This was posted 2 years 11 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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40% off @ Emma Mattress


Seems like the original price has been reduced, so 40% discount take the price to the lowest so far.

Also, don't forget $50 referral code and around 4-5% from any cashback sites.

For eg. Queen size price = $612 - $50 referral ~ $28 cashback = ~$534

same as expired deal

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$50 coupon for referred member ($290 Min Spend). $50 rebate for referrer paid to bank account (once 100 day trial is complete). Referrer must contact Emma to claim rebate, you will need to ask the referred member for their order number to claim (AFTER the 100 day trial is complete).

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  • Hi any feedback on the mattress? Is it foam like type of mattress? Thanks.

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      I'm on my third week of my 100 night sleep trial and my girlfriend and I are loving the mattress. It is indeed foam but in my opinion that's a good thing. I am doing the sleep trial with the peace of mind that I can always send it back for a full refund if we're not completely happy with it.

      In saying that I bought a $2,600 sleepyhead mattress 3 years ago and have hated it since the first few months of having it for a few reasons: but mainly because it had poor partner disturbance (this is huge for us as I am a very fidgety sleeper and suffer from insomnia), and it was toward the softer side of mattresses (perhaps a 5/10 - 10 being plywood, 1 being a cloud of fluff), this was terrible in summer because I - a 100kg male, sunk into the soft top layer - this caused summers to be extremely hot (with padding surrounding me) and also made rolling from one side to the other a real mission as I'd have to pry myself from the cushy depths before attempting a maneuver - rocking the bed so much that my partner would wake.

      The Emma is so much better in these 2 main criteria. it's a lot firmer (7.6/10), which takes a bit of getting used to, but has good comfort and support.
      Minor cons of the Emma would be the minor lack of side support like my old expensive pocket spring - but it's hardly noticeable and not needed (as a healthy 32yr old).

      It looks like I'm keeping the Mattress. Now the fun of trying to recuperate some of the $$$$ from my old 3 year old mattress that cost 4X as much.

  • Biggest issue I have with these mattresses in a box (and they might all be different, but the sceptic in me suggests otherwise) is that they lack the technology to offer things such as edge stability (and other things probably - not that I can put my finger on exactly what).
    We have a Winkl, and a Tempur - the Tempur is light years ahead in terms of those technical aspects of the bed. The Winkl was a great price point however and its a really nice mattress, but I suppose how much value do you place on those other things (like edge stability) - probably not as much as the price would indicate haha so I would probably go for another mattress in a box before sinking the money for a Tempur again. Just saying to manage your expectations and try (if possible) one before you buy.

  • All have 100 days or so trial with easy returns so no harm in trying them out. I bought it 2 weeks back and it's bit softer to my liking, but overall it's not that bad. Yes edge stability is an issue and if you sit on it, it does sink in a bit as it is foam. I like my mattress more on the firmer side, so might return it. I am tempted to try Ecosa as it has the ability to adjust the firmness and the cover is waterproof. Helpful when you have 2 toddlers running around.

    But sleeping on this is nice. Don't feel like it is sinking at all. Might be different for others. I am on lighter side maybe so.

    • Depends where you sit. The front and back both have voids to make those areas softer. The middle is solid.

      My only real issues is that you sink quite a bit if you sit up to read because of the above.

      • Yes. I figured that out. But can't sit in the middle can you lol.

    • +1

      I have an Ecosa and was really surprised to find out just how firm it was. Definitely worth a shot if you like firm mattresses

      • Is it firm overall, like on top & bottom as well or just in the middle? How is the edge stability? I believe same as all foam mattresses? Do you know how much you bought it for? Currently, Ecosa is going with 25% off, don't know if that's good deal or not.

        • +1

          The whole thing is firm. Edge stability is as you'd expect from foam, but I've never come close to rolling off or anything. You can sit on the edge just fine.

          I paid $920 for a queen just after lockdown (+ received around $20 cashback from Shop Rewards), which I think was 20% off, so the offer available now is good.

  • anyone had experience with both emma and ecosa matresses?

    • I am definitely going to get the ecosa next. Doesn't hurt to have both of them a month apart so by the end of 3 months it's easier to decide which to return.

  • Has anyone here used a referral coupon and received cashback for a purchase of one of these?

    • Yes. I got both of it working in same order

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