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30 Day Unlimited Calls & Texts + 32GB $4.90 for First Month @ Kogan Mobile


Looks like Kogan is back with their 32GB deal! Good deal if you're like me and have a dual SIM phone or need some data for a roadtrip & some tramping.

Keep in mind, Kogan Mobile's website is glitchy, so Kogan isn't a reliable option if you need service absolutely tomorrow (that and they post SIMs from Australia, oof).

1Discounts are off standard Kogan Mobile prepaid prices.
†$4.90 offer is valid for new Kogan Mobile customers only. Ongoing price after 30 days is $69.90. Plan auto-renews by default and can be cancelled at any time via your Kogan Mobile account. Personal use only. Discount available on Kogan Mobile Prepay Extra Large 30 day plan purchased before 11:59pm NZDT 09/12/2019 unless sold out prior. Discount does not apply to subsequent renewals. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash. Limit 1 per customer.

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    Awful customer service.

    I bought a SIM car with the intention to switch from Skinny but I wasn't sure about them so I trialled it on long-term visitor. When I activated the SIM (for the visitor to use) the voucher code didn't work. I contacted customer service but was told their technical team were not available on the weekend. The visitor was touring and really needed a mobile service so I had to buy a Skinny SIM for them to use. Kogan did get back to me a day later, but because we had already bought a Skinny SIM I didn't use the new Kogan voucher code. When the Skinny plan ran out I tried activating the Kogan SIM again and was told it had expired. So the Kogan SIM I bought is a piece of rubbish.

    It was only $4.9 but knowing how lacking their service is I'll steer clear.


      I had a similar experience. That's why I added the disclaimer.

      It's cheap and good value but not dependable for activation.

      I got a new voucher code because mine didn't work but I did get the new code to work afterwards.


        Me too, I forgot to use the voucher code I had before it expired on Nov 30 so will use the SIM I got last month with this new voucher code. The 32 GB will be handy this month in my SIM2 slot.


        Did you activate the voucher code before it expired the first time? Note that they kept extending the deal, but I'm not sure if they extended the voucher code expiry and IMO it's entirely reasonably if they didn't. So if you got one of the early ones I believe those were expiring on the end of September, if you tried it after, I don't really fault Kogan for this.

        Both voucher codes I got worked without issue although I only did my first on at the end of October so maybe they'd fixed their problems by then.


      They don't sound as bad as "Awful". Honestly just sound a bit moody you didn't get what you wanted. I doubt the sim card expired but I could be wrong. never heard of sim cards expiring before.


        I think there is some provider in NZ who's unactivated SIM cards expire after a number of years but can't remember who. They generally have a date on the SIM pack I think.

        Activated SIM cards definitely expire. I think you need to go through the activating process on the Kogan website to activate their SIMs but I'm not sure. It isn't uncommon that simply putting the SIM card is enough to activate it. I believe Kogan SIMs expire 90 days after activation if you don't have a plan etc.

        That said, I think the OP was saying their voucher expired. To be fair, the expiry date was clear in the buy page and in the voucher email IMO. So if they tried it after 30/11/2019 it wasn't unreasonable. Except that if the voucher was broken at first and I assume it wasn't the OP's fault, even if they still had more than enough time to activate it, I can understand their frustration. Kogan wasn't required to give them extra time but IMO it would have been the decent thing to do if their voucher didn't work and it took a while to fix because of the weekend.


    No use. Next month will 69.99 anyway. If they give 3 months with the discount may be able to attrack more ppl.


    I've had a really good experience with Kogan Mobile. Not that I've had any interaction with customer service but once my cheap month ended I used the website to switch over to a yearly plan and so far no problems at all.

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      I've had nothing but a good experience and I have been in contact with customer support who were very helpful.

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    "Voucher expires at 11:59pm NZDT on 09/01/2020" BTW.

    Anyway I'm happy I didn't buy a 1.5GB pack now. Also it means that I guess some people will have been using Kogan 32GB for $4.90 for about 5 months by the end.


    Kogans deals are so scummy. One month of negligible deal to sign your soul to them 🤣

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