expired $100 Credit for Both Referrer & Referee @ Flick Electric Co. (Christchurch)



I know power companies are always offering incentives and deals to try and get you to switch, but this is the first time I have seen Flick do it in ages, it is also only for a few days and they have only offered it to their Christchurch based customers (though you don't have to be in Christchurch to get the deal)

The Flick Friend Get Friend Christchurch Promo is for new residential Flick customers who:
a. move into or reside at a residential address that Flick is able to serve;
b. apply to join Flick at the new address between 12 April 2018 and 16 April 2018 and pass any necessary credit checks; and
c. enter the email of the current Flick customer based in Christchurch that
they were referred by as the promo code.

The Flick Friend Get Friend Christchurch Promo gives all new customers who
meet the above criteria:
a. NZ$100 credit on their Flick accounts; and
b. NZ$100 credit for the Flick account of the Flick customer who referred

Flick is different in that they charge you the wholesale cost of electricity (so it changes throughout the day, and from day to day), plus a daily charge.

Good thing about flick is there is no contract, so if you don't like it you can change to a different company at anytime. So if you really wanted after a month and your credit is all used up you could simply switch to a different company if you like.

I have used Flick for the past 12 months and found that if you keep an eye on what the power price is (you can do this on their app easily), you can save a bit on your power bill, as the price varies.

Always a good idea to check power shop or power switch websites and see if flick might be a good option for you, based on your power usage and region.

Last day of the promotion is Sunday 15 April.

Use the referral box below to pick from an email referral email address or add yours to the system.

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$100 credit for both referrer and referee.

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    Cant use your own referral codes, although unsure how this works at codes have to be from a person living in Christchurch


      yea not sure either. Had it been a usual run of the mill referral code I wouldn't have bothered posting it but just thought I'd give it a go as it was more of a deal they were running for a couple of days, but yea you need a code and it needs to be from someone in Christchurch …


    I’ve removed the referral code until a mod can access and decide how best to run this referral I.e add it to referral system.

    • Added as a code into the systm. I wasn't entirely sure if people were OK with having their email address displayed but if not I can change it to a PM referral which will send a PM to someone with a referral email.

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    Be very careful with this going into winter. We got hit with extreme surge pricing a lot last year (due to low lake levels, strain on network) - I've heard there will be similar this year.

    For context our usual $120-$150 bills were $250-300 for multiple months.


      yea for sure, but it is nice that their app sends you alerts saying when it is more expensive than normal, but also when its cheaper than normal.


        Nice of them to tell you when you have to suffer surge prices because you can't throw the kill switch.


    Can i have someones email too sign up pls

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    This is not a referral code but they have a promo and using a code VOLT with give you a credit of $200. Valid until 15 April.
    Link: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/2716782/Volt%20Launch%20Terms...


      Id say that worthy of its own post!


      Thanks, I've given this one ago. VOLT is a new plan though and isn't a straight $200 credit. You pay extra week and the difference between what you pay and your bill goes into your 'volt', if your bill is higher then money in your 'volt' is used to cover the extra.

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