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Save $50 When You Spend $150 and over at Harvey Norman via Genoapay (and Other Retailers)


So genoapay is having a deal for those who purchase items by using them(same as afterpay) and they are having deals from midnight tonight till midnight tomorrow
Could only see the deals for 2 retailers which were
Harvey Norman - $50 off for purchases over $150
Cotton on - $20 off for purchases over $60
other popular retailers would be
typo evocycles playtech musicworks etc

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  • Cottonon also has free shipping on your first order (via the popup on their website)

  • How did you find the $50 off etc? I can't see it anywhere on their site

    • I was sent an email about it from Genoapay listing the HN and Cotton On deal plus others from other retailers yet to be revealed like free gifts with purchase and free delivery.

    • like ^ said, got an email showing the 2 deals.
      was gonna try upload the pics but havent got a clue how to

  • Was considering getting a Razer Wolverine Xbox Controller from HN that worked out at $107 after the $50 discount, but ended up being pretty boring and bought $150 worth of Dolce Gusto pods that with the $50 discount worked out at $6.66 per pack, plus they're also doing free shipping on coffee pods so that was a nice wee bonus.

    What I do is I buy the jars of Jarrah Salted Caramel Latte for $3 or $4 when they're on special, a couple of teaspoons of that in the cup with a pod of Dolce Gusto Latte makes it really tasty and will fill up a normal sized coffee cup without it tasting watered down.

    • I found it's worth to buy Razer wolverine tournament edition from your reply. I bought it! It's the best price I can buy it ever

    • I hear adding those "roasted cereal coffee substitute" drink powders to your coffee can be a winner, have yet to try it though

    • For me I just add a dash of hazelnut syrup sometimes

  • Are there no fees using Genoapay (if you make all payments)?

    • Correct, no fees and interest as long as you make all your payments on time.

  • Any way I can get a xbox control and refund an item after so I get discount? Literally only need the Controller ha

    • Yeah same aye, just need one for my PC. Let me know if you find out if this works

      • Purchase 2 controllers and take $50 off, divide the final price by 2 and sell 1 to the other person haha

  • Is apple included in the promotion? Want to buy airpods gen 2. Thanks

    • Yes discount applied in the cart for AirPods and AirPods Pro for me. However $50 only brings the price down to be about the same as other retailers.

      I called Wairau Park Auckland and they are not willing to price match at all.

      • Thanks
        Where do you see the discount? When I goto checkout and select genopay it still shows 279 next to place order.
        Pls let me know. Don't want to end up buying for 279

        • Yeah anyone know how it works with in-store purchase, they say just say you want to pay with Genoapay , but does HN do the discount on their end or Genoapay ?

          • @Huntakillaz: I just bought the 8th gen iPad with it in store. If it's your first purchase you'll have a $400 limit but they'll let you pay the rest upfront as a separate normal payment. They'll get you to pay the first payment and take $50 off with it, from there I walked out the store and paid the rest off. A bit annoying but saved me $50 off the latest gen iPad.

            • @damanlikesham: That was easy as. So yeah at payment you get sent a text which has a link to make the payment and then once done they give you the receipt.

              Bonus is receipt is without discount so if you on sell your stuff later πŸ˜‚

              Managed to get a blue yeti nano for $109 on behalf of my brother too

              • @Huntakillaz: Oh yeah that part was great, the dude behind me wasn't too impressed with me struggling to get reception haha

                The staff knew exactly what I was doing as they'd done exactly the same thing.

  • What has everyone purchased? I’m stuck on what to buy - know there will be something we need.

    • Getting a logitech g903 hero version, price matched.

      getting sick of charging my non hero every 2-3 days lol

    • One good purchase would be an iPad Smart Keyboard Folio Case. It’s usually $329 and does not seem to go on discount too often.

  • Does it work on gift cards? πŸ˜‚

  • Couldn't find anything to buy lol, HN price pretty much same as other retailer after discount

  • hmm kinda torn between using genoapay tho, I've heard from the Kiwi First Home Buyers Group, using these pay later companies i.e Zip and Laybuy will affect your mortgage borrowing for something like 5 years iirc. Because the bank will think that you're spending above your means. I do need to buy a new microwave though so that $50 discount would come in handy…

    • Surely that wouldn't be a major factor considering how common those services are now?

    • it'd be more depending on your responsible spending, having plenty of fund still left while you pay for those after-pay type stuff etc

      • Yup, I definitely do and also the person that the bank rejected their mortgage.

      • As soon as the banks see you use a pay later, they immediately dig into it more, even if you do have more than enough funds. Questions such as "Why would you use Afterpay when you have over ***k in savings?" and if i say "to save $50" that would be such a joke to them

        • Would avoid, in the uk pay day loans and bnpl was a red flag. Not worth the risk for 50 bucks if doing in the next year for mortgage

  • Thanks OP - picked up a Lenovo Tab M8