the time.

      • This is not correct. I have hit a number of $50 rounds and given them all away

        • My original api hitter got consistent $2 for 500 requests before I change the fingerprint

          • +1

            @jesserockz: Oh sounds interesting. Mind educating me? PM works

          • @jesserockz: Same I would be interested in learning too :)

          • @jesserockz: My personal experience. I've hit x10 $50 spins plus dozens of the lower value spins

            • @wowbigdeal: Do you have any spare $50s? I have been spinning for the past while over my late lunch break and only been getting $5s.

              Would be super appreciated!

              If not, that's ok! :)


            • @wowbigdeal: Or teach a man to fish … haha

            • @wowbigdeal: How long have you been at it?

          • +3

            @jesserockz: Show us the way

      • How do you generate the browserFingerprint?

  • +2

    Just got a $50. After opening about 60+ tabs :). Your perseverance will be rewarded for those who haven't got one, trust me!

  • Almost 10k clicks. Wonder what the record is.

    Give this post an upvote if you've taken advantage of the deal. 🥳

  • awesome op, not familar with the app, can you only win one amount per mobile?

    • Yes time to get all the free Sim cards

    • Yes, only once per number. Don't waste it on anything less than $20, but I suggest you should keep spinning until you hit $50.

      • How long is it taking you to get a $50? I've been trying since you posted this and can't get higher than $20 and those are disappearing quickly too

  • +4

    Just received a click magnet trophy. 11k clicks and counting.

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