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Ring Security Doorbell $99, Stick up Cams $99 @ Mitre 10 Mega (Whanganui)


Mega look to be dumping a heap of those ring doorbell security cameras for $99 each.

First gen model and they have the separate single stick up cameras also for $99.

Saw this in the Whanganui Mega store in a bargain bin. Not sure if it’s nationwide.

Took a photo but haven’t uploaded it anywhere yet.

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  • Do your research before buying. Not bad for $100 however I personally wouldn't buy one, esp Gen one.

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      Tell us more…

      • Do a Google search about the limitations and problems. A few write ups on Reddit.

  • Dont you need a monthly subscription to use this?

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      Without subscription, you can still use it like a normal doorbell and get notifications to your mobile and answer the ring and do live view. Subscription is just for recordings to the cloud.

  • I looked into buying one of these about a year ago and decided against it.

    • Why did you decide against it? I've got the Doorbell 2 hardwired into a chime and it works well. I don't have any of the connection or video issues that other people have. Only con I've got about the Doorbell 2 is you can't draw your own custom motion zones like you can on the Pro model. I wish I got the Pro model now. But I'm not sure if you can hardwire directly to a chime like you can with the first 2 models. Other than that, I'm happy with my Ring.

      • Out of interest, what chime did you connect yours to? I got one earlier in the year, and haven't been able to find an AC-powered chime in NZ that it can wire into. :-(

        • Mines hardwired and powered by this chime. I'm not sure what the model of the chime is though, as the Electrician did it. https://imgur.com/a/awHVnAU

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    Just use an old smart phone with a camera and install Alfred security. So far so good! I buy a suction cup phone holder and put it by the window.

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