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45% off @ Emma Mattress


Recently was 40% off, and I've been keeping an eye on them from the previous deal. Now for Easter, it's 45% off. For a Double sized bed, I would save another $47, like so:
At 40% off, it is $514
At 45% off, it is $467.,

Previous deal here: https://www.cheapies.nz/node/26870

I'm not sure of the quality of the beds (search past deals in comments for some ideas there). Apparently they are on the firmer side, and on the website, they claim firmness as 7/10.

Free delivery for Auckland, unsure of costs elsewhere. They offer a 100 day sleep guarantee, so if you are not happy with it, they will provide free returns.

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$50 coupon for referred member ($290 Min Spend). $50 rebate for referrer paid to bank account (once 100 day trial is complete). Referrer must contact Emma to claim rebate, you will need to ask the referred member for their order number to claim (AFTER the 100 day trial is complete).

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  • Damn price keeps on getting lower and lower. Wonder if they do price match :):)

  • Damn it… I ordered one last week. I've guess I'll find out what their customer service is like since I've asked them to refund of the difference.

    • They've replied already, saying that the price can change weekly, but will refund the difference as a one-time thing.

      It's good that they'll refund the difference, but feels a bit odd including the "one-time" line, especially given the 100-day trial thing and that the mattress hasn't shipped yet.

      • Hey, thanks for sharing this. Just to add and for others benefit, I ordered early March and received a few days later, so still well within the 100-day trial. I contacted their support last night too and got the same standard spiel that they would apply the discount for this time only. For me it ends up being about 15% more discount on what I spent.

      • +1

        'One time' or good will thing is pretty standard. Especially when they are under no obligation.

        Looks like a pretty decent service

  • Use the code EASTER5 for an additional discount. $532.95 for a Queen size.

    • Doesn’t look like this stacks with the $50 off referral offer. So better off just using someone’s referral code.

  • Don't forget the cashback as well. Referral discount is more.

  • Has anyone tried this vs the other memory foam matresses (eg Winkl/Ecosa etc)

  • This deal is still available Today

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