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Purchase Parkmate Credit Bundles ($50~$200) and Receive Bonus 20% Credit for Wilson Parking (Parkmate Mobile App)


Got it from the email, uploaded the image but not sure how to display all of them.

What is on offer?

$50 - Spend $50 and receive $60 credit ($10 extra credit)

$100 - Spend $100 and receive $120 credit ($20 extra credit)

$200 - Spend $200 and receive $240 credit ($40 extra credit)

How to get it?

On the home screen click SELECT YOUR CARPARK
Click List and scroll down to REGIONS
Choose Bundles (at the bottom of the Regions list)
Select your option out of the nine available bundles (you can view pricing and information at this point)
Select This Car Park
Click Start Pre-purchase Bundle Offer.
Confirm and Start Parking


Once confirmed, a session will run for one minute on your account and your invoice will show the expiry as one minute after purchase. Please ignore this, it is just related to your pre-purchase.

We will attach a credit promo code to your account within two working days from when you purchase. If you do not have the code after the 2 working days, please email us.

Terms and Conditions

Purchased credit will be issued to customers’ ParkMate account in the form of a promotional code. Promo code is only valid for your account, and for your registration number. It is not transferable to third parties' vehicles or accounts. It is not transferable or redeemable for cash. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they use the promo code on sessions where it is applicable and no refunds will be given if a user has forgotten to apply the promo code. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure any session is stopped. Promo code can be used at most Pay by Plate/Pay and Display Wilson Parking car parks. Car parks excluded from this offer are: P973 2 Anzac Ave, P1065 Maki Street, P1370 231/233 Hobson Street, P364 Tennis Auckland, P27 Fort Street, P967 Westgate Shopping Centre, P966 Milford Centre, HP-6D2E01 Kitchener Street Outside, P282 Knigges Ave, P2051 Queens Wharf Bus Park, P2073 103 Queens Drive, P2082 29 Marion Street, P312 Kumototo Waterfront, P343 Clyde Quay & Herd Street, P455 Top of Tory 133 Tory Street, P63 Barnett Street, P3308 699 Colombo Street and P3105 181 High Street. Also excluded are: Smales Farm, Napier City Council, Hastings District Council, Whanganui District Council, Lynn Mall Staff Parking, Botany Town Centre, Mission Bay The Promenade and Host Park sites. Barrier arm Wilson Parking sites are not available on the ParkMate app so are also excluded from this promotion. Credit expires midnight 31 March 2021.

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