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Skinny Mobile Roaming, 36 Countries (Inc Japan, Skorea, USA, CAN): 100min/500MB/3days $10, 1GB/7 Days $15, 200min/1GB/7days $20


Skinny Mobile updated their roaming rates to beat Spark's. If you are only going on holiday for a short trip, the new packs can make more sense than getting a local SIM, particularly if we're talking about Japan, SKorea, USA and Canada which have pretty high upstart SIM costs. Plus there's also the niceness of being able to keep your NZ number while overseas. There's no mention who the roaming partners are, but it would be reasonable to assume it's the same as Spark's partners.

Roam Packs:
* 3 Day Add-On: 100 Mins/100 Texts/500MB - $10

  • 7 Day Add-On: 1GB - $15

  • 7 Day Add-On: 200 Mins/200 Texts /1GB - $20

Valid in:
Australia, Argentina, Canada, Puerto Rico, USA, US Virgin Island, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, UK, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, Fiji, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, India, Vietnam, American Samoa, Qatar, Switzerland, South Africa.

Let's hope 2Degrees takes the fight to Skinny/Spark, since their roaming plans are now pretty uncompetitive now.

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Referee gets 4GB rollover data, referrer gets $20 account credit. Referee must activate new sim and buy a $16 or above 4 weekly rollover plan.

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    The part of data limit is still bad. You can get unlimited data plan for a short-time visit in many countries. Better check before get data roaming from NZ


      Do you know a USA provider that offers this?


        This would be comparable, if not cheaper than what I paid when I was in the USA last year for a T-mobile travel sim.


          That is not what quite what I was asking.

          Wildeny said you can get unlimited data for many countries. The t-mobile tourist plan is not unlimited.

          So, is there any USA mobile plan that gives unlimited data for short-time visits?



          They do exist, but you'll need to get them delivered to a valid US address, contact the US eBay seller over the internet and hope they don't mess up your activation (or you get nothing), but yes it is cheap.


          That said, on my holidays overseas, I'd rather not:
          1. deal with eBay in case something goes wrong
          2. spend all my time on my phone (but I imagine you have office responsibilities I don't)

          Hope this helps. There's a lot of these prefunded SIMs on eBay.

          If you want to do this in the T-Mobile shop, it's $75 USD (first month) + $25 USD SIM fee, but if something goes wrong you have someone who has to help you.

          I can't say I had a good experience with T-Mobile's shop. They wanted to charge me a fee for everything and upsell so much garbage I can get on Aliexpress for $1.

          The other caveat is that T-Mobile works on 1900mhz 3G and isn't particularly compatible with our 4G bands, so depending on your phone your reception might be pretty bad. AT&T uses the same 3G 850mhz band as Spark/Skinny and I imagine Skinny would roam to them as well.

          H2O usually has prefunded SIMs on AT&T but it's throttled to 8Mb/s. https://www.ebay.com/itm/H2O-WIRELESS-1-MONTH-of-30-PLAN-INC...


          Sorry. I didn't say clearly above. What I meant is that in some countries you can find the local providers to offer unlimited data plan (sometimes data only) for visitors.


    Roaming in Indonesia right now. Connects to 4G but data don’t work so much free wifi gave up trying to get it to work after 10min.


      Make sure data roaming is enabled.

      Try manually connecting to a network (Telkomsel or Indosat).

      Indonesian data is nigh on unusable if you pick the wrong operator in the wrong area. Heaps of congestion.

      Where I used to live, Telkomsel was completely unusable and when on holiday my Indosat SIM was completely worthless.


        Roaming enabled. Sounds like I needed to reset settings but with free wifi everywhere I didn’t bother trying to get work.

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