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Russell Hobbs Air Fryer 5L RHAF5COP $135 @ Briscoes


awesome deal and if Briscoes is not close to you then you can go to Noel Leeming and get price match.

Comes with recipe book and reviews are good.

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  • How often are they at $135? Thinking to buy as a Xmas gift

  • Thanks. I picked one up from Noel Leeming tonight ready for Friday night fish and chips :)

  • It's a big yes to digital air fryers. They're the perfect kitchen appliance for making things crunchy, and the digital ones are a lot better than the mechanical ones.

    • "and the digital ones are a lot better than the mechanical ones." Eh?

      Have had a few, not really found a difference. The digital Part is just a timer/temp control which is done on the manual ones via a cog.

      • They have a finite lifespan, it's all of the circulating vaporised oil that gets them. The mechanical ones tend to (profanity) out much earlier. And yes, it's the timer that eats it (and later on the fan, but they both have that.)

  • Bought one of the Philips ones last time, what a mistake. In my opinion airfryers are basically useless if you have an convection oven with an air bake setting; no need to get a dedicated machine for just air bake…

    • Really good in a flat where it might have a pos oven/flatmates never clean or just cooking smaller amounts for yourself.

  • Did briscoes hide the product? I was about to order online but couldn't find the page now

  • Have a Phillips one for 6-7 years now, still works like new