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The Warehouse Easter Clearance - Nothing over $2


Easter Clearance at The Warehouse.

Banner says nothing over $5 but really there is nothing over $2

Some good chocolate savings here.

Original Coupon Deal

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The Warehouse

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  • They're also on the market so if you're gonna get over $50 worth go there and use the coupons lol

  • Why would you do that to me :D just ordered way too much

  • OMG 700g of Choccy for $2. 700. SEVEN HUNDRED.

    Looks like I'll be adding to my lockdown weight thank you very much op for posting.


    i couldnt apply the coupon for free shipping since i have already used it last week

  • With the free shipping - this one the cup is probably worth more than $2 if you are an All Blacks fan.


  • How was this announced? Did they email people about it at all? I missed out on things I wanted sadly

    • like all goods deals you have to be in the right place and the right time!, i think there is still quite a few great deals left. Keep checking back as more stock may be available.

    • Must have been quite specific, most of the stuff is still showing in stock to me only like 10 out of the 142 listings out of stock .

    • It was just that…right place at the right time :-). I saw the banner for Easter Clearance on their homepage.

  • Bought the M&Ms bucket for $5 last week. My heart sank when I saw they listed it for $1.97 today but when I hovered, it said out of stock so all good! :D

  • Free shipping no longer valid.

  • Hmmm, still not sold. I'll wait til they do half price on clearance.

    Great find, thanks op 😁👍

  • Yes! - Grabbed a few bags of the Ferrero Rocher chocolate eggs - I bought one for my daughter pre easter and kicked myself for not getting some for myself when I tried one. Still $5 at new world, so didn't buy them but $1.97 now at the Warehouse so nabbed them.

  • Ty still working Cadbury cream eggs for me and about 10 cup packs for some late prezzys

  • Spent about $25, thanks OP! I'm glad I didn't see they were on The Market first. I would have spent twice as much! (And as much as I like the idea of that, it' s probably not wise :D )

  • I would avoid the creme egg 6pk's, more often than not they tend to be a bit sticky inside due to heat/leakage. Buy single units instead if you want them for 37c/each as they don't get as damaged.

    Some great bargains, pretty rare for The Warehouse to drop offbrand eggs to 75% off. I'm hoping kmart discounts cheaper too to get some lindt/ferrero choc

    • Not like they once were either. Very sugary and plasticy now, which is cadbury in general.

  • Careful with the Cadbury bunnies too (or anything unboxed I guess) my order arrived with no packaging, so just a box of broken chocolate haha.

    • You can ring them up and tell them it arrived damaged and they will refund you within 7 working days, i did it with my bunny that i ordered a week ago it arrived smashed so rung them up and they said theyll refund me for the damaged item as it doesnt say 2nd or damaged in the description lol

  • My god how much stock do they have I've done 3 orders now all click and collect(free del code not working) I'm going to need to rock up with a fork lift truck at this rate.
    I've never done it, but can you freeze chocolate or does it get covered in that white fuzz?

    • I haven’t googled it or anything but I’d assume yes you could. As you can freeze milk cheese etc. as long as it’s air tight.

    • How many $1.97 700g Favourites did you get?

      • I bought 2 last week at $5 what a rip off that was eh! Got 3 more this morning with other choccy totaling $30. Then another 2. And the novelty ones just to see what they look like. Lets just say its enough to last to the end of level 3, at which point my blood type will be caramel.

        • I bought two on Monday for $5 each and then my family made me get two more for $5 each last night… Then it goes to $1.97 this morning and I missed it. RIP

        • Sorry i thought $5 was pretty good. I had to buy alot today though to bring the average price down. If your blood type is caramel i think my poop is going to be pure chocolate.

      • I missed the initial batch but managed to snab 16 of them when they came back into stock last night on the Market. Totally expecting it to get cancelled though…
        700g of Favourites for $1.97 (plus a further 20% off…) is quite the steal, if they ship!

    • You can but it's a process that needs to be done right


      tldr: seal in airtight/container and chill then freeze
      defrost by leaving in fridge then to bench/pantry the next day to reduce chances of bloom

      • Good info thanks kiwi. I'm going to have to break the eggs into pieces. A 1kg pig is going to take up a lot of space(if it was only the one ahem hmmm hmm)

    • 93 Warehouse branches, and none were able to open for the Easter rush, so there'll be an absolute ton of stock taking up room. I wouldn't be surprised if they're selling a lot of the stuff at or below cost just to dump it. Give them a few days and the discounts could be even more extreme on the slow movers.

  • Nice first post OP. Bet me by a few secs!
    I’m going to wait for the nothing over $1 sale. Just joking!

  • Almost forgot about the 5% discount from the Warehouse card, this brings them down to $1.87 free ship!

  • I ordered some before this special, so far i've had two parcels (I only ordered 5 things) and still waiting on half my order… So this is in no way profitable for them lol.

  • For anyone looking to store chocolate you can freeze but bring down to temp slowly and bring back to room temp slowly in a dry area. The white fuzz that forms on older chocolate is called bloom and is just the cocoa fat moving into a more stable state… It's harmless. Nothing wrong with Waikato Valley Chocolate, they are good honest Kiwi manufacturers, just make sure it states "chocolate" not "choc"or "compound". Most of you probably know these are cheap, I can assure you it is! Consider using it for baking as well.

  • Ordered $50 worth for the local city mission. Figured many of them could do with some.cheering up. Thanks for the post op!

  • +2 votes

    Oh dear. Thanks for posting. I made an order late last night. Mostly chocolate, 40 rolls of toilet rolls and a stab of small soft drinks plus a few others after resisting it for a few days. Push confirmed and shut down my laptop. This morning it said interrupted resubmit and I couldn't see a confirmation at a quick glance. Wouldn't resend. So I logged into my partners a/c, to use the free shipping again, ordered chocolate, toilet paper, drinks etc today plus a toaster, confirmed paid sent. just checked my bank. Yep 2 orders coming. Have now found both confirmation so heaps of chocolate, 80 toilet rolls, 2 stabs of drink, liq soap. Just one toaster tho. :)

  • Hahaha ^^

    I shouldn't have told the mrs about the deal, I now have another $30 order under way.

  • Link no longer working and no Easter confectionery available. Expired? :(

  • They are so shit at sending things lol.

    Single order of 7 items.

    Lets send these 7 single $1.99 items from 5 different locations at 5 differnt times in boxes that are 4x to big for the items in question.

    • At that rate wouldn't it have made more financial sense for them to just donate everything? It's crazy, because their inefficiency will also be greatly increasing the strain on NZ Post and their couriers, and of course contributing to household waste.

      I hope this period leads to heavy investment in the online end of retail, because this is where things are going, and local retailers just aren't ready for it. Look at Bunnings - they didn't even have an online store until this happened.

      • Sadly they have been doing this since forever… hopefully this can make them take a look at themselves. I mean its shit for the environment as well.

        I remember once buying a load of things from the warehouse, one of the things was a single 99c bar of soap that came from the South Island in its own oversized box.

  • Still not had my order sent (for click and collect). I wonder how many items will be out of stock.

  • Oh dear, one Easter Egg picked up. This could be alot of boxes. Free shipping code used so no profit there.

    • 2 All Black Cup Easter Eggs picked up today. Now I am thinking about what crafts I can make with all the boxes I will get.

  • Just a heads-up: If you're near Countdown St Lukes, they've switched to full clearance mode on their stock, so the prices are very similar to what you saw from Warehouse. There were plenty of Lindt bunnies for $2 still sitting there last night.

  • So far I have a package coming from Napier, Rotorua, and Auckland to my rural address in far north. And not even half my order has been sent yet.

  • Still no further discounts on kmart eggs :(

  • I purchased 15 different products (18 items total) and it was dispatched as11 different parcels.

    2 still to come. And same some packaged in ridiculously oversized package. This is the same issue even before Covid-19. Things dispatched from different warehouses but this time it is real bad business sense as each item only cost around $2.

    And I was also thinking about the burden on the poor postman.

    • It just seems insane don't it. Would be cheaper for them to put in landfill.

      • Even though I am a bargain hunter… I feel bad with my contribution to unnecessary waste. The carbon footprint of my order…. my unnecessary order… is a bit too much this time.

        Yes I think I would prefer them to just bundle it all up and donate to charities…

        • Yep, however the warehouse have been doing this for ages… I remember buying a large order around Christmas and they shipped every item from a different place, even little 49cent type things.. insane.

          • @moxpearl: Agree. It has been happening for long time. I also had orders split up like this before. But I guess before I only ordered a few items and split up to a couple different parcels. I guess this time I was overwhelmed with 11 different parcels just from 1 order. Poor postman. Also note I live rurally.

            I wonder if the warehouse’s management realise this is happening? Or it’s happening under the radar… like the offers stacking up before. Took them a long time to fix that.

            • @Alias: There was actually a post on Reddit by someone saying why it happens (For some reason it was cheaper for them to do it this way than have 1 big giant distro place or something)

              And yeah I am RD as well.. poor postie D:!

  • TWH Birkenhead is having a final 1cent clearance of their Easter chocolate. Nothing fancy left tho, like Waikato Valley coke bottles and Nice (but nasty) bunny range. Will probably be all gone by now actually lol, coz it's only 1c. But there was a fair amount this morning.

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