Double USB + Double Mains Power Outlet Point $18.08 @ Emax


Double USB + Double Mains Power Outlet Point at Emax.

This is not a deal as such, but is a great price for anyone looking to update their mains power points. I have done this in a number of locations around my house. Price for shipping is approximately $5 nationwide. Product is held in stock in New Zealand, so should arrive within a couple of days (or normally free collection without covid).

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  • Bunnings has these in store for $19.98 currently. No vertical orientation options sadly. It seems like they usually retail for around $40 each.

    Easy to install, definitely worth upgrading existing powerpoints with these!

    • A great find! I tried searching on the bunnings site, but couldn't find a similar product… currently not available in my local store. Usual retail sits at about $40 each.

  • Is this 5V/2A good for fast charging phone? Or it's still better with charger?

  • Very important: You need an SDOC for anything hardwired to your house, and I'm not sure if EMax have it as they're a direct importer. Just get the one Shujinkou mentioned from Bunnings instead, or better get one from the big reputable brands like HPM, PDL, Clipsal etc. IMO it's not worth skimping on electrical safety on the hardwired stuff.

    Also generally you don't want USB chargers in your power sockets, because they can easily fail if misused, or become obsolete very quickly. Also they're bulky and may not fit without a mounting block.