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Panasonic Eneloop AA 2000mAh 2pk - $7.94 @ PB Tech


Historically one of the best prices for good rechargeable AA batteries - cheaper to get the 2pk than the 4pk due to their birthday discount - works out to $4/battery which is cheaper than getting it from Amazon (delivery is very expensive with Amazon these days). Most sales for these batteries end up costing about $4.20/battery.

Price match is available at Noel Leeming with Fly Buys - but with the free delivery code I think it's probably not worth the hassle (could get 1 Fly Buys point/$50 + earn credit card points - but you'd need to go to a physical store for that). But if you're trying to maximise profits that would be the way to go.

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  • I didn’t know these even existed! Forgive me for being a noob but how does one charge rechargeable batteries?

  • if it is limited quantity, unfortunately Noel Leeming does not price match if it is limited quantity, probably for their reason not match it and they wasted your time on chat online. I tried yesterday with beats powerbeats pro but after 30mins, all of sudden they tried to put out so they won’t price match. I am on my way now to bought the battery thanks!

    • Everything is limited quantity even if the product is not on special (e.g. toilet paper not long ago), sounds like Noel Leeming is asking for another ComCom investigation.

  • it's not that great a deal, 1-2 weeks ago was $15.50 incl gst for 4 batteries.

  • Got this charger years ago for eneloops I got from amazon, it's pretty good.

    though this would be the ultimate charger :

    • Does this have any advantages over the XTAR VC4? They both seem to be around the same price, with the XTAR available locally.

  • Looking at the original price is it really just a saving of $1.14?

  • what are people using this for? i have one just for my mouse but for other things (like clocks ) i usually get disposable ones as they last longer

    • We've got so many small gadgets that we actually don't have enough E.g. Xiaomi night lights, automatic soap dispensers, game controllers, smart door lock, smart scale, etc.

      However, personally it also nags at my conscience whenever I throw away a disposable battery, so I also use them in clocks and remotes whenever I have enough.

    • Xbox controllers is my main use, I'll start using rechargables in more things like remotes when the disposables in them finally die but they don't exactly use them up quickly. It's just handy they hold their charge so I know if my controller dies there's a pair in standby and I just make the switch and Chuck the dead ones in the charger.

    • Disposable ones might last longer but you can only use them once. A rechargeable battery might last for around 1000 charges. So which is cheaper ? And I have sufficient so I have a few AAA's and AA rechargeables always in a drawer and ready to go. If I have a flat battery in any device I simply change it out for a ready to go rechargeable and then put the flat ones in the charger ! Works for me and over many years has been virtually without cost for batteries.

      • That's the plan but I have a pack of disposables from before I got the eneloops, so just using those up as they will end up in landfill one way or another, may as well use them up fort before switching out entirely to rechargables. I don't have any AAA ones yet so I might get a pack or two of those as they are on sale too.

  • If you can get the business discounts at noel leeming (such as N3) then you should be able to get the 4 pack pretty cheap. Not sure how much it is now but last year I got the 4 pack for $13.79, they were retailing for $28.99. This was after I saw them on special at countdown for $15.

    Probably similar pricing to when NL do the cost plus gst deal.

    • That's not bag. Can anyone please find it the current n3 price for aa and AAA 4 pack (non-pro) eneloop?

      Non-pro because they support more recharge cycles than pro version and are cheaper.

      • $14.79 for non-pro, Pro is $16.89

      • If you are running a high power demand toy like a four wheel drive all-terrain SUV the pro version is far superior as they retain a higher voltage for longer.

  • Are this the same Sanyo Eneloop batteries ages ago?