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1c Easter Eggs @ Warehouse (in-store only)


https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/mms-crispy-speckled-egg-175... as an example

In store only, just got back from Albany where people were going crazy.

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  • Give ya $10 to buy me 1000. Ill let you have half

  • Damn, nothing in Wellington , 7c the other day but all gone.

  • Got some at the extortionate price of $1.50 earlier in the piece. Actually a nice product - M&M with the crisp centre.

    • lol I know the feeling. Bought them at $1.97, then 99c, now 1c. To be fair, all the good stuff are gone when at 99c.

  • Pretty annoying, given ordered some online and they couldn't fulfill and refunded all my Easter eggs.

  • Yep grabbed a few from Birkenhead and Milford booyaaa. A trolley load and under a dollar lol (some are in boxes, takes up space that's why).

  • I was just at Sylvia Park and there was nothing left. They did have a trolley full of these chocolates behind one of the counters but there was a long receipt on it. Maybe someone cleaned it up.

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    No, go away. No more. Please, no more.

  • Glenfield and Birkenhead completely cleared out.

  • I wonder if this deal will ultimately be beneficial, particularly as the media pick it up. It’ll certainly bring more customers into stores, but most will be disappointed with limited or no stock.

    For those who see the deal, they may be less willing to pay $15-$20 for Easter Eggs next year that they saw for 1 cent.

    I guess they need to clear stock from stores, but I’m surprised they needed to reduce it from $1.00 to 1 cent to do so.

    • Nah, it'll be all gone tomorrow. I imagine it's already been written off and this was just an alternative to dumping it

    • i was in store last week and everything was $1. was cheap but still a lot left and getting old, broken packaging etc, so i understand why they really need a ridiculous price to get rid of it.

  • The media did pick it up. From this post. Even quoted a few of us… haha

    Who says they are not focused on the big stories.


    • Just saw that story and came here to see if anyone had posted it. Anyway if it wasn't too late last night, it's clearly too late now unless you plan to camp out when they open

    • WTF haha. No wonder media companies are going out of business. All they do is just lift stories off from reddit or community forums ;) But am glad they did not publish in the article cellphone pictures or videos of a grown man acting like a kid going crazy in a 1c candy store, ahem yeah.

  • If you buy one or two and pay by cash, do you get them for free? $1.02 would be rounded to $1 when paying by cash, what about $0.02?

    • They will probably force you to buy ten (and pay by 10c coin lol). But if there are only 2x left on the shelf then hmm, gee…