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Google Home Mini $38 @ Noel Leeming


It is the cheapest seen on price spy. Great product.

Parallel Import, but you do get NZ Warranty.

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming

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  • Verrry tempted, but not sure what I'd use it for. What do people end up using it for mostly? Weather? Music? Casting stuff?

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      They make wonderful dust collectors and are great paperweights. Also if you run out of conversation with friends that are visiting, you can tell them you own one so they can ask it to tell them a joke.

      • lol

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        They control my sengled lights, fujitsu heatpump, xaiomi air purifiers and roborock s6.
        Plus occasionally to play music, or to cast to any of my TVs if I'm too lazy to type something… I find these do listen better than having to go through your phone, so I have a bunch of them around the house.

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      I control my garage door, bedside table lamp and xiaomi air purifiers with this.

      I also use it to play music (Spotify) on my onkyo speaker system (which has built-in Chromecast).

      Also my kids use them to read Google Play books.

      • Do you use a RF blaster for your garage door? AFAIK I don't know of any smart garage door openers with Google Assistant integration.

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          You can get a ewelink/sonoff remote and hook it up to the wall switch terminal at the back of your garage door opener.

          It basically acts as a remote controlled wall switch.

          • @Zyo: Thanks, I just realised that a RF blaster wouldn't work as garage door openers typically uses rolling codes.

          • @Zyo: As far as I know sonoff are not certified in NZ in case something happens insurance won't be covered.

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      Music and alarm for getting up in morning.
      Weather for next day.

    • We have two, audio isn't great but we do use it for music a bit and have a JBL playlist and Chromecast audio if we want better music quality. They do however let you set up speaker groups with all Chromecast audio devices so we can fill the house with synchronised music when doing things like cleaning.

      On their own they don't do much beyond audio but when you pair them with things like smart lights and smart plugs you can do a lot more. We have a yeelight strip that we can turn on by asking Google or it comes on at a set time every night. We can also control the heat pump and Xbox one through them. I might grab a couple at this price to out one in the kitchen and one in the spare room to cover the rest of the house.

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      The main use for me is hey Google find my phone. It makes my phone ring when I forget where I left it.

      Turning off and on lights / TV / stereo.
      Controlling heatpump
      Playing music
      Casting the baby camera to my home hub

      We use home assistant.

      Haven't bothered linking Google directly to my garage door/vacuum.

      • Amazing, I didn't know about the find my phone command, that's a game changer when we inevitably misplace our phones again, even rings when it's on silent mode.

        • You can "find my phone" from any browser where you"re logged in with google ;)

        • If you register your voice Google will actually recognize who you are and ring the correct phone that belongs to you (both my wife and I use this feature)

  • Are they on sale cause they’re discontinued now? Is it better to wait for the echo dot to go on sale or just grab this?

    • New version is Nest mini. Which offers slightly better sound quality and wall mountable. Other than that not much difference. This is a good price.

      • Sweet cheers for that. Just wanted to automate my living room. Seems like a good price to get started

  • Hmm nice comments, I got not this one but the usual home speaker and home hub display as well. They are super useful if you are into smart home things. One thing people haven't mentioned here is the timers.

    And I got Sonos Beam as well Google Assistant in it. That is the speaker I used with Sonos sub to listen quality sound.

  • Have heard from friends with them that they are pretty cool so at this price I have ordered one to have a play with. Cheers!

  • I just clicked on the deal and the price is $49.97. Is there something I'm missing?

    • I agree same thing happened price was $49.97 I guess if you take a photo and go in store they should Honor it annoying if you want to buy online ! Anyone purchased one at the lower price online

    • i saw the email newsletter from yesterday, and I remember it was a 1 day deal only

      • Yeah it said 1 day only when I ordered. I put in 2 orders while they were available so have 2 more on the way so we finally have one in every room.

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