expired Purchase a New MY2018 "Special Edition" Santa Fe 2.2 CRDI DM Will Also Receive a 2019 Hyundai Accent 1.4 CVT (Valued at $28,990)


Purchase a new "2019 special edition" Santa Fe 2.2 CRDI DM (RRP$69,990 + orc), will also receive a 2019 Hyundai Accent 1.4 CVT (valued at $28,990).

Edit by eXDee: Please see my comment below. This appears to be Hyundai selling MY2018 (Model Year) vehicles as 2019 in an attempt to clear them off. I consider this misleading, but do your research on it, and decide for yourself.

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    This seemed a bit too good to be true to me - the Santa Fe has just been refreshed with a new model year, and this one does say 2019. Big car discounts are almost unheard of in the first year of a models launch. I was even more suspicious when I saw the photo, and it very much was not the new 2019 model year Santa Fe - which has Hyundais newer style narrowed upper headlights. and a distinct front.

    This trademe auction reveals what's really going on:

    This the last of 2018 Santa Fe, has emergency braking, active cruise control, blind spot detection, land departure warning as advanced safety package!

    From what i can tell, this is simply Hyundai clearing old 2018 inventory by giving it a bunch of extras, and slapping a 2019 name on it. I think this is misleading - this is more like an attempt to sell an older model at the price of the newer ones.

    You can see what you'd pay for the 2018 model year here - note that this "special edition" does have some upgrades.

    I'd like to be incorrect on this, and this to be a really good deal on a brand new model year, but as far as I can tell this is what they are doing.

    Also note that the Accent's model was also upgraded recently, but the NZ/Australia market does not have the newer version. We appear to have a model which hasn't been changed much since 2017 (and they cost this much. So while less misleading, this is also less of a good deal than it first seems.


      Very good. Essentially new old stock. I have noticed this with other car companies too. The earlier in the new year you purchase a new car the higher the chance of getting the old model with (mentioned) up grades.
      If nothing else this post is a good reminder to research research research.


        Yeah it's not uncommon for companies to clear off the old stock for very cheap. And it's also not uncommon in NZ for us to be a step behind the rest of the world, where our 2019 model is still the older generation. I can accept that - we're a smaller market and the new one hadn't arrived yet. But usually - and please correct me if i'm wrong - once a new model comes in, it's given the next model year but the older model does not, the two are fairly clearly separated. If the new generation arrived late 2018, they would still call it the 2019 model year, but they wouldn't call new shipments of the older generation 2019.

        In this case, the true 2019 model year vehicle had arrived, was given the name as such and has already been available.

        Great pick up as a deal, just disappointing it's a bit dodge on their behalf.

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    Very clever use of words…. 2019 special edition as oppose to 2019 model. Nonetheless, if someone were to complain to the Commerce Commission, Hyundai will lose as this is clearly misleading information to the general public.

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