This was posted 1 year 1 month 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Save 9c/Litre off Fuel @ Z 6am on Thursday 21 June - 6am Friday 22 June


Fuel up at Z from 6am on Thursday 21 June - 6am Friday 22 June 2018 and save 9c per litre off fuel. The discount is available to everyone, including Z Card customers, and will be automatically applied at the pump. Unless you are visiting Z Onetangi, Z Rutherford or Z Bowater Motors, then the discount will be applied in-store.

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    Any theories to why this is 9c rather than the usual 10c? Is it possible that Z has found that it can gain 1c/l without significantly affecting the amount bought by consumers by adjusting the time of discount?


    aww crap

    "The Fuel Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other fuel discount promotion, except for 1 valid Fly Buys fuel discount ("Fly Buys Discount"). If you use a Fly Buys Discount with the Fuel Discount, the discount per litre value of the Fly Buys Discount will be added to the Fuel Discount and this total amount will be deducted from the advertised price. "

    Hopefully the cashier or manager in charge forgets to read the T&Cs tomorrow.


    Was wondering why Gull weren't having their discount day tomorrow when they would normally have had it since there were no holidays coming up. Then I remembered the fuel tax and guessing they're waiting to next week to advertise it as a 'get in before the fuel tax' promo. At least I hope so and they aren't delaying it until the week after so it can be a school holiday promo.


      Gull normally have them in the final week of the month. Most of the time.

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        From what I've seen it's generally the week after their discount vouchers end. Not 100% consistent as there are times when it's the 2nd week and there was once when they had a discount while the coupon was valid (although I think that was a special holiday 12 hour discount not a normal discount day). But while I've never analysed it in great depth it's IMO more consistent than end of month. It's generally near the end of the month but not always the last week especially if you count last week as being last Thursday of the month. (If you count Friday it gets a little closer, still I believe week after coupon tends to be slightly more consistent.)

        Last month it was 24-25 May, not 31 May-1st. April was maybe disrupted a bit by Easter but they did have their the Easter special. In any case, it was 19-20 not 26-27 although maybe Anzac day was also an influence on that. March was a bit unusual perhaps because they planned an Easter special 12 hour, 15-16. February was really the end of the month 22 (not a leap year so next Thursday was 1st March). January was another where it was the end of the month 25-26.

        Going back to 2017, I'll skip December because of the holidays. November was 23-24 not 30-1. October another end of month 26-27. September was 21-22 not 28-29. August was 24-25 not 31-1. July another end of month 27-28. Also June, 29-30. May was a bit unusual 31-1 Wednesday to Thursday probably because of the upcoming Queen's birthday weekend. April yet another of month 27-28. (They also had an Easter discount day.) March 23-24 not 30-31 although it's possible that was in part because they planned the 12 hour Easter special. February 23-24 so again end of month. Also January 25-26, actually that was a bit unusual Wednesday to Thursday perhaps because of Auckland Anniversary weekend coming up.

        2016 I'll again skip December, actually I don't think they had any. November was 17-18 not 24-25. Can't recall any reason it was so early. October was 18-19 another Wednesday-Thursday probably because of the upcoming long weekend. September was a bit weird 21-22 Wednesday-Thursday not really sure why that one was Wednesday. August a more typical and was end of the month 25-26. July was 14-15. Admittedly that may have been in part because last discount day was 2-3 of June for the long weekend but this time was a Thursday to Friday. Discount the one at the beginning of June, none in May, April was 21-22 although from adverts may have been in part also because Anzac day effectively created a long weekend for many. Interestingly they had a 12 hour 7am-7pm on Friday 1 April but that was the weekend after easter. They didn't have any other in March. February was a more normal end of month 25-26. But January a 21-22 not 28-29.

        Unfortunately I have no easy way to check the ending dates of all the discount coupons. And it does look like they've perhaps been a bit more consistent with end of the month recently although it may have also been because of the precise timings. Still, my gut feeling from what I've seen is week after coupon ends is more consistent than end of month.


          errr you workin for BP? lol. Competitor's price analyst dept.


          If u check Gaspy, some Gull sites in Auckland have reduced their prices by 10c

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          @The Hound: Something important to note is that some of the Gull prices on Gaspy are for unmanned stations, or self-service pumps at manned stations. You can't use the Gull discount vouchers at the unmanned stations or pumps, which can be an issue as Gaspy doesn't specify whether a Gull station is manned or unmanned.

          For example Gull Onehunga is an unmanned station, but it wasn't labelled as such in Gaspy.


    Mobil has 10c off today with the Smiles card when you get $40 or more of fuel


    Hey thanks for the post. Managed to snagged a rare triple discount today at Zee. The teller had puzzled looks at first, but did not halt the transaction.