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Veon 58 Inch 4K Ultra HDTV $499 Shipped ($494 with Warehouse App $5 off $50 Voucher) at The Warehouse


Bit the bullet on this one last night for this price, Warehouse currently have this 58" 4K UHDTV down to $499 ($400 off they say). They also have Free Shipping on this one at the moment, so delivered to your door.

Used the Warehouse app with the Wish Foundation vouchers that show up in the app in your "wallet" and saved another 0.5% lol ($5 off $50 coupon) ..

3 years warranty as well. Older reviews say these have been good for the price after some tweaking of picture settings etc.

Hope this is useful to someone!

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  • A discussion on Geekzone about Veon TV's in general for anyone interested


    lloydw: After reading this thread I proceeded to purchase the 58” Veon that was on sale for Black Friday hoping for a good result.

    After using it for a couple weeks I can say I’m impressed with the TV, but I have worked around the main weak points mentioned in this thread. I have a Samsung sound bar attached and do not use the UHF connection at all but stream everything via AppleTV. From my understanding it’s the 4K AppleTV that does the upscaling in this configuration and not the TV and it works well. The CEC features works well and I can control everything from the AppleTV remote.

    I do also play a few PlayStation3 games at 1080p and they look great too, so no complaints there.

    I’m in no way an AV geek so my standards aren’t extremely high, but hopefully this info helps somebody.

    That's the right way to do it with a budget TV. Use it as a display panel only and let other components handle the audio and streaming etc. "

  • Very tempting! Is this wall mountable?

    • Unsure tbh, but the website refers to dimensions with and without a stand, so maybe…? I know other variations of this brand are mountable but unsure of this particular one..

  • anyone know if it has HDR? their description tell much.

  • https://aarond.me/blog/2018/11/28/veon-4-k-tv-review/

    Very in depth review of a 50 inch 2018 version of this brand/tv

  • Wish foundation voucher?

  • It's funny how they don't listed this model on 'The Market'.I have the 43 inch model and for the money ($260.00)the picture is excellent and that 58 inch at about a third of the price of the well-known brands which is probably excellent as well .You do have to do a bit of tweaking with the colour settings out of the box .The sound is just okay so I have mine hooked up via the fibre optic cable to my Panasonic Sound bar.

    • i know i looked a few times just in case haha… wouldve been sweet as with the 10% more off!!!

    • Can't wait for the 43inch to be $260 again

      • Yes probably won't see that again I got that deal when they threw in a chromecast and I sold it for 45 bucks on trade me minus the market discount the final price was $260