AliExpress Coupons for New Social Media Users. US$4 off US$5 Minimum Spend


Coupon AliExpress year 2021 - New social Media users. US$4 off US$5 minimum spend

Found one that is valid until end 2021, some of the old codes also still work.

aliex435 is the code, it is on the page of Aliexpress.

"You can use the coupon like 8 times if you want, it is not name bound, you only need to login with different social media accounts; TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Found this coupon on the website of AliExpress. You need to order above $5 and then you get a coupon for $4. I bought an electric lighter with it per example for 1$"

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

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  • Is there a coupon that actually gets your AliExpress packages delivered instead of being held up for months? Because I would use the hell out of that.

  • Coupons and AliExpress?


  • Really random through these guys now.

    Some things arrive quickly and others just disappear.
    Also finding short windows to complain / apply for refund now.

    • Once something's gone past the 2-month mark I know it's probably never gonna show up, so I add the Dispute date to my Google calendar and then get an alert for that day.
      I've only actually received about 5 of the 10 things I've ordered this year.

      • Pretty good considering it's only been 5 days 😄. All jokes aside, Aliexpress has been pretty good for me throughout 2020 minus December (waiting on two orders, previous 8 all delivered). But can't expect too much with it being Christmas n all.

        I'm guessing shipping carrier has a lot to do with it.

      • I get some items unusually quick and other items seem to have just fallen off the face of the earth. The % positive feedback doesn't seem to make a difference as to how fast or if I get my package.

  • thanks m

  • just tried it got This promo code is only applicable for users who have never placed an order on AliExpress.

  • Is it one of those annoying select coupons?

  • There is literally no customer service. $418 stuck, seller says shipment lost, contact support, support is a bot, bot says contact seller. Just going crazy in a loop.

    • file a dispute with cc company

    • What did you buy? I've had plenty of disputes where item didn't arrived or arrived different or broken. Every time aliexpress sided with me, however all of these items were <$100 and I've never tried to claim a warranty related issues (I consider anything ordered from China website doesn't have a warranty).

      • I bought two android tablets, how did you contact aliexpress, is there a dedicated email or link where we can interact with a real person? I would love that for now and future scenarios also.

  • Stll waiting for November orders to land in NZ.I would stay away from AliExpress until the CCP and Jack Ma issue gets sorted.

    • Waiting since July 2020 for 2 packages.

    • My November order just arrived this morning.

      • +1 vote

        That gives me some hope but at this rate, Jack Ma might show up before my packages do

        • lol…Jack Ma will be a changed man when he finally does show up! The world's 23rd richest man goes missing just like that, maybe we should take a stand by not shopping here.